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  1. some Rules for this Forum
  2. multiple CMPS-Module for vbAdvanced
  3. Suggestions for future Versions
  4. [DOWNLOAD] Converter (from v3arcade to ibProArcade)
  5. Posting/requesting (links to) Game Downloads
  6. How to convert games
  7. This score was not submitted from the game. Your score will not be saved.
  8. a new life is born
  9. vbSEO & ibProArcade : Rewrite-rules
  10. Who can install new games?
  11. SEO: dynamic TITLE-Tag in Arcade
  12. v3arcade games not installing
  13. [HELP] Category in breadcrumb?
  14. Click on "Arcade ModCP" and nothing...
  15. vb 4.0 compatibilty?
  16. Report game link?
  17. Score submission problem
  18. Navbar looks funky
  19. Call to a member function query
  20. Constantly Log Out From Arcade
  21. Conflict with Tournament and Ladder instal
  22. 'arcade' button in main navigation bar disappears on other skin
  23. Scoring bug when the user has two open game windows
  24. Restore Pronlems H_E_L_P
  25. Relocation of forum from site root to seperate folder ("/forum")
  26. How do you remove someone from a tournament?
  27. High Score Storing Problem
  28. is there any way to stop cheating?
  29. comment Not saved
  30. Mass TAR installer?
  31. Problems with scoring on new games
  32. [HELP] Reimported users table, now getting database error for arcade
  33. How do I get more games? Another problem.
  34. Category in game information
  35. Probleme saving score on vb4
  36. Arcade Problem
  37. Game Install
  38. Where can the category icons be resized?
  39. problems on vb4 beta 4
  40. template for arcade.php problems
  41. NavBar different when viewing galleries
  42. [HELP] Games not working
  43. Game score not saving after upgrade to beta 5
  44. [BUG] Install games via tar folder-Get Error
  45. Run error / installed fine
  46. vB4.0.0 Beta 5 and ibProArcade2.7.0
  47. [LOOK HERE NOW!] Games not saving highscore
  48. New games won't keep score
  49. tournament winner not advancing
  50. ibproarcade skin layout on VB4
  51. Security Token (vB 4 RC2)
  52. smf arcade to ibproarcade conversion
  53. Scores not saving
  54. categories missing
  55. [HELP] mySQL query error
  56. How to fix "Security Token" Error for vBulletin 4.x.x
  57. Change folder name?
  58. Change text size
  59. Game hang at first load. F5 reload and it work fine
  60. Mysql database error
  61. Score not save b/c you host .SWF on different server
  62. Need Help! Why Arcade don't show on the navbar?
  63. Fastest Time Tie Breaker Rule No Longer Works
  64. Scores not saving, even after changes to index.php are made
  65. Arcade menu error
  66. Arcade background
  67. 0pts Scores!
  68. Game Name Color
  69. Scoring and I.E issue.
  70. two http outputs in the arcade links
  71. Arcade style problem-shows up white
  72. Database error when trying to view any user profile.
  73. Illegal Mix Of Collations
  74. [HELP] How to Edit vB4 Template for ibProArcade?
  75. Nice addon!
  76. Modifying arcade.php
  77. [HELP] Arcade sub menus not displaying
  78. Help! After installation, screwy sidebar!
  79. Arcade module/widget for CMPS?
  80. Help adding tar games
  81. adding a game
  82. postbit error
  83. On vB 4.0
  84. [Bug] Issue with another Mod
  85. Help! installing ibProArcade on vb4.0
  86. increase marquee width for champion text
  87. Leaderboard on Forumhome?
  88. Link in Tab
  89. [HELP] Delete the menu
  90. Help
  91. Missing blue in template and no header for the page
  92. Exclamation mark?
  93. ibProArcade a dead mod?
  94. Funny alignment
  95. Old games not working
  96. Changing "Ten Recently Added Games" to "Ten Random Games"
  97. SQL error browsing posts after install
  98. Mini Profile Problem
  99. How do I get my Database back
  100. Security Token
  101. Messed up layout after upgrading
  102. Adding New Skin Style
  103. SEO for Arcade
  104. Converting Armor Games
  105. Arcade not loading?
  106. No Access To Arcade Granted
  107. Anyone know how to remove the donation screen from homepage?
  108. Widget for Arcade, cms ? Backup ?
  109. Securtiy token error after additional code
  110. Arcade style doesn't work in Firefox!
  111. Scores Don't Save, Goes to Forum
  112. Is this compatible with 4.0.2?
  113. Big problem i have
  114. Notice: Undefined index:
  115. Had to re-install arcade=no games or scores
  116. Request for Arcade template update inside <head></head> ?
  117. Remove Arcade link from navbar?
  118. can i get help with this error
  119. Format of v3arcade zipfile
  120. No games scores are saving
  121. Add Games is not working
  122. Style issues 4.0.2
  123. Categori name under the cat images
  124. Error message, can't figure it out...
  125. Install new games?
  126. Admincp Arcade is blank...
  127. How To Make Categories Drop To New Line?
  128. Leaderboard error
  129. Errors after uninstall
  130. Table headings on arcade
  131. ibProArcade and vbcredits :S
  132. I am back
  133. Spacing between icon and title
  134. new install on 4.0.2 - page title is missing
  135. Color Issue Help
  136. games not working please help ! ! !
  137. Cannot see the games
  138. Postbit Horizonal Marquee Problem
  139. Problem with color of arcade.
  140. uninstall or remove Games ....??
  141. data base err when active plugin
  142. Leaderboard
  143. All scores are being saved as "0."
  144. Memory Allocation Error
  145. Can't install games
  146. CMS widgwt for 4.0.2
  147. Is there a website that offers IbProArcade services?
  148. No avatar
  149. white on white Issue
  150. High Score Problem
  151. Error Message During Installation
  152. Are their Any Methods at all to prevent cheating?
  153. Various issues
  154. Decimal Points
  155. Prune scores
  156. Database Error?
  157. Whose Online Not Working
  158. Who's Online/Users Current Activity Inaccurate
  159. still i have submit score problem
  160. could not access game table error message
  161. arcade doesn't take on the theme set for my site
  162. Converting SWF File to work with IbProArcade
  163. Additonal.css
  164. Style issue? not sure what the problem is.
  165. "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING..."
  166. No "Arcade" in the admin CP.
  167. New games ?
  168. Arcade Glitch - Cheating
  169. whens the arcade going to be fixed for vBulletin™ Version 4.0.3
  170. Hook request
  171. Can't locate tar folder to upload game files
  172. [BUG] Deleting a High Score
  173. Saving Games & Mini Profile
  174. Spec for creating a new game
  175. When user finishes playing a game
  176. Duplicates
  177. Does anyone know of any links for free arcade game downloads?
  178. Upgraded to VB 4.03 - Games No Longer Save, Getting Black Screen
  179. can't install help
  180. Postbit_legacy template change
  181. How to disable scrolling arcade achievements
  182. Typo
  183. Additional moderators.
  184. NavBar
  185. How do I install it? I followed the directions
  186. Get rid of "Notice" messages after changing index.php
  187. fix: arcade footer messed up?
  188. Arcade under another style than forums ????
  189. BUG with scrolling championships on IE - Need fix please for vB4
  190. Not importing additional.css
  191. Throw paper
  192. Not saving, redirect to forumhome
  193. vB4 vBCMS and high score saving
  194. How to remove calling ARCADE.css from header?
  195. Cant save score as i dont use index.php
  196. Saving Score on vb 4.0.4 Problem
  197. Link colours
  198. New games?
  199. Join Date in postbit is no longer aligned correctly
  200. [4.0.4] weird pagination @arcade.php
  201. 404 not found (solved)
  202. Cant view threads when arcade plugin is on????
  203. It happens when you open one game and then another one.
  204. Database Error
  205. Post bit info gone in 4.0.4
  206. Highscores
  207. vbCredits II Deluxe Integration with ibProArcade?
  208. Transmission Timeout (0 sec)
  209. [4.0.5] Admin control panel options are gone
  210. Issue in vB 4.0.4 and 4.0.5 with PHP 5.3.2
  211. Navbar different in Animated Arena style
  212. Saving issues (4.0.5)
  213. Sort of lost the arcade
  214. Individual game pages forcing continual reloads
  215. arcade nav bar
  216. Tournaments pages
  217. Hall Of Fame Coding
  218. leaderbord issue
  219. Error when submitting score.
  220. Anyone have a fix that 4.0.5 that doesnt spit out tons of errors
  221. 2.7.1 - Any ETA?
  222. Disable avatars
  223. How to change points database?
  224. [Question] Postbit problem
  225. What happened?
  226. Um..Help?
  227. ARCADE and ARCADE_vB4
  228. Cannot Submit Scores
  229. How to convert from IBP games V3 to V2 we use? Most games out there are IBP games V3!
  230. Arcade style broken after upgrade to 4.0.6
  231. I need help with a really stupid question.....
  232. Any Chance to hide Higshcores ???
  233. NavTab / Css Problem
  234. how to store css as files without messing ibProArcade layout ?
  235. ibProArcade Fixes
  236. Rate the games in the play game page, without finishing the game first
  237. Move Games To A Different Category
  238. Install not working
  239. .tcat and background problem
  240. Remove extra 'Arcade' tab on navbar
  241. Icons not showing up on index after directory move
  242. How do I disable the scrolling high scores under a user's avatar?
  243. How do I add games?
  244. Working games
  245. What other software does IBPro work with?
  246. Scores won't save for vb 3.8.5
  247. Safe to say this is gone?
  248. where to change title colour
  249. The Million Dollar Question
  250. My Postbit Looks Disgusting