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Automatic Tagger From Message Content and Title
Mod Version: 4.4.0, by NLP-er (Coder) NLP-er is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2014 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 4.0.x Rating: (74 votes - 4.47 average) Installs: 1034
Released: 24 Jan 2010 Last Update: Never Downloads: 4613
Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Additional Files Is in Beta Stage  

VERSION 4.4.0 RELEASED - prepare for real revolution in tags!

What this mod do:
Each time new message arrives (as totally new or reply) this mod will automatically add tags according to message content, title and existing tags in forum. It will also automatically add new tags to old messages.

NOTE: at this moment it adds tags only to threads, but in next releases it will support also other taggable content
This is version for vB4 of this great mod: Tagger for vB3.8

In details:
It will add only tags which already exists in your forum if it will be included in your post title or content.

It works simple - if title or content includes tag word, then tag will be added to this thread.
Simple and fast. And also have lot of sophisticated functionalities - see below

In more details :
I.e. if you already have in forum such tags as autohypnosis, hypnosis, nlp, and submodalities. Now someone will write post like this (as reply or new thread):

Title: Hello NLP fans
Content: I like to use autohypnosis!

So this mod will automatically add for thread where post is written such tags: autohypnosis, nlp

nlp - cause it is in title; autohypnosis - cause it is in content

hypnosis is included in word autohypnosis, but this mod is smart enough to see that there is no separate word hypnosis neither in title nor in content - so it is not added
submodalities and any other existing tag is not added here, cause it is not included either in content or title of new post.

In more details with sophisticated functionalities :
Also this mod will add tags propositions for each word existing in post title which is not a tag yet. So for this example 2 tags propositions will be added: hello and fans.
You can approve tags propositions manually or set quarantine time after which propositions will automaticaly change to tags.

This mod allows you to define related words for each tag. It means that now tag word don't have to be included in post - it is enough if any of related words is included to add tag
I.e. if you have tag cat then you can define for it related words like: cats,kitty,kitties,lion,tiger. Now if any of those words appears in post then tag cat will be added

This is really great if you want have tag added no matter does word will be used singular or plural, or in which time it will be or maybe in your language you have to inflect words. Like in Polish we have: krowa, krowy, krowie, krową - for same word krowa. Now no matter how is inflected tag word in post and no matter in which language is your forum - this mod will appropriately add this tag!

You can also use this functionality to define tag packs. I.e. I want that every time when someone is writing about hypnosis or trans, booth hypnosis and trans tags to be added. In such case I simply define trans as related word for hypnosis tag and hypnosis as related word for trans tag

This mod also allows you to set default tags for forum. So each new and old thread in forum will be tagged by those tags It could be very useful - for example I have forum with good news and I want each thread in this forum to be tagged by newspaper, and news - so I simply write it in forum configuration and mod cares about everything! Is it great or just amazing?

Also with this mod You can just click one link in menu and it will add tags to all already existing threads. So If you was happy that now all new posts will be properly tagged, I have great news for you - now all threads will be properly tagged - even old one

Also every day this mod will automatically check does some new tags appears and in such case it will add new tags to all already existing threads which includes this keyword in content or title. So now not only all threads will be properly tagged for moment when you use functionality described above. It will keep all tags in all threads up to date continuously

  • Automatically adds tags to new posts/threads according to content, title and already existing tags in forum.
  • Allows you to set default tags for forum and will create those tags if don't exists
  • Tags related words functionality
  • Automatically creates tags propositions according to posts titles for words which are not tags yet
  • Configurable creation tags proposition (on/off)
  • Configurable quarantine time for tags propositions - after this time propositins will be automatically changed to tags (can be dissabled)
  • Allows manually approve and disapprove tags propositions
  • Respects tag min and max length settings when creates tags propositions
  • Configurable set of ignored words during tags propositions creation
  • Allows you to create tags propositions from all posts titles
  • You can configure this mod to work only for new threads, or for each post - even replies.
  • Sophisticated keyword searching (will not add as tags words included in other words)
  • Configurable words separators for sophisticated searching
  • Automatically adds new tags to old threads (daily)
  • Allows you to add tags to all threads
  • Allows you to clear all tags associations to threads
  • Gives you alias to Tags form, so you can easy manage them
  • Gives you alias to Forum Manager form, so you can easily set default tags for forum
  • Creates new tags if defined ad default tags for forum and not exists
  • Allows you to add new tag and related words in one step.
  • You can configure, to how many threads should be added tags, per one page of execution of "Add tags to all threads" task
  • Respects Maximum Tags per Thread setting
  • Gives you alias to set native vBulletin Maximum Tags per Thread setting in one menu with other settings of this mod
  • Version checking supported
And commercial :
It is very useful for everyone who wants to keep an eye on tags, and doesn't want just each word from title automatically added.

So with this mod you know that only valuable tags are automatically added.

In some languages (like mine - Polish) same word is different according to whole sentence - i.e. in English is just cow and cows - in Polish we have: krowa, krowy, krowie, krową... And I didn't want all of those to make garbage of my tags, so I was not able to mod which was just adding every word which appears in title - it was too weak for me. I really wan to have only valuable tags ant that’s why I created this mod
Also with this mod thanks to related words functionality I'm sure that tag will be added no matter in which person, time or quantity the tag word is used in post! And also allows me to create groups of related tags!

When I wrote post I just to add tags myself, but also had to do this for other users who just add post and doesn't care about tags.
You know that? Now this mod will do it for you and also you will forget about tags writing, because after some time in most forums new tags are very rare, and mostly are used tags which already exist.

It was very important for me to have such solution and I want to share Enjoy!

Version History:
4.4.0 Version supporting vB4
Earlier For earlier version history see here: Tagger for vB3.8

1. Download
zip file from here (download last release - see index at the end of file name - nothing more - other files are only history)
2. Upload
to your forum directory everything what is included in upload directory
3. Import
in vB Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product -> Choose product file, set Allow Overwrite to yes and click Import
4. Click : "Mark as Installed" Thanks!
5. (Optional) Customize settings
in Admin CP -> Thread Tagger -> Options
6. (Optional) Define default tags for forums
in Admin CP -> Thread Tagger -> Forum Manager choose forum and find Automatic Thread Tagger From Post Content and Title settings (see screenshots)
7. (Optional) Define tag related words
see Thread Tagger menu. Can be done in any time and in parts.
8. (Optional) Clear all tags assotiations
see Thread Tagger menu.
9. (Optional) Add tags to old threads
Admin CP -> Thread Tagger -> Add Tags To All Threads (NOTE: if you want to do this it is advised to make clean-up in your tags, especially if you had other - the old tag adder which was adding every word from title and probably already made a garbage in your tags)

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 13:52
NLP-er's Avatar
NLP-er NLP-er is offline
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Real name: Michał Podbielski
Proposition of English ignored words for tags propositions (Thanks to FF|Skyrider for giving those):
a,able,about,above,abroad,according,accordingly,across,actually,adj,after,afterw ards,again,against,ago,ahead,ain't,all,allow,allows,almost,alone,along,alongside ,already,also,although,always,am,amid,amidst,among,amongst,an,and,another,any,an ybody,anyhow,anyone,anything,anyway,anyways,anywhere,apart,appear,appreciate,app ropriate,are,aren't,around,as,a's,aside,ask,asking,associated,at,available,away, awfully,b,back,backward,backwards,be,became,because,become,becomes,becoming,been ,before,beforehand,begin,behind,being,believe,below,beside,besides,best,bet,er,b etween,beyond,both,brief,but,by,c,came,can,cannot,cant,can't,caption,cause,cause s,certain,certainly,changes,clerly,c'mon,co,co.,com,come,comes,concerning,conseq uently,consider,considering,contain,containing,contains,corresponding,could,coul dn't,course,c's,currently,d,dare,daren't,definitely,described,despite,did,didn't ,different,directly,do,does,doesn't,doing,done,don't,down,downwards,during,e,eac h,edu,eg,eight,eighty,either,else,elsewhere,end,ending,enough,entirely,especiall y,et,etc,even,ever,evermore,every,everybody,everyone,everything,everywhere,ex,ex actly,example,except,f,fairly,far,farther,few,fewer,fifth,first,five,followed,fo llowing,follows,for,forever,former,formerly,forth,forward,found,four,from,furthe r,furthermore,g,get,gets,getting,given,gives,go,goes,going,gone,got,gotten,greet ings,h,had,hadn't,half,happens,hardly,has,hasn't,have,haven't,having,he,he'd,he' ll,hello,help,hence,her,here,hereafter,hereby,herein,here's,hereupon,hers,hersel f,he's,hi,him,himself,his,hither,hopefully,how,howbeit,however,hundred,i'd,ie,if ,ignored,i'll,i'm,immediate,in,inasmuch,inc,inc.,indeed,indicate,indicated,indic ates,inner,inside,insofar,instead,into,inward,is,isn't,it,it'd,it'll,its,it's,it self,i've,j,just,k,keep,keeps,kept,know,known,knows,l,last,lately,later,latter,l atterly,least,less,lest,let,let's,like,liked,likely,likewise,little,look,looking ,looks,low,lower,ltd,m,made,mainly,make,makes,many,may,maybe,mayn't,me,mean,mean time,meanwhile,merely,might,mightn't,mine,minus,miss,more,moreover,most,mostly,m r,mrs,much,must,mustn't,my,myself,n,name,namely,nd,near,nearly,necessary,need,ne edn't,needs,neither,never,neverf,neverless,nevertheless,new,next,nine,ninety,no, nobody,non,none,nonetheless,noone,noone,nor,normally,not,nothing,notwithstanding ,novel,now,nowhere,o,obviously,of,off,often,oh,ok,okay,old,on,once,one,ones,one' s,only,onto,oppsite,or,other,others,otherwise,ought,oughtn't,our,ours,ourselves, out,outside,over,overall,own,p,particular,particularly,past,per,perhaps,placed,p lease,plus,possible,presumably,probably,provided,provides,q,que,quite,qv,r,rathe r,rd,re,really,reasonably,recent,recently,regarding,regardless,regards,relativel y,respectively,right,round,s,said,same,saw,say,saying,says,second,secondly,see,s eeing,seem,seemed,seeming,seems,seen,self,selves,sensible,sent,serious,seriously ,seven,several,shall,shan't,she,she'd,she'll,she's,should,shouldn't,since,six,so ,some,somebody,someday,somehow,someone,something,sometime,sometimes,somewhat,som ewhere,soon,sorry.,specified.,specify.,specifying.,still,sub,such,sup,sure,t,tak e,taken,taking,tell,tends,th,than,thank,thanks,thanx,that,that'll,thats,that's,t hat've,the,their,theirs,them,themselves,then,thence,there,thereafter,thereby,the re'd,therefore,therein,there'll,there're,theres,there's,thereupon,there've,these ,they,they'd,they'll,they're,they've,thing,things,think,third,thirty,this,thorou gh,thoroughly,those,though,three,through,throughout,thru,thus,till,to,together,t oo,took,toward,towards,tried,tries,truly,try,trying,t's,twice,two,u,un,under,und erneath,undoing,unfortunately,unless,unlike,unlikely,until,unto,up,upon,upwards, us,use,used,useful,uses,using,usually,v,value,various,versus,very,via,viz,vs,w,w ant,wants,was,wasn't,way,we,we'd,welcome,well,we'll,went,were,we're,weren't,'ve, what,whatever,what'll,what's,what've,when,whence,whenever,where,whereafter,where as,whereby,wherein,where's,whereupon,wherever,whether,which,whichever,while,whil st,whither,who,who'd,,whole,who'll,whom,whomever,who's,whose,why,will,willing,wi sh,with,within,without,wonder,won't,would,wouldn't,x,y,yes,yet,you,you'd,you'll, your,you're,yours,yourself,yourselves,you've,z,zero,img,tha,tru,true,ure,yeah,ki nda,man,lil,pre,ten,wanna,4th,put,plz,ers,123,added,cat,cha,ing,just,left,make,p os,size,test
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 14:00
vexvegaz vexvegaz is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
wow been waiting for this...installing NOW

incase i missed the memo, does this work for vb 4.0.1 ?
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 14:07
Charlie98902 Charlie98902 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Tagged will get on this after my coffee break.
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 14:32
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Real name: Matthias
Thank you!
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 14:55
Charlie98902 Charlie98902 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Installed. Thanks, is there a way to not include date formats and money formats but still use the numbers for dvd drives like 223F etc...?

If not what about excluding numbers altogether?
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 15:05
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LbR LbR is offline
Join Date: Nov 2009
Installed, Thanks was waiting for this only
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 15:45's Avatar is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Real name: Abdallah
Thanks ...
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 16:16
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Originally Posted by vexvegaz View Post
wow been waiting for this...installing NOW

incase i missed the memo, does this work for vb 4.0.1 ?
As you can see in mod description it works for 4.0.x and it was tested on 4.0.1
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 16:18
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Real name: Michał Podbielski
Originally Posted by Charlie98902 View Post
Installed. Thanks, is there a way to not include date formats and money formats but still use the numbers for dvd drives like 223F etc...?

If not what about excluding numbers altogether?
If you have tag which is number then mod will tag messages including this number. At this moment mod doesn't support ignoring specific tags. You can remove such tag of just make your tag more specific - like what you wrote here "223F".
vBulletin Enterprise Translator (vBET) - your forum in 53 languages - get more traffic, users and incomes from AdSense!
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 16:23
rajubd rajubd is offline
Join Date: Jun 2009
it will add tags automatically after install?
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 16:46
captkirk captkirk is offline
Join Date: Jan 2010
Not working, or should I say I have 35 pages of proposed tags and no way to select them all to add as no select all option.
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 17:13
mandingo's Avatar
mandingo mandingo is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
THANK YOU NLP-er !!!!!!!!!!!! I lost all my tags on my upgrade,worked like a charm!!
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 17:32
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Gnoll Gnoll is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
Real name: Antes
awsome thx
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Old 24 Jan 2010, 17:34
kisanjong kisanjong is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Excellent been waiting for this sort of mod - Thanks Installed - 5*
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