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  1. Welcome Email delay?
  2. How do I Deny Access for Certain Directory?
  3. Display Users in IRC in Whats Going On Box
  4. How to block refresh spam?
  5. What's the plugin equivalent for THIS_SCRIPT?
  6. how to make my bbcode parsed last?
  7. standard_error messing up styles in plugins
  8. 2 Malware Attacks in 1 week/ How do I Protect my site
  9. Issues with tournaments and ladders products
  10. which hook?
  11. Using the vB Login for a page
  12. Not possible to add sidebar column??
  13. Code Generator?
  14. Can i use if conditional in vb files?
  15. Check Login details from external file
  16. Userid into an interval
  17. Need Assistance with vBadvanced - Will Provide Admin Access..
  18. Fatal error
  19. if (THIS_SCRIPT != 'register') question
  20. Need hel pwith an IF
  21. Moving Posts, Threads, Last Post Around?
  22. Need help with, if condition
  23. disabling "homepage" from profile.
  24. Creating a PM via script
  25. How To "Mass Move" 1 Forum Category To Another??
  26. Last Post button not working after Impex import
  27. question on a query on index.php
  28. Subscription Currency
  29. Need a query to find the number of Friends members have
  30. $stylevar[imgdir_buttons] in a plugin
  31. Display images based on browser
  32. table prefix screwing with my mod
  33. if conditional in plugin for multiple pages
  34. I need to show specific text if the logged in user was from user group # 1
  35. Image Limit (Per Post)
  36. edit only one template
  37. Message only certian usergroups can see?
  38. plugin for removing a string of text from a post...
  39. User notifications - rotates and says 'undefined'
  40. How to MERGE 2 Users into 1 ?
  41. How To Add New Fields In New Thread
  42. How would you upload an attachment without a thread/post?
  43. Example of using hook rssfeeddata_presave?
  44. Attachments Not Working - Table Corrupt?
  45. Hotlinking Forum Names In Posts?
  46. IP block for newpost.php and newthread.php
  47. double click issue in mod, using vbb 3.8.6
  48. forum is broken down
  49. what is the process (query) needed to change post visibility status
  50. Wordpress header and footer, vbulletin apostrophe backslash
  51. Php/mysql code in VBulletin templates
  52. Adding a table field to vb table
  53. PHP Code to Show to Set Usergroups Once Per Day?
  54. Turn off security for a page
  55. Insert to DataBase With PHP Problem
  56. Can you php include a dynamic link?
  57. screwed up, can this install code be undone?
  58. IF Condition for this?
  59. Forum ID; if conditions, help requested!
  60. images not loading when using subdomain
  61. Remove (no prefix) from prefix dropdown
  62. IF CONDITION problem
  63. Logout Question
  64. latest threads by specific user with external.php
  65. latest threads in marquee--some one plz help....plzzz
  66. MySQL Error: /includes/class_core.php on line 311
  67. Changing perms
  68. Update vbPlaza Postbit without ACP?
  69. Forum tables gone when act as forum enabled for FORUMHOME
  70. Threaded view mode for vBulletin guests - display modes
  71. Does someone have the default template code for ...
  72. Is there if not conditional for entire admincp folder? or for all files in admincp
  73. Upgrading problems
  74. Can anyone see why this script might not work?
  75. Show only to logged in users BBCODE?
  76. What hook location to use?
  77. Used attachments in other host
  78. Need a small coding help! Thanks
  79. How to get rid of the smiiley column in forumdisplay and newposts?
  80. Help please?
  81. Including a user-created function file
  82. how to write in textarea of newthread
  83. Whats the primary usergroup call?
  84. Hover over a username?
  85. newpost_preview - editing message on this hook...
  86. newreply - editing the message on newreply
  87. Resetting rep altering power
  88. Unknown column in 'where clause'
  89. Calculate total user registered Plus xxxxx
  90. Datastore fetch again...
  91. Change memberlist sort default column
  92. how to create CSS reply/edit and... buttons for vb3
  93. Create array for thread, fetch data from it in posts
  94. add string to user reputation
  95. How to Set Flag on first log in for that day
  96. Accessing thumbnail of first attachment in CMPS and Thread Listings
  97. manually insert a thread
  98. How to exclude url tage
  99. datastore question
  100. problem in the template with the Sub-Forum Manager
  101. Question about Auto-MP Moderation product
  102. Adding Extra NavBar Quick Links
  103. Quotes in style messing up...
  104. Migrate data, but not settings and templates
  105. How to change mouse icon in a specific profile of vbulletin
  106. New Posts excluding a forum
  107. Array in forumdisplay howe to remove ?
  108. Server Authentication Plugin
  109. Can't display multiple selection fields in additional memberlist
  110. Site hacked need help
  111. changing new thread
  112. do notices support php or plugins? Its not working...
  113. SQL Replace Query
  114. Putting the calendar on my custom index, how?
  115. Removing vBMenu arrow?
  116. Adding Javascript or flash games
  117. Odd DB Error-need a little help.
  118. Fatal error: Cannot pass parameter 1 by reference
  119. Dynamic signature
  120. Trying to get this to work... (lightbulb function)
  121. Resolved.
  122. Creating a Script and Running It
  123. Hide Signatures
  124. Display Forum Reputation Points on Navbar Template
  125. Members Not Logging in Properly
  126. display all threads on a single page
  127. Help I need a index.php file for 3.8.6
  128. bridge vbulletin $db conflict with existing $GLOBALS['db']
  129. Need A Coder
  130. Hook Name problem?
  131. Quick reply on custom pages?
  132. Admin control panel index redirecting
  133. How to check when in homepage
  134. How to change post number on thread page?
  135. How to create a complex dropdownmenu?
  136. I got this problem for the TFW sponsors (homepage) mod
  137. modify the template private messages
  138. Allow access to a forum based on gender?
  139. Using query_read to get birthday
  140. Can the vb datamanager be used to delete PMs?
  141. looking something to clean mysql tables
  142. i Have problem integrating a PHP page with vBulletin
  143. admincp submit button redirecting
  144. Album permissions?
  145. Getting stupid php error
  146. Quick Help: Update Conditional Code to 4.0
  147. need some general advice about memberlist please
  148. Counting users online
  149. Button to temporary ban author of post and the user reporting it?
  150. Disable reputation completely for users who unchecked 'Show Your Reputation Level'
  151. Display text only if the thread posts is one !
  152. New page as extension of misc.php through plugin?
  153. moving people to usergroups automatically
  154. Username mysql
  155. input TYPE_STR , is it safe enough in this case ?
  156. Looking to remove the country field(dropdown list) in a custom mod
  157. If Condition For Minimum Posts
  158. Breadcrumb needed in Plugin
  159. updating usergroup with datamanager -- help please
  160. two <IF>???
  161. .htaccess problem
  162. Custom post parsing
  163. Banned IP addresses can view the forum
  164. Colour usernames ?
  165. some wierd issue!
  166. add new notice option
  167. Removing MSN stuff
  168. Members clone
  169. Usergroup conditional
  170. Internet Explorer Issue
  171. Custom Field Images
  172. Please delete this
  173. Need some advice regards register.php
  174. Problem with user groups
  175. Help with deleting 2 million posts efficiently in MySQL!
  176. Parse Error: newthread.php
  177. Help Asap!!!!
  178. How can i split forum home?
  179. Limiting the ranks of user groups
  180. Help me with editor_toolbar_on!!!!!
  181. user notes
  182. If statement depending if user is thread starter
  183. Can't modify $post['signature'] in plugin...
  184. URL Shortcut to second post of a thread?
  185. ajax call variables of VB
  186. blocking access from google chrome
  187. getting userid on custom page
  188. How to exclude threads which were soft deleted from "latest forum topics" SQL query?
  189. MySQL Errors?
  190. How to show Username in Show printable thread page?
  191. GoogleMaps Profile Tab Strange Problem
  192. $vbulletin->forum['forumid']
  193. vb.org member profile modification available?
  194. HTTP 500 Internal Server Error !!
  195. php code to output contents of a template
  196. Use jQuery to reload vBCMPS featured photos
  197. Removing [ quote ] from quote in certain forums
  198. Automatic Forum Donations?
  199. hook list
  200. [Help] Cannot put $navbar in header / put navigation on header
  201. How to remove marquee thread ?
  202. Manipulating post counts in the profile (member block)?
  203. How to setup a conditional for FORUMDISPLAY page
  204. How to give colour to sticky threads?
  205. Conditional for 'Is In Template Group'?
  206. Conditional for after first post of a thread
  207. Custom Current Location Error HELP!!!
  208. Noparse BB Code
  209. Is it possible to search a vB-forum from other page?
  210. Show total today posts/threads in forumhome?
  211. Error hooks
  212. Error when regsitering
  213. Avatar Problem In Header
  214. Permissions of Moderators
  215. Checking login status without including vB files
  216. Parse Error in Showthread help needed please
  217. Forum Home and Forum Order
  218. Is there anywhere to grab the submitted post text before it's censored?
  219. conditional for sticky within postbit legacy template
  220. Forum Hacked vbulletin 3.8.5 exploits?
  221. How to create post login/logout hooks
  222. Check Titles - automatically correct
  223. sticky threads in forum description
  224. Sending pm if post quoted
  225. How to code for websites to have a login/logout box for vB3
  226. Add user to Global Ignore list from user options menu
  227. Parse Error
  228. How to show usergroup title markup for one group to all
  229. Sorry, please delete, wrong forum
  230. Memory issue
  231. using preg_replace to turn one BB Code into another BB Code...
  232. Cron every 1 minute
  233. [How to make] the poll check box checked and users cannot unchecked?
  234. Simple problem with the template postbit_legacy
  235. Global.php variables? (trying to call foruminfo)
  236. Make a conditional to work in a different template
  237. list all users of a usergroup
  238. custom permission error message for specific forum
  239. new phrase in notice system
  240. BB Code /me Edit
  241. Moderation Auto-PM needed for vb3.8.4
  242. How to denie registration when unwhitelisted char is used?
  243. how to move user from all groups to one other
  244. IE php header() error for program protocol
  245. Error Changing Things in Usergroups
  246. what a strange case it is?
  247. Writing new registrations to ext. DB
  248. How to edit a post by code ?
  249. MySQL over-loading, what could be causing this?
  250. special job request