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  1. Moderator Application System 2.0
  2. Skype vBa CMPS Module
  3. Personal Stickys
  4. vJukebox - Song and Video Management System
  5. Usernote: view self's note if no userid
  6. Quick-reputation link
  7. IRC Manager (for mIRC)
  8. vB Drupal addon - vbList
  9. GTSitemap
  10. "/me action" port for vB3.5.x
  11. Restrict search when the server load is high
  12. IRC /me command
  13. Total vBShout Shouts on Postbits and Member's Profile
  14. vBa CMPS: users registered today
  15. Reputation comment in post - karma for 3.5
  16. bbCode That Plays Most Media File
  17. The Latest Forum Discussions...
  18. Vbulletin Application Connector
  19. WebTemplates 3.5.x: VB Integrated CMS (Content Management System)
  20. Who Downloaded This Attachment
  21. e-steki Banlist
  22. Navigation menu addon for vBa 2.0
  23. Own Threads/Posts/Profile Link in UserCP
  24. On/Off Forum CronJobs
  25. Flood control by user
  26. vB Drupal Addon - vbcode
  27. vB.Sponsors - Forum and Category Sponsorship with Statistics
  28. How many users registered today
  29. Parse BBCode in Custom Profile Fields
  30. Banner Rotator (Definitive Mod)
  31. Attachment Browser
  32. Rebuild Bitfields Link in AdminCP
  33. Battlefield 2 Stats integration for VBAdvanced
  34. Advance Sticky Options
  35. IP Bans for Moderators Controlled via Post in Moderator Forum
  36. Module CMPS: Shoutcast Status Lite (VB3.5)
  37. Advanced BBCode Permissions - now with custom BBcodes!
  38. [PORT] Who quoted me Plugin
  39. Delete Sent Pm With Receipt
  40. Refer to Friend v1.0
  41. Auto Resize Your Images 3.52 compliant
  42. v3arcade Manually Add Game via Admin CP
  43. Block Registrations from Same IP
  44. Browser on Who's Online
  45. Advanced Flood Control
  46. Add Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Keywords & Description to each Forum
  47. Rules Hack v1.5
  48. Flash Quiz(es) Mod
  49. ecRelease
  50. psiStats 2006 (The New vBStats for vBulletin 3.5.x - 3.8.x)
  51. Show member's signature only once in showthread
  52. Pre-defined content for newthread/reply. (UPDATED)
  53. Auto Mark Read
  54. Mass Mail/Newsletters Via Cronjob
  55. vRewrite - SEOed URLs for vBulletin
  56. Spider Watcher
  57. Forum Stats and Active Users on all vB Pages
  58. improved postreporting system the vb 3.5.x port
  59. pm user on thread modoration
  60. Global Announcements
  61. Menu Control
  62. ModCP Access Mask 1.00
  63. Can't See Attachments Before Thanking a Post
  64. AutoPM after addBuddy
  65. Font Resizer
  66. Welcome Messages For Archive
  67. Minimum Signature limit
  68. Hide Various BB Code Content From Users
  69. Pig's post report system
  70. Profile Enhancements by Antivirus
  71. Allow users to self-delete their account
  72. Highlight Search Terms in Archive from Referring Search Engines
  73. Remove main 'upgrade notice' block from ACP
  74. Allow users to self-censor thread titles and post content
  75. Ban by minutes and hours too
  76. Calendar events on non-VB pages
  77. Shows List of other sites linked to your forum
  78. AJAX Who's Online
  79. Disable Posting (Globally)
  80. Show last activity and recent location in postbit
  81. Paypal Module (dropdown) On vBa CMPS
  82. [product]-deleted all PMs
  83. Custom Rank Image for each User
  84. Friends and/or Buddies on Profile
  85. RSS Feeds on Forumhome and Other vb Pages
  86. Fix for problem posting HTML entities as plain text
  87. Menu Alert
  88. User post count from current forum
  89. Haggis Top Posters on Forum Home
  90. send email with a high priority
  91. Menu Control-Addon no template editing
  92. New post blinking image for a specific forum [new version 2.2]
  93. BB code tables 1.0 for vB 3.5.x
  94. GTOnline - Online Status on Member List
  95. Integrate ParaChat v7.0 Into vBulletin - Hosted Chat Services
  96. Add [View] link to New Users Today (AdminCP Quick Stats)
  97. Add Expiration Date Column to Show Subscriptions Page
  98. Image resize on non hosted images
  99. Welcome Panel Hack [3.5.X]
  100. Not Your Normal Marquee System
  101. Post Edit History Viewer
  102. Enable/Disable many settings in vb {custom and default}. Version 2.1
  103. Counter (ranklist) in memberlist (#1, #2, ...)
  104. "Who Is Online (Shouting)" in the vbShout shoutbox
  105. Allow registered users a buy option to sticky their thread
  106. VB image Hosting
  107. Honorable Member
  108. GARS: Number of articles/reviews/tutorials in profile
  109. AnyMedia BBCode for 3.5.x
  110. Moderator Statistics
  111. HELLCAT's Realtime Page Compressor
  112. IP Tracker: Find page visits by IP address
  113. Can't Download Attachment Before X posts
  114. Sig Maker: Dynamic Forum Signature Image
  115. FlashChat AdminCP Menu
  116. Show Total Subscribers on Forum Home
  117. Find Topic: Existing Topics Check
  118. Private Message Quick Reply
  119. Same Window Links
  120. Disable Post Count Decrease
  121. Auto Birthday PM
  122. Last X threads in forumhome for a specific forum {Version 2.9}
  123. Move Threads to Recycle Bin
  124. Unsupported Styles Dirs
  125. Restrict usernames to alphanumeric and underscore
  126. Member Email Control
  127. Auto Post Google Alerts
  128. Block access to vB PHP files by user ID
  129. Convert [IMG] to [URL] in quoted text
  130. Geotargeting by GeoIP integration
  131. Clean vB Database
  132. uCash & uShop v2.0.0
  133. vBTestimonials
  134. Simple Login from Non-Vb pages
  135. Plugin Accelerator
  136. AboutToday - Bring RSS Feeds and Daily Events to Your Site!
  137. [vbCRON] Thread Redirect Removal
  138. "You Got Slapped" Battle/Game....
  139. vB Drupal Addon - Birthday Block
  140. Custom Usergroup/Forum Permissions
  141. Small plugin to show Membergroups in Postbit
  142. Report vBulletin Piracy
  143. Image auto resizer
  144. Top X Users Statistics.
  145. Soft-delete moderated posts in the ModCP
  146. Random User Picker
  147. vrBible Filter -- 0.8
  148. Post by Proxy - Let your staff post using another username(s)
  149. Multiple account login detector (AE Detector)
  150. Disable conditional function filter
  151. Countdown Timer for your users
  152. [developers] Custom datastore support for products
  153. Compress Forum Templates
  154. Add user note on ban and lift ban
  155. Subscribe to Closed Threads
  156. Apache Log Viewer
  157. Remove 1 Query Per Page
  158. Best&Worst Thread of the day-Week-Month
  159. News/Announcements In Your Header Above The Forums
  160. Banners In Your Header Above The Forums
  161. Most active user in the forums
  162. [Addon] Show Itrader Stats In Profile
  163. estore - Public Opinions
  164. Google It
  165. Add Title to Rank Images
  166. Ebux for Inferno Quiz
  167. Deluxe vB User login and access control on non vB pages
  168. Multi Forum look
  169. Latest Sticky Threads
  170. Member Bots 1.0 - Allow bots to act as members
  171. Points Addon for Profile Comments
  172. Latest Threads IN Marquee
  173. Google Banner Manage
  174. BBCode [search]
  175. Meta Tags ADV
  176. My Best Threads
  177. Post Pinger (Ping Update Services)
  178. vbAdvanced Addon for AboutToday
  179. Timed Redirect - Donations Page Reminder
  180. Referrer Dropdown 3.5.x
  181. Profile Fields in Postbits
  182. Better Look for Edit Profile
  183. Inferno RSS View Feeds
  184. Atakan Rss Feeds Views 2.00
  185. Chinese Zodiac Sign
  186. Collapse Sidebars of vBA CMS
  187. Shining UserGroup Display 1.2 - Like the car in "Knight Rider"
  188. Geek Article and Review System (GARS) LITE
  189. GARS: vb.org installer/release add on
  190. Dynamic Bookmark Links 1.0.0
  191. Referrals In Postbit
  192. GTCustom Pages - Create Custom Pages With Ease
  193. Force Style to Certain Usergroup(s) and/or User(s)
  194. Move moderators list below others usergroups in showgroups.php
  195. Stop Posting or Creating threads for specific period.
  196. Header Marquee Text
  197. Give Points from the Postbit for Ebux
  198. Sports Team Icons v2.3 for vbBux / vbPlaza
  199. RPG Integration Hack
  200. Thread Display For Nonregistered Users (Limit Characters, Display Message) 2.0.5
  201. Extra Threadfields Lite(Add Text, Radio, Drop Down, & Checkbox Fields To Threads!)
  202. Vbulletin Notification Application
  203. Super Display Suite 0.3.7c - Effects Mod (UPDATED)
  204. Vbulletin Hooks Locator
  205. vBA CMS: add an image beside your links in navigation module
  206. Replace Local Links With Titles
  207. Fading credits in admincp
  208. vBPrivate Threads
  210. Happy Birthday Style
  211. V3arcade - Show Last Score News
  212. SpamBuster v1.0.0 (Stable): Identify, log and remove spam posts on your forum
  213. Moderators can ban by IP address
  214. [BETA/DEV] MutliUser Detection
  215. Highlight Search Terms in Archive from Referring Search Engines
  216. Lilis Pizza Pizza Messenger (PopUp Messenger)
  217. vBadvanced CMPS module: Random Journal
  218. Ban User From A Thread
  219. Remove Moderator Columns off sub-forums
  220. IShop - Simple, Flexible, and Integrateable.
  221. ZH - Hits counters for your site
  222. Who Rated This Thread
  223. Forced Ignore
  224. Post Count Represented By Graphics
  225. e-steki Karma BETA
  226. Magnifier 3.5.x
  227. Default Start of the Week for new Registrations
  228. Vbulletin/LifeType Cross Registration App
  229. Vbulletin World Map System
  230. VbGarage 3.5
  231. Cracker Tracker
  232. Supermods can edit user's custom titles via the ModCP
  233. Currently Active Users' Avatar
  234. Post Icons Forum Permissions
  235. Quick Thread In Forumdisplay 1.0.0
  236. Translate Your Forum Pages
  237. Footer vInjection
  238. Template Cache System
  239. [product] Attachment stats on forumhome
  240. vBJournal:Showing Last 5 Journal Entries In Members Profile Instead Of The Last Entry
  241. LinkMe Hack
  242. Prevent Post More Than 1 post in thread before X posts
  243. Reported post sends a pm.
  244. SigmaChat Easy Install!
  245. Welcome Thread Created on Members first post
  246. Autoclose Thread After X Days Inactivity (Works from date of last post in thread!)
  247. Google Highlight Hack
  248. Eggdrop Irc Manager
  249. CSS Signature Size Enforcer
  250. VBA CMPS Guest Notice / Quick Register!