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  1. DJ's "How To Install Modifications (Mods/Hacks)" for Beginners
  2. How to Install a Style
  3. How To Make A Scalable Header For Your Forums
  4. [How-To] Code for ImageMagick
  5. Custom CSS Definitions
  6. UKBL ~ Google Adsense in Navbar
  7. UKBL ~ Guest/ New Registration Message Banner
  8. [How-To] Walkthrough of hack development & Coding Tips: Thread Promotion System
  9. How-To Integrate Mod with forum search results
  10. vBulletin Template Conditionals
  11. How to convert vbulletin to UTF8 charset
  12. Built-in Blog feature of vBulletin: a poor man's alternative!
  13. [How To] Create HTML anchors using bbcode
  14. Custom Login Page
  15. Style-Specific Rank Images
  16. Creating a New Thread using vBulletins API
  17. Show last 5 posts from thread x on a non-vb page (and parse BB)
  18. Nice Postbit Sidebar
  19. How to add buttons on navbar
  20. How to create definitions for AME 2.5
  21. Updating YUI for vBulletin 3.8 (YUI 2 currently 2.9.0)
  22. How to turn the "Post Thank You" hack into a "Likes" system similar to vBulletin.org
  23. Turn "Post Groan Hack" Into Dislikes, Similar to BOP5 Likes System!
  24. Post Quote Length Limit (vB3)
  25. Useful & unique template conditionals