View Full Version : Placing whole forum inside 1table cell in html?

01 Oct 2006, 01:16
I alread have a header and footer and two sides for my website. I have a content table in the middle. This table cell is empty and is where I want the forum to be inside. The table cell is approx 945pixels wide, and however long it needs to be.

Or do I have to make the website around my forum.

Basically I have a website in html already, forum installed in ftp directory. I just want to put the whole contents of the forum inside a table cell on that html page.

I know what I am describing must be a little unusual and hard to understand, but thanks in advance if anyone can help.

01 Oct 2006, 02:57
sounds like something I want to have also

01 Oct 2006, 15:42
Instead of putting forum in a table you can use FRAME or IFRAME tags, it would be better.

02 Oct 2006, 00:16
Even so with the frames , how will i go about doing that?

02 Oct 2006, 07:23
Add something like this in the header template:

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

Then, add at the very bottom of the footer template

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

That's the basic's which you can play around with.

But you could also go a few other ways. Get vbadvanced and manualy add it to all the forum pages you want (takes some time to do). Or get vbPortal which will automaticaly add a left side (but not right side) to every forum page.

06 Oct 2006, 15:38
Cool, I am interested in that, too! Thanks!

14 Oct 2006, 03:37
Yeah I did this with my site once but the site template was a tad bit to small and I didnt want any scroll bars in the IFrame so i was like who cares and just abandoned the IFrame.