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  1. Myspace Profile Re-Write PRO! 1.0.0
  2. Add Imageshack to your forums
  3. [Addon] Usergroup Based Profile Conditionals (eBux Usage)
  4. Google Ads Enhanced
  5. Small pics under forum title
  6. Profile Pic in Postbit Legacy
  7. Adding Images to Individual Forums
  8. Forum Link Image
  9. Google search in forum search box
  10. Translate single Post in a PopUP (with Bablefish)
  11. myspace style template
  12. Thumbshots - Thumbnail of your homepage
  13. Prevent Oversized Images Breaking Message Tables & Sigs 2.1
  14. Files Upload- to modify the appearance of the waiting text
  15. New BBcode Packs Rainbow,search engine,yahoo status,warning,download,paypal ect
  16. Spoiler Tag : Show/Hide
  17. Advertisements Enhancer + TOS Compatibility
  18. Quick Reply - to modify the appearance of the waiting text
  19. Below Page
  20. Instant Messaging Status Icon
  21. Enclose the message
  22. Last.fm Postbit Enhancement PRO
  23. Last.fm Profile Enhancement PRO
  24. Mini statusicons
  25. Welcome Panel w/ChatBox Lite v1.0
  26. Sub-Forums sorted in Forum Home
  27. Announcments on Forum Home
  28. [BB Code] YouTube embedded video
  29. Google Maps - Hot Spots - Events for vbaCMPS
  30. Search: New Posts - Auto-refresh.
  31. vBShout On All Pages
  32. Shortcut Icon in Address Bar
  33. myspace profile icon (like yahoo, aim, msn etc)
  34. Google Adsense Optimised :)
  35. Add URL to profile to Welcome Message in navbar
  36. Allow 'Un-logged in User' add Username to "Contact Us" message - helps find account
  37. Quick Register for 3.5.x
  38. Link for Photopost in Postbit Legacy
  39. Forum Home Advertisements
  40. Moderators Listed under forum description
  41. Confirm Correct Forum Before New Thread
  42. Report Post Rules & Agreement
  43. Add another box to "Whats going on"
  44. Info Box - Adsense, Register, and Donations Box (Working Quick Reply)
  45. Adsense after last post, above quick reply
  46. Toplist Template Rewrite v0.1 (Beta)
  47. Advertisments For some webs
  48. Direct link to vbgooglemap location
  49. Replace User's Online Status Image with Text Equivalent
  50. Welcome Clickable Username!
  51. Add iframe
  52. Forum Home Rearranging Thread & Reply Count
  53. Spoiler Tag
  54. Post Icon Collapse/Expand
  55. Header Menu Drop Downs on ISkin
  56. Email reminder on forum home
  57. Quick Moderation: Attachments & Posts
  58. "Voice Alert" when have an unread PM
  59. Under Last Post before quick reply - Rotating Banner.
  60. Info bar when new pm recieved.
  61. Extend Redirect Message, Add Ads for better click rate
  62. Whois IP Output
  63. Postbit_Legacy REVERSED Layout 1 v.1.0
  64. Signature Legend, New Signature Look
  65. Hit Counter at the base of your Forum home Page.
  66. Add image fade effect to attached thumbnails
  67. Signed Posts (Username in posts)
  68. Signed Posts v2.0, Nick names
  69. Nick Names v1.0
  70. IP address from user profile
  71. LoadingBar in Redirecting Page
  72. CS forumhome display
  73. vBulletin Attachment Lightbox
  74. Frame for user profile in posts
  75. Horizontal forumhome statusicons
  76. IPB Style 'Quick' or 'Full' Edit Chooser
  77. Collapse Statusicons v1.0
  78. Google FREE (Non Adsense) Search in Search Drop Down
  79. Sudoku for vBulletin
  80. Adsense Under First Posts - Clean
  81. Moderation menu (Navbar Dropdown)
  82. Information Bar, members who have never posted
  83. BBCode: [fieldset]
  84. Photopost Gallery Menu (Navbar Dropdown)
  85. Germany 2006 Count Down
  86. Add a border design around attached thumbnails
  87. bbBox
  88. SpoilerBox
  89. Different Category Images
  90. Forums arranged in columns on forumhome + Extra Future
  91. Display Forum Header (user selectible)
  92. php copy icon
  93. Current Galleries on Top for vBPicGallery
  94. Give Warning Before Visiting Members Home Page
  95. Reputation Displayed as Numbers
  96. Info Box when starting new thread
  97. Back & Forward buttons below thread
  98. shoutbox/chatbox light template mod
  99. Adsense, different sizes for visitors to members under last post
  100. Separated categories now fully working
  101. World of Warcraft Profile Mod
  102. [BB Code] Google embedded video
  103. Mouse effect
  104. [BB Code] Google video
  105. User Signature in a box
  106. Edit Avatar on Quik Links for 3.5.x
  107. Members who have visited the forum today (EXTRA FEATURE)
  108. Default Home Page
  109. Add to Favorites
  110. Quick Search Area For Users - Showthread
  111. Quick Search Area For Users - Forumdisplay
  112. vB-boards toolbar v1.0
  113. A better New Postbit Legacy Look
  114. Smooth Postbit
  115. Toplist Template Rewrite (add site - site list)
  116. Glowing and colored usernames without hacking
  117. Show Positive/Negative Reputation Icon
  118. PostBit Profile Drop Down
  119. Postbit Profile Information Alignment
  120. Logout 'fading' that works in IE, FireFox, Opera, etc..
  121. Move Lastpost Column
  122. Posts per day over the past X days
  123. Move Messenger Icons to Username Pulldown
  124. Improved registration referral credit
  125. Staff avatars
  126. vBA CMPS Cleaner Site Navigation - CSS Driven Rollovers
  127. Better Small Looking Postbit
  128. Adsense + Register Clean! Improve Register Rates!
  129. Battle music in RPG Inferno lite
  130. VbPlaza - Loyal Member Discount Display
  131. [BB Code] Quicktime movies
  132. My Physical Stats In Postbit
  133. DeviantArt button
  134. Alternate Quote Layout (plus explanation for new stylers)
  136. Break embedded video [BB Code]
  137. Metacafe embedded video [BB Code]
  138. Global links in every user's signature
  139. VBGooglemapME Postbit Conditional
  140. Automotive Article submission for Automotive site owners (drives traffic)
  141. vb pager next to username on forums home and whoisonline
  142. Another Advertisement Code
  143. Add On Image
  144. *Post Awards* Simple Postbit and Memberinfo awards manually given thru User Options
  145. Working Image On Redirect Screen
  146. Alternating Category Cells
  147. [BB Code] Embed Twango Twidgets
  148. link user or guest IP to site owner (uses whois from www.dnsstuff.com)
  149. [BB CODE] Myspace embedded videos
  150. Default Referrer
  151. Forum Rules/Site Rules
  152. Adsense looks like post on search result page
  153. Youtube Video in User Profiles
  154. how to hide a forum from Specific gender?
  155. Default Signature
  156. Myspace button
  157. Bebo button
  158. DeviantArt button in signature
  159. Myspace button in signature
  160. Forms Pack + (4) *** Forms Hack add-on
  161. Forms Hack - goto form when making new thread per forum
  162. vBadvanced Forumlinks v1.1
  163. Split ForumHome page - Custom Pagetitles!
  164. Split ForumHome page - Custom ForumHome Design
  165. New Thread Button when viewing a Thread
  166. The Calendar "Small Month Day Other" Change The Background Colour
  167. Handy Flash Banner
  168. Total posts in thread
  169. Image Upload
  170. Advert v1 (Forumhome)
  171. Global Announcement v1 (Forumhome)
  172. MySpace Like Contact Table - Switchable By User + Custom Display Name
  173. Special Spoiler
  174. MotoVid embedded video Code
  175. Custom Cursors For Your Forum 3.5.x
  176. Innovative Small MP3 Player BB Code
  177. Adding links in the navbar
  178. UKBL- Easy Menu Tabs
  179. UKBL ~ Virtual Admin for your Forums
  180. UKBL ~ Timed Rotating Ad Banners
  181. UKBL ~ Easy Page Redirect
  182. UKBL ~ Quality Drop Down Menu System for 3.5.x
  183. UKBL ~ Admin Notice - Timed Popup for Non-Members For V3.5
  184. UKBL ~ "Save As Homepage" Button
  185. UKBL ~ Easy Vertical Menu System
  186. UKBL ~ Mobile Phone Payments with OneBip Merchant Account
  187. UKBL ~ Advertising iFrame on Forum Home
  188. Innovative On Top Display Window
  189. Innovative Small mp3 Multi-Player
  190. Better Quotes - Round Quotes
  191. Customize your PM Bars
  192. Improve your Members List
  193. Xbox Live Gamertag [drop down menu]
  194. Tynt - Leverage the benefit of copy/paste on your forum
  195. Classic Style Snow Fall
  196. [CM] Flying Twitter Bird (On Forum Home)
  197. [CM] Facebook & Twitter Badge
  198. [CM] Floating Sidebar (Custom + Shine Effect)
  199. [CM] Twitter SlideBox (Widget)
  200. [CM] FaceBook SlideBox (LikeBox)
  201. [CM] Social 5ive Icons (Grayscale effect by hover)