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16 May 2008, 19:12
Hi guys,

Not sure whether this is in the correct forum or not but i was just wondering if anyone knows how to add the nav bar directly underneath a banner rather than the default position of the navbar?

If anyone knows how to do this then it'll be greatly appreciated.

I've seen it done on lots of forums but i just don't know how to do it on my own forum.

Thanks in advance.

16 May 2008, 20:25
go to navbar template

find this:-

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

move this code in the header template and adjust the position accordingly !!

hope this helps..

16 May 2008, 20:37
Thanks alot mate. That's exactly what i wanted :) I don't suppose you know how to make an image appear next to the private messages if a user has a new pm?

For example: If a user has a new PM, a message icon will flash and if they don't have any new PM's, the message icon will not flash.

Thanks alot :)

16 May 2008, 20:46
I don't suppose you know


that would probably be a blinking.gif image just like vB.org has

http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/images/cstyle/newpm.gif (This is just a DEMO, do not copy it.. it belongs to vB.org)

hopefully.. you'll have to wrap this image in the condition below:-

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

the code would be somewhat like this in navbar template !! adjust the positioning as desired ..

16 May 2008, 21:12
That's great! :D

Thanks very much for your help :)

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Sorry for all the questions but you seem to know what your doing and i feel i can learn alot from you so here's a few more questions if you wouldn't mind answering :)

1. How do i actually align the image i want to show a user a pm nexst to the pm bix sorta thing. An example of how i want it is shown below. I just need to know the code to align it properly :P


2. How do i place an image in my shoutbox, iv'e tried several times but it doesn't seem to work :P