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  1. Help with Language Change by Code
  2. Question
  3. user id
  4. SQL injection on custom page
  5. dateline
  6. Promblem with member profiles.
  7. Memcache problem
  8. Datamanager help with editing threads via cron
  9. How do I declare a variable or array that is available in templates?
  10. How to add a plugin for use on the forumhome page??
  11. vB error
  12. htmlentities and datamanagers
  13. Need help with an SQL Query
  14. ebay search box on forumhome
  15. Any way to turn off post cache when a particular bb code is used?
  16. Getting custom phrase
  17. removing [url] [/url] tags when editing a post
  18. Why vBulletin save the templates in MySQL?
  19. Forums not sending validation email??
  20. Reputation Score to Existing Members
  21. New Site for new Users
  22. SQL Query for blogs question
  23. Need some help please - links not working
  24. Problem with login
  25. vBulletin Codes
  26. Force ForumID?
  27. latest posts and content on non-vb page help
  28. Display popup with the error message instead of saving the error message as a result
  29. Log IPs in external logfile
  30. Registration Question
  31. PHP Reading Data
  32. What can I test using template <if condition> ?
  33. Correct URL Path
  34. Avatar display issue in template
  35. How to hook in all page of vBulletin 3.84
  36. [code]
  37. A3, P3, and T3 parameters for a subscription.
  38. Using userid on a Different Page
  39. query to return moderator statistics
  40. Where do I go for vbulletin support?
  41. Query optimization request
  42. How to remove exisiting members from usergroup?
  43. Forum Login
  44. save css to different folder
  45. Gigya Social Sign-on
  46. Custom page throwing: Unable to add cookies, header already sent
  47. vBulletin 3.7.2 WYSIWYG bugs
  48. Integration
  49. BBCode code tag
  50. Has anyone made a mass photo uploader yet?
  51. You don't have permission to access /editpost.php
  52. problem with PM notifications
  53. Plugin problem
  54. Accessing notifications on an external forum page
  55. Forum Problem
  56. Custom PHP Pages in vBulletin w/ form to thread function.
  57. help with spoiler bbcode i'm trying to make
  58. Equal space between menu items
  59. Skin Problem
  60. call settings to external page with global $vbulletin
  61. Multiple phrase groups
  62. Custom profile field of thread's author
  63. Have this Problem
  64. Question about if condition
  65. Custom Profile Field switches User group
  66. Using multiple Jquery accordions on one vba page
  67. How to Stop SQL Queries from hackers?
  68. Displaying my vB3.8 TODAYS EVENTS on wordpress sidebar?
  69. Currently Active Users
  70. sql error
  71. Problem with Form Hack!
  72. Regarding (How to create your own vBulletin-powered page! (uses vB templates))
  73. New server, New URL.. broken images.?
  74. Modify the Mod Contol Panel
  75. Navbar without links
  76. Latest Posts on homepage - non-javascript method
  77. Making a login
  78. Force users to reply before download attachments
  79. Looking for help with if conditional...need to hide item from one usergroup (Solved)
  80. Exhibition Template
  81. Error in vbulletin profile
  82. Import Threads/Posts from MyBB SQL File
  83. Passing PM Title In Text Link
  84. Module is upside down.
  85. syntax error, unexpected '<' in /forumdisplay.php(833) eval'd line 1
  86. Help with the numeric value present in DB when defining forum permissions
  87. Creating a Visitor Message from external script
  88. Make First IMG an Attachment
  89. How to get this mod to work in other areas.
  90. Question about a conditional
  91. [Plugin AME] how to force video bbcode parsing ?
  92. Show All Friends in new window
  93. How to access pmid replies in private_insertpm_complete hook location?
  94. Need help with custom eval code field
  95. Allow users to merge accounts
  96. custom php script in admincp
  97. Fórum Codification
  98. Hide Who's Online in a single forum
  99. About Removing Template
  100. Disable registration for users coming from specific site
  101. Custom php code output to footer
  102. Help getting variables in showthread template
  103. cookie names in VB 3.6.7
  104. Customize Admin Permissions
  105. /forums/affiliates.php Unknown Location /forums/affiliates.php
  106. click on userlink get this message
  107. Moving down the page header logo/title
  108. Need help understanding my database structure for user groups.
  109. 3.8.4 Forum Activation Code/Link Not working
  110. hacking attempt? Modified template
  111. How to disable ajax on (visitormessage)
  112. Help with HTML/Adsense
  113. Display Member Number In Postbit
  114. Issues Staying Logged In
  115. Where is the file that inserts new posts into the database?
  116. gmmoderatedcount - what does it count?
  117. bbcode with html on user title of all groups
  118. Help Please ~ iTrader :(
  119. Custom Messages / Ads for usergroups
  120. How do I edit the notifications code?
  121. Hacer consulta sql y imprimir todos los resultadoe en plantilla
  122. April Fools Joke
  123. Help with Post hash
  124. Avatar on all pages
  125. Replacing default WYSIWYG
  126. problems with the amendment of the footer
  127. total error
  128. Disabled Forum rules, need to make manditory TOS "I agree ..." checkbox in reg
  129. forum failure
  130. DTO Garage Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 31457280 bytes exhausted
  131. Referral only registration
  132. Jquery Application not working
  133. Pop up on first visit
  134. Promblem with visitor messages on profile
  135. when a user logs in to the forum, where is the $userinfo array built?
  136. 2 notification areas, but only 1 functioning
  137. I want this prodcut for version 3.8 (Point Market)
  138. Avatar URL image.php doesnt work
  139. Custom Profile Fields and Performance
  140. Profilefield in vbulletin.css
  141. Help with attachment manager in forum posts
  142. vbulletin's error notice problem
  143. Dropdown menus not working
  144. Display different information depending on forum
  145. Don't send email notification even though user has Automatic subscription
  146. PHP - Manually inserted user account does not show on stats at bottom of home page
  147. How can you organize the Edit Your Details page in usercp
  148. Shoutbox Mobile View Problem
  149. Database error
  150. Friends List
  151. User data migration
  152. Adding phrases to specific groups e.g error messages
  153. Need to hide some specific URLs from Guests
  154. casino .92 on Vb 3.8 date wrong
  155. Using securitytoken to protect ajax requests
  156. Total posts to include soft deleted posts?
  157. Making queries show in debug output
  158. jquery.js help
  159. Move "quick reply" location after first post
  160. Show only starter's posts
  161. vb style error cannot log in
  162. Remove invisible function.
  163. Allow a user to disable smileys (because of epilepsy)
  164. Page Render and vBulletin Hooks
  165. Remove Users Awaiting Moderation from who's online
  166. Latest Active Threads on Forumhome
  167. Sticky background color
  168. Check if user has custom avatar
  169. register_addmember_complete set a cookie
  170. i need help with this Database error
  171. Adjusting Itrader from within phpadmin?
  172. Need Some Guidance: Photopost Classifieds Integration
  173. atabase error in vBulletin :
  174. Setting custom userfields
  175. get current styleid in plugin php code
  176. Converting a script from vB4 to vB3 and got stuck lol
  177. Adding Custom Phrase Type
  178. Need help with a query
  179. Way to force "I agree" checkbox before posting in specific forums?
  180. Making a custom multiple attachment upload script
  181. Convert These Template Changes
  182. Adding custom fields in creating new thread
  183. Advertising spoiler
  184. Live forum stats in signature?
  185. How to use the plugin system to make template edits?
  186. Need Help With A attribute Code Please
  187. ignore list in database
  188. Error Code
  189. Tidying up some awesome BBcode
  190. How to change the meta description? vboptions[description]?
  191. *.html threads ?
  192. Set modules to be expanded to collapsed dependant on some condition
  193. E-mail in HTML.
  194. Help with remote login
  195. How to create custom PM button?
  196. Showing Sub forums
  197. Aligning Sub Forums
  198. Mailchimp plugin for 3.8.7: What do I need to modify?
  199. How to fix the imported users treated as guests?? Please help
  200. iframing the attachments of a post
  201. Simple Help Needed - If Then Statement to Determine Directory
  202. Check for PayPal Verification?
  203. Variable to pull moderated forums?
  204. Sanitizing cookies?
  205. How do I make users in arcade/chat appear as currently active?
  206. Editing BBCode for CP compliance
  207. Smilie selection in drop-down box, any idea?
  208. How to mass change receive email for specific Usergroup by Queary
  209. Coding neatly in vbulletin's postbit
  210. How to mass invite members to a social group?
  211. Custom chat not showing Usernames?
  212. Anyone figure out how to mass upload photos to user albums?
  213. Last login date
  214. make a message popup verifying avatar size
  215. Twitter Scoal Bookmark share link doesnt work anymore?
  216. Forum list of a certain category
  217. Quick Style Chooser Not Saving For Guests
  218. Making a more specific spoil/hide bbcode
  219. Help! Postbit username popup not working!
  220. Check if thread is open.
  221. Drop Down Menu HELP
  222. Redirection after logout
  223. Changing the color of the private messages page
  224. Plugin not parsing variables
  225. Twitter Integration
  226. Need help editing Php file.
  227. BBCode include
  228. 3.8.7 upgrade wont run??
  229. Help Please
  230. BBCode issue vb 3.8.6
  231. Help needed using bbcode_parser on non forum text
  232. Invalid SQL: in vBulletin 3.8.6:
  233. Forum isn't working, only get a blank screen
  234. Which folder do i use to upload (FTP) iTrader tp?
  235. MySQL error #1064 -phrasetypeid
  236. Flashcoms-Vbulletin Integration Error
  237. Help with plugin array and option settings
  238. Default textarea size
  239. Linking two If conditions in Plugin
  240. Need help on an sql query
  241. Can I code to prevent field input?
  242. BBcode Image not showing properly in Chrome
  243. Hello Everyone.. Quick Question on Restoring MySQL Table
  244. using plugins to display community drop down links
  245. Show code only one time
  246. how do i fix this?
  247. Image Verif
  248. If then conditional based on user groupid
  249. Placing PHP into vBulletin ForumHome template ???? Here's where I'm at...
  250. How to add "Last 5 Threads" to front page?