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08 Jun 2005, 06:44
Hi there!

Because I was before a WBB User there was a Hack was called 0-Poster Hack.
What does that hack do?

Well into the ACP you can set the Number of days when a User will be warned when he has 0 Postings and also the Number of days when the User will be deleted.

After the Number of days you set befor the user will be warned he becomes a Email notification that he don't have postet since xx days and that xx days will be left to make a posting.

When the maximum days will be reached he automaticly will be deleted from the forum.

It would be very nice to have some hack like that also for the VB.
Mabe it would be also very nice if it will be possible to modify that hack so that you can say into the ACP what groups will be excluded for example the Admin groups etc. and that if a user make a poll the counter will be reset and start once more till he get warned again.

Greetings out of Munich and pls. excuse my maybe badly english ;)

08 Jun 2005, 08:15
why dont you just set that members must post in the introduction forum . and all members with 0 hacks can not enter to any other forum until they post there first. once they post they have atleast one post and can see the whole forum. no point in deleting members just excluding them if they dont atlest post one time. you then can change your No permission pop up to redirect them to that link if you want an example on this PM me so i can show you or visit the link in my sig. it works fine for my site and makes everyone say something about themselves if they want to be a part of the site.

08 Jun 2005, 14:47
Here is a script I use on my board, maybe it is useful for you too.
What it does:
Users that hav max. x PMs, are in Group a, b or c, have never posted and were not axtive for the time y will get an email that they will be deleted after time z when they don't visit again.
After time z they will be deleted if they had not visited again and will get another email that they have been deleted.

1) Run the following query

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.

If you are using a table prefix put it in front of user
2) Edit inactiveusers.php to suits your needs (affected grouips, etc.)
3) Create the phrases userdelnotification and inactivitywarning in phrasegroups eMail Subject Text and eMail Body Text
4) Create a Cron-Job for inactiveusers.text to run once every day.

You can alos take a look here:

This might work for smaller boards, but not if you get 100+ registrations/day :)
Doing so would only create tons of "Hi"-Posts, but then the users would'n post anymore.
At least this happend to me :)

09 Jun 2005, 03:01
or this one is cool if you dont want to delete members and just keep em out

This mod basically locks a newbie with 0 in post count
from opening any other forums than your "newbie forum",
or introductions forum.

Code is only visible to licensed users, and only when logged into the forums.