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  1. How to remove "Quote message in reply?"
  2. background-image css code query
  3. problem itrader 3.8
  4. Problem: Subscriptions like VB 4
  5. copy thread to forum as alias?
  6. Create Post in Existing Thread
  7. resolved - delete
  8. [Mods] Slider Facebook
  9. Avatar in a sidebar
  10. Adding Permissions to Custom vB Page
  11. PHP Header, speed issues...
  12. sql query help needed
  13. How to remove last reputation for a user?
  14. Remove Display Options
  15. Hacked Site. Please help!
  16. Stumped - UPDATE query on custom textfield showing square symbol
  17. show additional profile page based on profile field answer
  18. Limiting user's posts per day in 3.5x
  19. What is the variable for tags used on a post?
  20. User Profile Tab Results Paginate Problem
  21. Forums not showing in admincp/ forum manager
  22. Get ids of users in secondary usergroup
  23. problems with array_search()
  24. On Internet Explorer my forums redirect to an invalid page
  25. Remove Redirect options
  26. Post reply from external page using AJAX
  27. Add poster's avatar by change $lastpostinfo
  28. Google needs H1 tags. How to put them in the breadcrumb?
  29. Adding a maintenance loop to frontend 'update counters'
  30. Validate URL
  31. Putting the forum name in the SHOWTHREAD title
  32. Reading templates from file during plugin development
  33. Urgent Help Required, Plugin Development
  34. [HELP NEEDED] how i can put the forum in a div
  35. Bread crumb
  36. Help Pls
  37. Problem: cannot create user in 3.8.2 using data manager.
  38. Replacement
  39. Htaccess deny folder access
  40. Optimizing a Query to Blog
  41. HELP!! My forum is down!
  42. Editing Notifications list in Navbar
  43. Problem with Chat trolls
  44. cookies not works in my forum
  45. Impex Usage
  46. Unexpected T_VARIABLE in str_replace
  47. Log in problems 3.8.3
  48. Why would this not work in spoiler BB Code?
  49. Displaying Birthdays this Month
  50. show specific member usergroup in memberlist
  51. Site down due to database error????
  52. MySQL Error 1053 / How to change a RAND() function db query
  53. To the Experts to implement the orders of SQL databases
  54. Custom Posting Templates.
  55. Album Picture Storage Type
  56. Editing Instant Messaging info in profile
  57. Bypassing login?
  58. Characters problem when including an external PHP code
  59. arcade.php as index.php?
  60. post to tweet "control" ?
  61. question
  62. Script on all external pages to show user login not working
  63. Outside Database Connection Issue
  64. How to tell if a post is by a member of a certain usergroup
  65. Code to delete a post
  66. Higher limit of URL Length
  67. Google Talk in Postbit ?
  68. Using css file only for one template
  69. changing the URL where paypal redirects to after paying for subscription?
  70. Time Limit for Editing Posts - per usergroup
  71. Restrict post view on days live? Anyone?
  72. can not upload via attachments
  73. Help virus - win32:rootkit-gen
  74. [HELP] Post anchors
  75. Updated html for font colors
  76. SQL Query to add one columns value to another colum
  77. Need help with Latest Post on Forum Home
  78. How to signing in through a home page...
  79. setting user options
  80. vBulletin Database Error class_core plz help
  81. user owner vs user viewing variables
  82. Need help chmodding vBulletin directory
  83. Javascript OnLoad Function
  84. Could a lot of conditional overload the server Cpu or make pages loading slowly?
  85. How can I create custom permissions for just one member?
  86. Only one login per account
  87. Error Page
  88. 3.8.4 transition 3.8.2
  89. convert form to link
  90. Help - Coder's please help me!
  91. send email on failed registration
  92. Send reply through post message
  93. Increases Threads Display Listing Like DigitalPoint?
  94. Help - Coder's please help me editing external.php
  95. HELP - MySQL at full load!
  96. admicp not working
  97. Bitfield confusion
  98. vB4 to vB3 {vb:link}
  99. Members can see their own infractions
  100. Adding a prefix to a post report
  101. Need help checking the $post[membergroupids] array in postbit, please
  102. how to allow html contents
  103. Subforums on Forumdisplay ... Help please !
  104. Next Previous AlbumID
  105. How do I randomize the filename/directory of a file the way this article suggests?
  106. Can see albums but not create a new one
  107. Automatically Repost Calendar Events to Forum?
  108. Post Caching
  109. join requests as primary group
  110. Variables in Hooks
  111. Questions about query_read() vs. query_read_slave()
  112. Dutch language for 3.8.5
  113. Using $variable inside phrases
  114. Make memberlist_bit alternate alt1/alt2
  115. 301 htaccess www redirect not working
  116. disable thread rating for stickies
  117. Post count on latest threads?
  118. Error..?
  119. Moving the calender
  120. Avatar system?
  121. Forum colour change when we logout
  122. 2nd Usertitle.
  123. Usergroup mark-up based off of userfield
  124. How to write this if statement?
  125. Post changes made in DB not visible in GUI
  126. "Mark Forums Read" = Invalid Security Token
  127. Retrieve avatar for external use
  128. Problem resolved.
  129. Please take a second and help me with this if conditional
  130. Changing Google Adsense account in 3.8.4
  131. Load Balancing, Apache, Debian, mod_proxy_balancer for Wordpress, vBulletin & vBSEO
  132. How do I pass form variables?
  133. how to output username from php to a text file?
  134. is_member_of doesn't accept 1 parameter
  135. updating templates problem
  136. Various video embedd bbcode in a single button?
  137. Does anyone know where to find $forumjump ?
  138. User Table > field options?
  139. To diaplay non unique username
  140. Serious Help Needed in forumdisplay.php
  141. How can I access a custom profile field in forumdisplay.php?
  142. Coloured Username same as Userlegend?
  143. Last Post Link not working for auto created threads.
  144. All posts bx X user only viewable by Y usergroup?
  145. Need a conditional for when I'm in a certain forum in threadbit template
  146. I need referrals Maude
  147. Avatars
  148. plugin question- how to override code in a hook location
  149. if statement condition- if a forum has new posts?
  150. I need mode referrals for VB 3.8.4
  151. Ajax post checking - for banned words
  152. If the message has answers I do not want to display the banner
  153. $pagenav in navbar Template to Display on forumdisplay.php
  154. display birthday in postbit?
  155. Rearrange icons in text editor
  156. How do I cache images if it's hosted on another server/cdn?
  157. Can't edit style after installing xcache...
  158. html help please
  159. QuickReply editor not working?
  160. login in automatically
  161. Would this plug-in be safe on post and edit processing hooks?
  162. Anyway to get the poster's username in the threadbit_display hook?
  163. Navbar - Can't find the changes I made year ago. Help!
  164. Remove ID from vBulletin CMS
  165. Disable infraction link for moderators not assigned
  166. Linking directly to attachment(s) in threadbit?
  167. Get Variables
  168. Add reminder text above quick reply form?
  169. Default BBcode
  170. Plugin on fetch_musername
  171. Manually delete templates?
  172. Show POST REPLY box to Unregistered users, then registration page on submit.
  173. Birthdays = Array?
  174. first plugin in making
  175. Mandatory acknowledgement field in one forum? Possible?
  176. Logician's WebTemplates
  177. Links go to top when clicked.
  178. Showing userlist in vBulletin 3.8.5
  179. vBulletin 4 Sliding Like Sidebar
  180. How can I display member number?
  181. How to post on VB using php
  182. Showing list of members based on an option selected in their profile
  183. deleting a page
  184. javascript random + table cells
  185. Who is Online on Seperate Site
  186. PHP include triggers HTTP cascade
  187. Why is the postbit_signature_start hook not listed in plugins?
  188. I'm using a custom template, how do I parse smilies and bbcode?
  189. Fed up! Why isn't this working? $vbulletin->options['hiddensigson']
  190. Data Manager Programming Problems
  191. How to show img tags in a custom template?
  192. member in Usergroup for a period of time
  193. Vbulletin 3.8.6 PL1 Installation (Version of forumhome)
  194. Change code to get avatar from file system instead of the database?
  195. Any way to show fully show "Thread Rating" stars instead of "Inline Popup box"?
  196. Custom Plugin Help- Why isn't this working?
  197. navbits index & full height page
  198. Find topics with identical titles
  199. A few question for vBulletin - Please Help :)
  200. hiding sub-forum last post on forum home
  201. [solved] external vB 3.8.x integration: lastactivity in db won't update
  202. Custom Coding Required
  203. Please some help if possible with thread title
  204. User Profile Field Help
  205. Solved: How do I add options to my product?
  206. Warning Module Like Slickdeals
  207. "Like".....as in Facebook
  208. Simple Plugin/Hack example?
  209. PHP in vB 3.8.6 Templates
  210. error in my footer
  211. Need to create a php file !!
  212. Guests can't see photos...
  213. Need help with this!!!
  214. need help with polish char
  215. Navbar Template Issues
  216. Rank Stacks?
  217. Fatal error: Call to undefined function fetch_tag_list() (showthread, PM)
  218. Statcounter Tracking / Plugin
  219. Importing from 3.6
  220. Help with background
  221. vBulletin background code?
  222. Any way to access "Status Icons" from the Navbar template?
  223. $totalonline, $numbervisible, $numberguests in navbar?
  224. Making a variable work everywhere
  225. Which modification might have cased Fatal* Error ?
  226. How can undeleteable user access admincp?
  227. It does not work vote
  228. vb3.8.x API docs?
  229. Need help with floating!
  230. Problems with avatar if conditional
  231. Template condition to calculate days since last post
  232. Place background under body background?
  233. using an if condition on the first post of each page.
  234. Certain Phrases only work on certain pages?
  235. header template replace in runtime php side
  236. admin access in $userinfo
  237. PM notification question
  238. Minimum Length for Custom Profile Fields
  239. What CSS Class is this?
  240. Manual birthday (anniversary) entries for the Calendar
  241. Is there a built in variable for the current page url?
  242. Needing to figure out image code
  243. JW Player Bugged vBulletin
  244. Solved: Using $post['fieldX'] in array?
  245. Location Online Issues
  246. Do I need to escape strings if using the data manager to input string into the datab?
  247. How to get time of first post in a thread? $threadinfo[firstpost]?
  248. What the #@$?
  249. Some way of knowing if a thread is sticky in SHOWTHREAD>
  250. newbie- edited templates, mods and upgrades