View Full Version : Changing the path of forum

06 Feb 2012, 04:44
Nvm. My mistake.

06 Feb 2012, 05:27
Okay start out like this...

Go to you admin cP.
Go to settings.
Click on the drop down.
Select 'Site Name / URL / Contact Details'

Now look for 'Forum URL'
Make sure that is the absolute URL path (In your case do http://urwebsite.com)
save your settings.

Open your FTP.
Go to public_html/inculdes/
Open the file called config.php
Look for

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

Normally leaving that along is fine... (If it is empty try adding /public_html )(Note no trailing slash)

If im completely wrong then Ignore me :D