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vBulletin Mobile 1.8 is now Available.

We are proud to announce the release of the vBulletin Mobile Suite 1.8. This version is covers a number of issues for iOS compliance. There are 8 issues resolved for the iOS version. The Mobile Suite is available for all versions of vBulletin that support the Mobile Api.

iOS Improvements
- VBI-1146: IDFA
--- VBI-1147: Create new target in iOS project that excludes AdSupport.framework
--- VBI-1148: Add a switch to the build that selects which target to use depending if ads are enabled or not
--- VBI-1149: Create stub classes to replace AdMob classes that talks to AdSupport.framework
--- VBI-1150: Update ANT build to swap the GAD lib

- VBI-1153: Ad blocks bottom bar on blog post view
- VBI-1155: Ad blocks bottom bar on message post view
- VBI-1157: Non-public API usage for MPMoviePlayerContentPreloadDidFinishNotification

Android Improvements
- No Issues Included. The version number has been increase to match the iOS app.

The Mobile Publisher has been updated to handle these changes.

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Fri, 17 Oct 2014 00:04:29 GMT

vBulletin Connect 5.1.4 Alpha 7 is available to customers.

We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.4 Alpha 7. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 120 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.4. In addition to fixing outstanding issues, we've added a few features and reworked Site Builder for better stability.

Site Builder Refactor
Site Builder has been refactored to edit the way it loads components for editing pages. Previously, you could break your page by adding improper HTML to the Static HTML or Ad modules placed on a page. In order to resolve this we had to make some changes to Site Builder. These changes include loading the Site Builder components on demand instead of every page load for administrators. It also involves changes to the Site Builder templates and JavaScript.

New Layouts
Six new layouts have been added to Site Builder in order to allow better customization of your sites. These new layouts are all three columns. You can see these layouts in the image below.

Auto-Subscribe to Content.
An option has been added to vBulletin 5, that auto-subscribes you to all content that you participate in. This was a popular option in previous versions of vBulletin. You can find this option in your notifications page after upgrading to 5.1.4. Selecting this option will automatically subscribe you to content when you make a post.

Who's Online
The Who's Online functionality has been updated to be more reliable. Both the Who's Online page and Module have been updated.

In addition to the above, we've made a number of additional bug fixes and small feature tweaks across the product. See the full list below.

Note: Alpha releases should not be used on live websites. You should install within a test environment.

See the full changelog here:

Discuss this release here:

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Mon, 06 Oct 2014 21:57:36 GMT

The vBulletin classifieds plugin by Panjo announces the release of a major facelift

Panjo is excited to announce a major redesign of the vBulletin classifieds plugin that comes preinstalled in vB 4.2.2. vBulletin licensees of all versions up to 4.2.x can use the Panjo marketplace mod and its new design. The redesign reflects the input of 100 forum owners and millions of buyers and sellers. Thanks to everyone for the input.

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Wed, 01 Oct 2014 22:18:23 GMT

PHP 5.3, vBulletin, and You

As of August 14th PHP 5.3 has hit its end of life date and will no longer be supported by The PHP Group. There aren't any immediate changes for vBulletin customers, but you should start to plan with this in mind. If you are starting a new vBulletin site make sure you are running a more modern version of PHP. With 5.1.3 vB supports PHP 5.6 (as well as fixing several problems with php5.5). If you are currently running a site on PHP 5.3, please start making plans to upgrade.

As for our own plans, vB5.1.3 fully supports PHP 5.3. Barring unexpected circumstances, vB5.1.4 will as well. For vB5.1.5 we will partially support PHP 5.3. The core features of the application will work, but some of the secondary features may not. This will primarily be driven by the fact that some of the libraries we use – particularly for integration work – are themselves dropping support for php5.3. At some point past vB5.1.5 we will discontinue support entirely.

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Tue, 09 Sep 2014 17:33:09 GMT

vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect is available

We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.3. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 238 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.3 Connect. We've also fixed issues with PHP 5.5.X and PHP 5.6.X in this release. Most of the issues resolved deal with the internal workings of the software. However there are a few visible changes.

In addition to the pagination in the floating filter bar, many pages throughout the system have had page navigation added at the bottom of the page. This navigation is in line with the page number based navigation that customers have been asking for.
The following locations have been affected:
  • Forums Channel - Topics tab
  • Forums Channel - Latest activity tab
  • Forum Topic Page - Posts tab
  • Forum Topic Page - Latest activity tab
  • Blogs Main - Member blogs tab
  • Blog Channel - Topics tab
  • Groups Main - Groups tab
  • Groups Category Page
  • Group Channel - Topics tab
  • Group Topic Page
  • Articles Main - Articles tab
  • Article Channel - Articles tab
  • Search Result Page - Topics view
  • Search Result Page - "Compact" view
  • Message Center - Inbox (this includes custom folders)
  • Message Center - Sent Items
  • Message Center - Trash
  • Message Center - Requests
  • Message Center - Notifications
  • Message Center - Subscriptions - Posts
  • Message Center - Moderation
  • Message Center - Flag Reports
  • Message Center - Infractions
  • Message Center - Deleted Items
  • Profile - Subscriptions
  • Profile - Subscribers
  • Member list

AdminCP Style
The CSS applied to the AdminCP has been updated to improve readability and usability based on customer feedback. You can view screenshots here:

Customer Feedback
We're continuing to make a number of improvements to the look and feel of the software based on customer feedback. These are often small tweaks and fixes to the layout that may not be immediately apparent. In vBulletin 5.1.4, these include removing the border radius on the lower corners of the footer, adjustments to post display including a line between the signature and post content. The Page Manager in Site Builder has been renamed Channel Manager to more accurately reflect its purpose.

See the full changelog here:

Discuss this release here:

We encourage all customers to upgrade to this latest version of vBulletin. The downloaded version of the software is available now, and we will be automatically upgrading all vB Cloud customer sites to 5.1.3 over the next couple weeks.

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Mon, 08 Sep 2014 21:46:36 GMT

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