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  1. Forum Image Border.
  2. Gadu-gadu ver. 1.0.1a
  3. Moderator Dropdown List
  4. New Thread Button on post viewing.
  5. Small New Thread Button on Forumhome
  6. Remove "Permanent Delete" for all but Admins
  7. Remove "Merge Posts" for all but Admins
  8. Open Forum Links in a New Window
  9. Admins on top of the Showgroup.php
  10. ForumLinks have an own tabel row.
  11. CSS - Sub-Forum-List in Columns
  12. Google Search in navbar
  13. Put Google AdSense in your forums
  14. Search drop-down has "Search just titles" also.
  15. Double navigation buttons bar
  16. "Edit User" in postbit username menu
  17. Play a sound when a user has a new PM.
  18. Profile Pic Of Newest Member
  19. Quick Ban/UnBan
  20. Move What's Going On Box
  21. Users Choose Username Font/Color Posts
  22. Respond To Rep
  23. Personal Font/Color in Posts
  24. navigation vBadvanced Gallery at navbar
  25. "To the top" link in every reply
  26. Link to Smilies in Quick Reply
  27. How To Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
  28. Different Cell Color for Stickies
  29. PNG Transparency for Internet Explorer
  30. Png Rounded Quotes (PRQ) v.3.10 - Valid XHTML 1.0
  31. Extra bbcode in quickreply
  32. Change The User Info Style
  33. [Mini hack] Add Admin, Mod dropdown on Navbar
  34. Default Avatar
  35. Link to del.icio.us from post
  36. "Quick Links" Menu in three columns
  37. Moderators shown under Forum Description
  38. Auto Quote on Quick Reply
  39. Link directly to a post
  40. Hurricane Katrina Banner
  41. CMPS Hurricane Katrina Banner
  42. Image Upload System
  43. "Thread Information" In A Table On Top Of The Showthread
  44. fishes in ur Forum
  45. vB REFERRER 1.0
  46. Front page links
  47. Site Map on Navbar
  48. Adsense after first post
  49. Links with stars
  50. Right mouse click menu
  51. Forum Statistics in table
  52. Smilies in Quickreply
  53. Information Bar for Guests
  54. View Users Attachments
  55. Show Gender In Postbit
  56. View Archive Version In Thread Tools
  57. Forum Search Bar in Header Template
  58. Default Posting Font
  59. Quick Reply does not show in Closed Thread even for Moderators
  60. Gender Image In Postbit
  61. Hide "Edit By ..." Note For Admins
  62. Show Users System Specs
  63. Edit User Options Menu
  64. Easy Forum Icons
  65. View IP address inline
  66. Hide ignored users' threads
  67. Navbar: Search Members
  68. Defualt Profile Picture in Profile
  69. Opacity change on mouseover buttons
  70. Add a "Has this already been asked?" Button
  71. Forum Search Bar in Navbar Template
  72. [CSS tip] Like those neat, flat buttons?
  73. Automatic Image Resizer
  74. Signature at bottom of postbit.
  75. another reputation with points
  76. vB Ring - Promote your site (linking system with external list)
  77. Custom Field Below Signature on Legacy Postbit
  78. UserID in profile
  79. Bulletproof referral awards at registration
  80. Extra menu for 'New Posts' link in navbar
  81. Mood Hack 3.5
  82. UserID in postbit_legacy
  83. Move the "Calendar Jump" drop down box
  84. Another Mini-Nav
  85. Simple Breadcrumb Below Last Post
  86. Add RSS button at bottom of page
  87. Remove last post info from forumhome & subforums
  88. Remove last post info from everywhere, including search
  89. Show No Permission Message If User Cannot View Others Threads In A Forum
  90. Thread Starter on postbit.
  91. View Your own posts
  92. Strike thread thread title on Closed NonSticky Thread
  93. Languge Chose Navbar
  94. Signature only on first post
  95. Another Mini-Nav(FORUMDISPLAY)
  96. Profile Change: Forum Info v1.4.1
  97. Vertical site navigation
  98. Random Logo in Header
  99. Useful information in paypal mail
  100. Images On Forumbit (forumhome)
  101. add quick links to forumbits forumhome (new thread/fin
  102. Thread Stats w/ Title In ShowThread
  103. Hide Log Out Button From Banned Users - Template change only
  104. Make 'Contact Us' Name & E-mail fields uneditable for log'd in members
  105. For "Save Search Preferences", store all attributes EXCEPT 'search type'.
  106. 'Hide' member's Homepage URL
  107. Subforum Drop-down Menu
  108. Christmas Sound For Your Forum
  109. Xbox.com gamercard for all users
  110. Users can turn off the Forumbanner
  111. Snow & other Effects for your forum
  112. Subforum Panel
  113. [vB 3.5.x] Scrolling Menu
  114. Hover Links and Image Effect
  115. Place a scrolling marquee on navbar (header)
  116. Disabling The "I Agree" Checkbox Until A Specified Amount Time Has Elapsed
  117. mouseover in pagenav
  118. Boolean Search as Default in Advanced Search Options
  119. Boolean Search in Search Drop-Down Menu Option in Navbar
  120. Welcome Panel Template Rewrite v2.1
  121. Better Sub-Forum Placement
  122. Notice new message-very effective and interesting
  123. vBPopup
  124. PM Button in postbit
  125. Post count in postbit as a link to view member's posts
  126. Change new reply 'title' to 'readonly'
  127. Link back to higher level (forum) in postbit
  128. vB advanced forumlinks
  129. Hybrid postbit
  130. Make 'Referrer' field in registration UNeditable if from 'referrerid' in URL
  131. User Note Info in Postbit
  132. New Thread button when viewing a thread.
  133. NewPost on forumhome!
  134. Show Ads After post number "x" and "x"
  135. Hide User Contact Info From Guests
  136. Hide Upload Profile Pic From PC Option
  137. Center Category Names and Descriptions.
  138. Multiple vBadvance headers
  139. Thread Title Big, Top, and Center
  140. vbarcade quick links on front page
  141. v3arcade - Challenge a user via profile link
  142. Show/Hide Post Count - User Selectable
  143. V3Arcade disable right click in all games
  144. "Return to [Forum]" link at bottom of thread
  145. Easy Disable/Enable Signature per user
  146. vb 2.3.x Style PM, Profile, Search and Buddy buttons in Postbit_Legacy
  147. Remove thread, post and view counts
  148. Adsense below the last thread
  149. v3Arcade ArcadeShout
  150. Add Newthread button in Showthread
  151. Google Adsense In Navbar
  152. Rounded top right hand corner
  153. Member's ebay linked in profile W/ image
  154. Staff Contact
  155. ImageShack upload option when posting
  156. Add flashing envelope PM notification
  157. Add Google adsense search to your navbar dropdown
  158. Optionally open thread in new window
  159. Adsense in last thread of search results
  160. Show/Hide Sticky Posts (collapsible)
  161. Battlefield 2 Stats link in Profile
  162. Add seasonal images to your forum
  163. Xbox Live GamerTag details in Profile
  164. Logout Button replacing Logout text
  165. xFire Status in Postbit
  166. State Flags
  167. Collapseable Announcements Below Navbar
  168. Ibproarcade - Shout Out Box
  169. xFire Status in Member Profile
  170. A better postbit(_legacy) view
  171. A Well Organized Postbit_Legacy
  172. Custom BBCode Images In QuickReply
  173. Toplist Random Site Module for Left or Right vBa column
  174. XBL GamerCard Button (Appears just like IM buttons)
  175. postbit drop down for V3Arcade awards
  176. Alternate forum Home Display forum layout
  177. Bottom Forum Navigation breadcrumbs
  178. Arcade Categories Dropdown Menu
  179. Quote Modification - Simple
  180. Today's Date: Anywhere you want!
  181. Guests may only view first page of thread
  182. My Team Hack
  183. External Search Forum
  184. Feedburner Headline Animator in Postbit
  185. xFire Profile Postbit
  186. Coloured User Groups Legend/Key
  187. Overlay Round Image for Photopost vBgallery
  188. Forum Quick Jump menu
  189. Adding Google AdSense for Search to search.php
  190. More convenient buddy list links
  191. Moderators can see the Mod CP link
  192. Admin CP and Mod CP links in your navbar
  193. Glow forum names
  194. Show RSS Feed Icon in each forum
  195. New Post Status Icon links to Getnew for that forum.
  196. Banner Rotation
  197. Spoiler Tag
  198. Admin/Mod BBcodes
  199. Quote Boxes Fit To Content
  200. MAU CP in navbar
  201. Sticky Background Color Change with Rollover Effect
  202. 2 or more profile picture
  203. 'New Posts' Link Below Thread
  204. Force preview before posting new thread or reply
  205. Small pics next to forum title
  206. Site navbar overlayed on background image
  207. Member's Group in Post-Bit(legacy)
  208. "Top" Link on Categorys
  209. Make the question icon in WOL a link
  210. Adding *something* (graphics, texts, button) to Welcome block
  211. Navbar Gradient Background
  212. Adsense after first post ONLY if there are more than X posts in the thread
  213. Administrative Tools Dropdown
  214. Rotating banners
  215. GTSmiliebox - Move Below Editing Area
  216. Additional Navbar 3.5.3 and up
  217. Collapsable Quotes
  218. Usergroup Color Legend on Index 1.03
  219. Locked Flash Avatar + Modified User Menu (Legacy) 1.3
  220. Myspace UserCP Rewrite
  221. vrBBCode Wacky Pack
  222. Floating Valentine Hearts
  223. Reputation layout
  224. Digital Announcement
  225. HaYLaZ DiGiBoaRD
  226. Visitor Counter
  227. Professional Names
  228. No Redirect When Moving Threads
  229. Align "Last Post" column to the right not left
  230. Make STANDARD_REDIRECT redirect faster
  231. Side Menu
  232. New Registration Look
  233. Vbulletin Java Chat
  234. Add links to forumleader bar
  235. Images in profiles on conditional statements
  236. Rapidshare Upload
  237. İmageshack Upload with own features!!!
  238. To stop posted links linking directly to a site
  239. MSN Status BB Code
  240. Refresh homepage every X Seconds
  241. Quick Profile Edit In New Window
  242. No Sig in Private Message
  243. v3Arcade Limit games to usergroups
  244. Adsense as a poster on your forums
  245. Horizontal ForumRules/Posting Rules
  246. Empty Profile Field Notification! 1.0.0
  247. style-cs(to all version)
  248. Add Feed To MyYahoo, Msn, Google & Blogline Button In Every Forum
  249. MySpace Profile Template
  250. Better Member Search Option