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  1. Message Editing Hierarchy
  2. Delete PM after Reply is sent
  3. Show Birthday Icon in Postbit
  4. [User CP Plug-in] Quick User Stats
  5. Last Seen Online in postbit
  6. 404 Error Ban
  7. Close Search during high server load
  8. Force Current Members To Fill Out Required Profile Field
  9. Show Newest PM If Unread On Forum Home
  10. New Posts & Threads Since Last visit
  11. Currently Now Playing
  12. Hooks Manager v2
  13. vBusy: Last minute session stats analyzer for admins
  14. Arrange Sub-Forums in columns
  15. Expanded Get New Posts - Hours, Minutes and Even Seconds
  16. Microstats - load times, server loads, queries, uncached templates
  17. Use of $stylevar[center]
  18. Disable threaded mode for large threads
  19. can't use pm with out X posts
  20. Allow members to report own posts
  21. Sort Who's Online by Last Activity default
  22. Add User to Primary Usergroup Based on Value of Custom Profile Field
  23. Add User to Secondary Usergroup Based on the Value of a Custom Profile Field at Reg.
  24. X% Of Forums Total Posts
  25. Lock Post Moderation v1
  26. Administrators Using ACP
  27. vBExternal v1.6
  28. vB Survey: Add a full-featured survey tool to your forum
  29. Show User's Avatar in Navbar v1.1
  30. Usergroup Specific Adverts
  31. Send a Private Message to Public Group Leaders Upon a Join Request
  32. Welcome Panel v1.0
  33. Galaga Hack v1
  34. Inferno Quiz v2.2
  35. vBRadio v1.0
  36. Signature Image Size Limiter
  37. Display Avatar In Any Template
  38. can't rate own threads
  39. Welcome Panel
  40. Forum Duplication Tool
  41. Optional Thread Preview Hovertext
  42. Buddy & Ignore List Add/Remove in Postbit
  43. Latest Threads On Forum Home
  44. Add Custom WOL Locations from ACP
  45. Realtime Template Compressor: Reduces page sizes, loads pages faster, saves bandwidth
  46. Quick Reply Flasher
  47. PungoSpell Spell Checker for vB3.5 WYSIWYG and Standard mode
  48. Disable reply on thread if last reply is older than X
  49. Set PM max char per usergroup
  50. vMembers manages subscription purchases and downloads
  51. vB Easy Archive - Search Engine Spiderable Hack!
  52. JavaScript Tester Console
  53. vBouncer: reduce server load by unsubscribing bouncing members from threads
  54. Who is online last X hours
  55. 2 Plugins, Bypass Busy and Inactive errors on non-vB pages
  56. Allow some usergroups to bypass "server too busy" error
  57. Soft Deleted Archive
  58. uCash 1.1.1
  59. Multiple Option BBCode
  60. only view thread if replied
  61. Collapse Signatures and Avatars in Posts
  62. Thread Starter Column
  63. Boredom Cure in the AdminCP
  64. [hide] hack
  65. Active Link Security
  66. Opt-Out Forums from Get New/Get Daily
  67. Template Manager 0.6
  68. Calendar Search and Comments for Events
  69. Links and Downloads Manager
  70. Restrict Supermod Permissions
  71. Yet Another vB Login on non-vB Page
  72. Idiot Ban - Make fun of your troublesome users...
  73. Multiquote
  74. Attachments in private messages
  75. View XML 0.2
  76. Download PM in mbox Format
  77. Backlink for Quotes
  78. Reset most users online from the AdminCP
  79. Read PMs
  80. Uncheck URL Autoparse Checkbox
  81. Auto Parse Onsite URL's
  82. User Postbit Template Selection
  83. Who viewed this thread?
  84. Import/Export BBCodes
  85. Auto-Tachy Users
  86. Binary scrambled Posts
  87. require reputation reason
  88. subscribed threads replied in navbar
  89. [latex][/latex] bbcode
  90. Download Thread as PDF
  91. PayPal Donations For vBulletin 3.5.0
  92. Show Spiders Online on ForumHome
  93. threads I started with new posts in navbar
  94. Easy Postbit Switcher
  95. How to redo your vBulletin 3.5.0 Navbar in Four Easy Steps!
  96. Search for Posts in Thread by Username
  97. Track all Duplicate IP Addresses via Admin CP (by Jolten)
  98. Forum Rules page
  99. Hide Threads with unfinished Polls
  100. Automatic Welcome PM
  101. Who Viewed My Profile
  102. Panic Button 1.01
  103. Latest Blog Feed in Postbit using Carp RSS
  104. Keep Redirects for merged Threads
  105. Expiry Date on Subscriptions
  106. Require Users to Sign a Contract Before Posting in an Individual Forum
  107. Automatically Start a Welcome Thread in the Forum of Your Choice
  108. Put a Column on the Left Side of Every Forum Page
  109. Anchor and Jump BBCode!
  110. Give Your Users a Custom Page on Your Site
  111. vBRecycle v3.0.7
  112. style name in postbit 0.3
  113. Smilie Limit Per Usergroup
  114. vBdoc - Source code documentation in the admincp [no longer supported]
  115. hooks list
  116. Usergroup Legend for ForumHome page
  117. Forum Velocity
  118. Split ForumHome Page into Multiple Pages
  119. vB Spell :: Spell Checker in WYSIWYG and Standard Modes
  120. custom page wrapper
  121. Show Public Groups and Users (on a seperate showgroups page)
  122. Show Usergroup Description on Show Groups
  123. Only Show IPs to Admins
  124. Log Logins Hack
  125. Easy Add Forum Moderator
  126. compare hooks xml
  127. Hideaways
  128. Replace Previous and Next Link with Actual Thread Titles
  129. [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack
  130. My Server Info in AdminCP
  131. Dynamically Create Amazon Links to use your associate id
  132. Import / Export vBRadio Stations
  133. Add Skype To IM List
  134. Forum Skin in Profile
  135. Chatbox Lite
  136. Thumbnails of Attachments on Forum-Display
  137. NNTP Gateway for Usenet ( Newsgroups ), Mailing Lists
  138. vBaCMPS Recent Subscribers PLUS Donate Button Module
  139. Post Award Hack
  140. QUICKMODERATION: Moderation queue info on Forums
  141. Super Admins can Read Private Messages
  142. Post Thank You Hack Stats for vBadvanced CMPS 2.x
  143. Gallery for vBulletin 3.5.X
  144. New PM Popup Replacement
  145. Attachments Per Forum
  146. Top 'X' Stats
  147. Advanced Syntax Highlighting - BBCode [highlight]
  148. Default Sort Field/Order for Forumdisplay
  149. Image Hosting
  150. Show/Hide Private Forums
  151. Top 5 "Hot" Topics on Forum Home Page
  152. [AJAX] vBShout v2.0
  153. Always show reputation comments, comment after exceeding Rep Quota
  154. [Product] AJAX: Username check on registration
  155. Registration Denied if under 18
  156. Whodownloaded_IP with Dates
  157. /me - irc feature
  158. [you] - Use the person who is viewings username in a post.
  159. Report System Mod - PM instead of email
  160. Split Forumhome into several Pages
  161. Latest Admin Actions on Admin CP Index
  162. "In Reply To" plugin (threaded view info for all view modes)
  163. Event Forums
  164. Test Your Members' Knowledge Before Allowing Them to Post in Certain Forums
  165. Default Font/Size/Color in a Post.
  166. Transparency PNG pictures with Internet Explorer 6 (server-side solution)
  167. Latest blog in postbit - magpierss
  168. Bring back the phpinclude templates
  169. Unalterable Admins Can Edit Themselves
  170. Censorship per Forum
  171. Yahoo Search Intergation
  172. Add Usergroup as Moderator
  173. RPG Stats, yet again!
  174. Hot Topics VBadvanced CMPS Module
  175. HITCounter - Link Forum Counter
  176. Inferno Warning System v1.3
  177. Different banner on each forumbit
  178. First post on every page of thread.
  179. Allows Signature turn off by Forum
  180. Word Replacement
  181. Spam Decimator Version 1.0.5
  182. ecDownloads vBAdvanced addon
  183. Apply "rel=nofollow" attribute to all parsed URLs
  184. Event Attendance 2.0
  185. vBa CMPS: Teamspeak Block 3.5
  186. Avatars Per Forum
  187. Activity Modification
  188. Official SigmaChat Integration
  189. DC Activity Statistics
  190. Auto-Moderation by Keywords
  191. Forms Hack
  192. Google sitemap for the vB Archives. Redirect human and robots.
  193. Test HTML Codes v1.0.0
  194. Reply to Post via PM
  195. vBSupport v2.0.0 Beta 2
  196. Previous/Next PM
  197. Inactive User Management
  198. User Info Collapsable Postbit in Legacy
  199. Add a banner image to each forum (vb3.5)
  200. Password Forums all Users (vb3.5)
  201. vBookie for vBulletin 3.5
  202. Admin Permission Override
  203. Global Administrator Notes
  204. vB Quick Sig Host [Product]
  205. Shoutcast Status 2.0 (3.5)
  206. RPG Inferno 2.4 Addon: RPG Info in postbit
  207. Fork Threads
  208. Random Images Anywhere
  209. Put a Column on the RIGHT side of every forum page
  210. [v1.6] Inferno RSS Forum Feeds Technology
  211. Show an Avatar on Who's Online Above the Username
  212. vB Quick Attachment Host [PRODUCT]
  213. Yet Another Awards System 3.5 v2.1.2
  214. PM Preview 3.5 Edition
  215. Cafe Press Add-On
  216. PM All Online Users 1.1.1
  217. Image Directory Lister
  218. Blunts Welcome Member & Guests
  219. vB Ranking Version 1.1
  220. Module CMPS: Shoutcast Status Full
  221. hidden quick reply that says who you're quoting
  222. Profile Picture Gallery
  223. PM Attachments 3.5
  224. Live Forum Statistics on All Pages in Header
  225. Extended Signature Limits
  226. Number of Today's Birthdays on Forumhome
  227. move banned mail groups on registration to moderated group
  228. Show my Posts/Thread
  229. Show Users using Style in Stylechooser
  230. SWF Clock & Calendar At Bottom Of FORUMHOME
  231. Private Message Workbench: Read, Search, Delete, Report and more
  232. Advanced Plugin Manager
  233. [APM] Advanced Product Management 2.0.4
  234. Link Anonymizer
  235. Random Rotating Avatar for specific users
  236. [AJAX] Admin CP Notes 1.0
  237. Song of The Week
  238. Show Icon if User has a Profile Picture
  239. Advanced Warning System (Beta Version)
  240. Default profile pic/ Show user's profile pic anywhere
  241. [RELEASE] Vb Announcements V1
  242. Assign Style to Search Engines
  243. Override Enhanced Template Editor
  244. Age Lock Hack
  245. VB Login & Info on Non-VB Page
  246. Forbid Users from Posting Links or Images if They Have Fewer than 15 Posts
  247. Jump to Your Last Post in a Thread
  248. PhotoPost vBGallery - Forum Home
  249. vBShout on all pages!
  250. Admin Mass PM Members