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  1. [Release] Cool Quotes v2.0
  2. [Release] Cool Quotes v2.0
  3. [Release] Spoiler Code
  4. [Release] Total Users On Today
  5. [Release] [Beta 2] Simple vB powered web page version 2.0
  6. [Release] - [Gamma] - Round Quotes with Images
  7. [Release] - [Gamma] - Round Quotes with Images
  8. [release] vB 3 IRC Chat
  9. [release] Seperate Stickies & Announcements from regular threads
  10. vB3 Sidebar
  11. vB3 - Custom Icon Per Forum
  12. [release] - [Gamma] -Top Poster on ForumHome!
  13. Gender Mod
  14. [Release - Gamma] Forum Header Under Categorys v3
  15. [Release - Gamma] Forum Spacing
  16. [Release] - [Gamma] - 2 language sets for vb3 gamma
  17. [Release] - [Gamma] - Hiding Some "Quick Links" From Guests
  18. [Release - Gamma] Psuedo-progress bar for uploading attachments
  19. Transparent dynamic HTML popups
  20. [Release - Gamma] Online/Offline Text Status
  21. [Release]-[Gamma] User Notes in Username Drop Down in Postbit
  22. [Release - Gamma] PennylessZ28's Avatar In Navbar Mod
  23. [Release] - [Gamma] Simple Side Panel for Forums
  24. [Release - Gamma] Advanced Custom Forum Status Icon Mod
  25. [vB3:G][Tweak] Collapseble Display options
  26. [RELEASE] Members Viewing Thread - JS Menu Version
  27. [RC2] [HowTo] Category in a Box
  28. [Release - RCx +] Move Whats going on OR Stat's to top of forum
  29. [RC2] Hackless avatar on homepage
  30. [3.0.0 Gamma, RC1, RC2] Moderator Thread Tools/Admin Tools behavior change
  31. [3.0.0 Gamma, RC1, RC2] Moderator Thread Tools/Admin Tools behavior change
  32. [Release -Gamma / RC1 / RC2]Default Avatar for users with no avatar :)
  33. [Release -Gamma / RC1 / RC2]Default Avatar for users with no avatar :)
  34. [RC3] Hovering changes CSS class
  35. Online/Offline Text Status
  36. Welcome Panel
  37. Vb3 Rc3 Category Images!
  38. Posts-Images on Top and Bottom and Spacing
  39. User Options in USER Drop Down
  40. nebby's postbit_legacy
  41. [Release RC4] Forumbit Layout Selection
  42. Blink the Welcome Bar when receiving a new PM!
  43. Awards/Cards Mod
  44. Translate Your Pages Via Google
  45. Moderator Dropdown Pro
  46. Latest Thread in Category Mod
  47. Cool New Signature Look
  48. legacy_postbit Signature Spacing Mod
  49. Make Linked Forums Appear as Sponsors
  50. [How To] Alternating Postbits /w User on/off switch
  51. Category strips
  52. [Release RC4] Neat Quotes
  53. Remove Underline in Links
  54. Smiley selection with scrollbars
  55. Template Replacement: Centered Header
  56. Spoiler-Modification v. 1.0.0
  57. Display ALL smilies, with a scrollbar
  58. |release| Neat Cat Images & Descriptions on Forumhome
  59. Post Icon only on posting new thread
  60. Gender In postbit
  61. Linked forums appear as sponsors in subforums
  62. Showthread readded
  63. vB3 Magnifier - Your prescribed vB Lenses
  64. Default or Retro
  65. Forum Info For Admins |Beta|
  66. Rounded Corners
  67. Category Images Top & Bottom + Category Spacing
  68. Default Avatar For Members Without
  69. Large Title over posts like vB.org
  70. [HowTo] [3.0.0] Place and optimize the "Mark Forums Read - View Forum Leaders" bar.
  71. [HowTo] [BB Code] [3.0.0] [fieldset]boo[/fieldset]
  72. Post Follower
  73. [HowTo] [3.0.0] Put the table "indexer" below each category.
  74. Avatar Border to Match Scheme
  75. Category Spacing for Gold+
  76. Signature forced to bottom (for postbit_legacy users)
  77. Forum Home Alignment
  78. [HowTo] Split the Guest Welcome Message from the Forums
  79. better display thread rating on forumdisplay.php
  80. Avatar Opacity for online / offline
  81. Forumdisplay like IPB (see inside for details)
  82. Forumhome like this (see inside)
  83. Make Logo an Option
  84. Image on Forumbit (forumhome)
  85. Remove Title & Message Icon From Replies
  86. phpinclude_start output box for administrators
  87. New Thread Link on forumhome for vB3
  88. More Organized Footer
  89. Navdrop Forum Menu
  90. [vB3.0.1] Add Ignore user option to 'vBMenu' DHTML Popup Menus
  91. Remove HTML Markup from Postbit
  92. My Posts link in Quick Links navbar menu
  93. add quick links to forumbits forumhome (new thread/find new posts)
  94. Thread Stats in Showthread
  95. rel - show rep count in post and member list
  96. Dating site memberlist
  97. Latest News on FORUMHOME
  98. Admin/Mod CP links in navbar
  99. Right (or left) side bar on forumhome
  100. Admin post usernote in user profile.
  101. Images forumhome
  102. [vb 3.0.1] Quick Ban
  103. [HowTo] [3.0.1] Remove the 'last post' column
  104. Avatar points to user's website
  105. Hide the dropdown in your posts only for you
  106. Simple Forum Home
  107. Random Logos
  108. Delete QuickLinks from navbar
  109. Large title over Forums
  110. 'Forum Key' in the 'Whats going on' Box
  111. image near forum!
  112. Shield-Smilie as BB-Code without Hacking!
  113. Custom Buttons
  114. Add Colors to your Scroll Bars
  115. Include Private Message text in notification email
  116. Smilie Box Underneath Message Area
  117. CSS Alternating Tables
  118. [GS] Mood Mod
  119. please delete
  120. Force Style on Specific Usergroup
  121. [vB 3.0.3] Replace Today's/New Posts Links with Dropdown
  122. RSS autodiscovery
  123. Enable Opera's navigation toolbar options
  124. Hivemail Email Notification in vbulletin NavBar
  125. Rounded Corners for Default vB3 Style
  126. Meta Keyword and Description Relative to Page Template
  127. Who's In Chat for FlashChat
  128. Attachment in New Window (User Option)
  129. [HowTo] navbar tweak > Turn UserCP into a dropdown
  130. High Res / Style Optmizer
  131. Forum Border (the quick and simple way)
  132. Moderators Listed under forum description
  133. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Partner Box in Footer
  134. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Match the navbar to default style
  135. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Split the navbar from the breadcrumb; and revamp it all!
  136. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Add 'Forum Info' to the forums!
  137. Read New Post button at bottom of thread
  138. Anniversary Awards
  139. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Add 'Increase Font Size' box to the forums!
  140. No Avatar Selected - Display Appropriate Image
  141. [3.0.3] Add a "Has this already been asked?" Button
  142. Hide New Post Buttons
  143. "Return to [Forum]" link on showthread page
  144. [HowTo] [3.0.3] Center your logo in the header
  145. vb3 arcade look in your posts
  146. arcade points addon
  147. want a christmas look
  148. christmas sound for ya forum
  149. Search For Members In Navbar Dropdown
  150. PNG Rounded Quotes (PRQ)
  151. PM stats in Postbit
  152. auto resize huge images
  153. Pimp Firefox
  154. Quick Registration
  155. Navbar Search Modification [help also needed]
  156. Thread Images
  157. Thread Name Over Thread
  158. Admin Specific Color text
  159. Optionally Show thread preview explicitly on forumdisplay
  160. Disable Signatures per user
  161. Post Reply and Quick Reply images
  162. Google search of your site in navbar
  163. Show your forum key horizontaly
  164. Adding Halo 2 to you're vBulletin installation..
  165. Custom Avatar Link
  166. Additional Section within Profile
  167. Custom Siggy Dividers
  168. Gmail Account BB-Code.
  169. Collapsible Stickies Section
  170. Referral ID in User CP
  171. Thread Starter Column
  172. User CP Option - Search Display Mode
  173. PNG Transparency for Internet Explorer
  174. Random Content [Basic]
  175. Moderator Dropdown List
  176. Simple Category Seperation + "Last Post By" Mover
  177. Move User Info. to Left Side of Post
  178. Simple RSS feeds
  179. User Color Legend
  180. PC Hardware info
  181. Move 'Upcoming Events' to the top of your Forum Home
  182. Profile Change: Forum Info v1.4.1
  183. Get New Posts in this Forum
  184. Forum Display
  185. Add eBay Image and Username to PostBit
  186. Neat Quotes
  187. Neat Code
  188. Allow users to show/hide sub forums
  189. Hellsatan Sig Hack
  190. Handy Themed Search Links
  191. Users Choose Color/Font Of Username In Posts
  192. Different Cell Color for Stickies
  193. "To the top" link in every reply
  194. Addon Vbcasino hack ( default payouts )
  195. [TEMPLATE] Logout Fix
  196. Staff rank above username
  197. Banner in header
  198. Remove reputation icon from view in forum
  199. [SMF feature imitation] Personal text hack
  200. Hurricane Katrina Banner
  201. Simple user status bars under navbar
  202. Donate to Red Cross in response to Hurricane Katrina in footer
  203. Show Gender In Postbit
  204. [search] Code for Starting Date
  205. Network Bar throughout site
  206. Adding A Banner Ad In Quick Reply Box
  207. Mood Hack
  208. Simple Category Seperation
  209. Moderators can see the Mod CP link
  210. Hide User Contact Info From Guests
  211. Posts per day over the past X days
  212. Adsense after first post in showthread
  213. Add screenshots ( thumbnail ) with the Links Module on CMPS
  214. The Calendar "Small Month Day Other" Change The Background Colour