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Fixing login issues with vbulletin 4.

found this recommendation about the login issue that you are experiencing. You may want to set the settings similar:
I would suggest you add your domains to your white list in vb options and then your cookies in vb and photopost set like this
cookie path /
cookie prefix bb
cookie domain

I have found that if I log into the front page the username is not showing at the top. However, if I login when checking a subforum, I am able to login successfully. I was also able to reply to the thread without issues while being logged in.
Disable vbulletin content caching (since apache is handling that now)

AdminCP > Options > Server Settings and Optimization Options > Disable Content Caching: Set to yes

*Note these changes did not show immediately for me but they did show that they were working for me after roughly 15 minutes.
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