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Hell Bomb
12 Jul 2010, 23:10
People with widescreen monitors see this all the time on just about every forum, when you are redirected you notice redirect page will be wider then the sides of the forum. Some forums it doesn't really make any different but when sites like vBulletin.org that have a big column with different images on the left and right you usually see the redirect box extend past them. Well my forum has this exact thing and it bothered me for the longest time. It took some guess and check but i finally got it. If you have no clue what im talking about well sorry, but check out the images and you will understand.

Open up the STANDARD_REDIRECT template replace everything with the following

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

the width should now be the same as whatever you set your forum width to be. If you would like to adjust the width you can change the "$stylevar[outertablewidth]" to any size you want.

Hell Bomb
12 Jul 2010, 23:11

02 Dec 2012, 01:53
thank you