View Full Version : How to use full BBcode-parsing in custom pages?

04 May 2010, 21:08
Hey there,

i've written my own news-page which is getting it's news out of a specific forum with some additional things like prefixid etc. through my own modified external.php.
Works like a charm, the only thing that's missing is some bbcode-tags. Everything works (also img-tags), except smiley and attachment-parsing. Emoticons are just drawn the normal way ( : ) instead of the smiley :) ). Attachments work if I click on them, but no thumbnail is drawn, just "Attach 832" is written on the position of the image.

My question is: how do i parse random content with the full bbcode-support?

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

I think it propably is the "fetch_postbit('external')" but i can't find another solution to parse only the content of the post with bbcode.