View Full Version : Editing My Database?

04 Feb 2001, 07:48
Im installing the BFC Weblog and step one states I need to edit my database, how do I do this? Im on a free host, and I cant get how I would edit it? Any ideas, thanks!


04 Feb 2001, 08:17
You could download and install phpMyAdmin from http://phpwizard.net - that is a web-based mysql admin tool.

04 Feb 2001, 08:19
Thanks man I installed it, no the install says;

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

But in the my admin page, I select POST and I get a few tables with numbers and words, then a bunch of NO TEXT LABLED boxes, buttons, ect at the bottom, how do I install this info into there? Can somone take 2 seconds to help me? My ICQ is in my sig, thanks! (oh, and im online)


04 Feb 2001, 11:09
Help, please?

04 Feb 2001, 13:21
I'm contacting you on ICQ now :)