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  1. Update vB options when adding a new setting
  2. A quick view of your database with all the tables.
  3. Newbie hacking guide
  4. Upgrade to 2.2.2 From 2.2.1
  5. How to find a bad query
  6. Alternating Colors
  7. Checking if a number is either X, Y, or Z
  8. Fix for replacement code problem in vB Code
  9. How to run a query, using vBulletin code
  10. How to include header/footer templates, etc.
  11. Tutorial: Upgrade your hacked board in less then 30 minutes
  12. How To Install a vbulletin Hack: Guide to Newbies.
  13. Tutorial: How to run vBulletin onto your PC
  14. vBulletin's functions list for syntax highlighting
  15. See who is logged in outside of vBulletin
  16. Useful function when you are coding addons
  17. Note/Tutorial: If you make a hack that uses a new file that regged members can access
  18. Function to retrieve the forums a user can access
  19. Coding Syntax
  20. Function To Retrieve Usergroup Forum CANVIEW Permissions
  21. [TIP] Use Clean vB Compliant Code //__\\ Use Proper Grammar, Spelling etc.
  22. Howto: Fast enable debug mode
  23. Setting up a Test board.
  24. Clear Hack Instructions : Help & File Template...
  25. Update the "Who's Online" viewing location for new PHP files & Hacks
  26. [tip] See what you have access to
  27. Tip to Cure: Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by Error
  28. [Tip] - Quick and easy changing of default styles
  29. [Tip] - Common Mistake when hacking your vb
  30. vBulletin on your pc (Best and easy way)
  31. Don't take vB's code as a model for perfect coding!
  32. Think Security
  33. About imap_open: to save people headaches
  34. Easily prevent HTML injection
  35. Learn Regular Expressions
  36. Industry coding standards
  37. Want to be a Hacker and not a Copy and Paster?
  38. SELECT FROM database
  39. Small Tutorial on GD Library [Freetype]
  40. The stuff after trailing slashes in regexps
  41. [Tip] Five Things That Might Cause a Syntax Error
  42. [Tip] vB3 Admin Confusion
  43. The joys of serializing data
  44. Global Errors
  45. Getting Ready for VB3 - A Coding Tutorial
  46. Use <?php, not <?
  47. Tip: Locate Uncached Templates in your hack codes
  48. How to Effectively Ban Users
  49. Tutorial : Basics of PHP
  50. Basics Of PHP [Part 2]
  51. Some basics of vB3(mini howto)
  52. Common Questions and Anwsers to vB3
  53. v3 Arcade - Game Modification Guide & Releases
  54. How To New Pages in vb style
  55. How to create your own vBulletin-powered page! (uses vB templates)
  56. [vB3] prevent removal of custom phrases, when uploading a language pack
  57. Howto : Enable FullText Searching in vBulletin 3.0.2/3
  58. Quickly upgrade your hacked vBulletin 3 without compare programs
  59. Howto: Enable SMTP for vB 3.0.2/3
  60. Dealing with long signatures
  61. Mod_rewrite tutorial for vB3
  62. vB Hacking Article v1.5
  63. All $DB_site functions
  64. How to add your own template group
  65. [RESOURCE] Comprehensive List of Vbulletin Functions & Variables(last update 12-26-4)
  66. [Tips] Writing more secure hacks
  67. vBulletin and mySQL
  68. Using PHPadsnew 2 with Vbulletin 3.
  69. Coding in Vbulletin 3.x Tips
  70. [How-To]Using Array conditionals with $vboptions
  71. Run your vBulletin on your PC
  72. Menalto's G2 integration into VB3
  73. How to Cache an Uncached Template
  74. [Tutorial] Developers Introduction To AJAX Technology
  75. [How to] Install Plug-ins/Hooks
  76. [How to] Write Plug-ins/Hooks
  77. List of changed var/array/function names
  78. Parse BBCode (in 3.5)
  79. [How-To] Add entries to AdminCP Navigation Menu
  80. [How to] Add new/custom hook locations
  81. Send PMs (automatically)
  82. Turn on the debug mode
  83. Add new Users (automatically)
  84. HowTo Create Custom Usergroup Permissions
  85. [HowTo] Add Custom Pages to WOL
  86. [How-to] Hooks and Plugins
  87. Create pages for the AdminCP
  88. single-click navgroup expand/collapse
  89. prevent shouting lowercasing all Instead Of Doing This
  90. Read or change Custom Forum Permission
  91. [How-To] Product Managament (vBulletin 3.5 RC 1 and up)
  92. [How-To] Deal with Hack-Translations (vBulletin 3.5 RC1 and up)
  93. Intergrating AJAX Technology Into Your Modifications
  94. Add options per forum
  95. [HOW-TO] Easy way of finding executed hook locations
  96. Disable AdminCP Login Timeout
  97. Custom Administrator Permissions
  98. No Credits In ACP!
  99. [How-To] Deal with User deletion/pruning and Username Changes
  100. prefix url if store CSS as a file
  101. Easy Plugin developement
  102. [How-To] vBulletin API Basics: Creating Custom Pages & Misc.
  103. [How-To] vBulletin API Basics: Variables, Functions, Objects
  104. [How-To] fetch_userinfo_query
  105. Manage Templates
  106. [How-To] Read and understand PHP error messages
  107. vBulletin 3.5 Tutorial Index
  108. Integrate vB bbcode for Xbox.com Gamercard in vBulletin
  109. How To Do Style Specific Plugins
  110. [How-To] Create Admin Help Topics For Your Product
  111. Create Posts
  112. Setup for modding vBulletin
  113. [How-to] easy vB upgrade with *nix and shell
  114. [How-to] Decode custom user profile bitfield
  115. How-To Cache Templates
  116. Create a Military-Style Rank Structure
  117. [How to] Cut down on memory usage
  118. BBCode for music (mp3/wma) , video (mpeg/avi)
  119. Shout filter - Allow short post shouting
  120. Coding in 3.5 (useful for people coming over from 3.0.x)
  121. An evil little prank mod - force user to a style
  122. [vBulletin 3.5.4+] Archive Plugin compatibility
  123. Create Custom Pages
  124. Tracking payment amounts
  125. Create "Latest Threads" Custom Page
  126. [TIP] Creating Usable Forms
  127. How not to modify templates
  128. [How To] Find Plugin Hooks Quickly
  129. Cache System Explanation (datastore)
  130. Gallery 2.1 and vBulletin 3.5.X integration
  131. Integrate or bridge with MediaWiki
  132. [HOW TO] Add custom fields to new threads
  133. Single Signin / Login Integration Tip
  134. Add Multiple Options Per User (via Bitfields)
  135. Create Multiple Options Per Forum (via Bitfields)
  136. Add And Use Custom Phrase Type.
  137. Fast Plugin Error Detection
  138. A mere config.php encoding is useless
  139. [HowTo] Use the version check for your products
  140. PostBit Changer
  141. [How-To] Collapsible Tables within AdminCP (vb3.5)
  142. Variable's For Beginners
  143. vBulletin.org and vBulletin modification for Beginners.
  144. Using the vBulletin Database Class
  145. Using the vBulletin Input Cleaner
  146. Creating Custom Datamanagers
  147. How to update thread field on new post
  148. [How To] Version Check
  149. [How-To] Use API for Private Messages
  150. [How-To] Paginate your results
  151. [How-To] Create your own Inline Moderation
  152. My really dummy's guide to custom hooks
  153. Custom Script need WOL Location, EASY
  154. How To Add Drop Down Menus To Your Navbar
  155. [How-To] Fieldname reference
  156. [vBulletin|PHP|HTML]Automatic Template Edits
  157. [Fix How to] PHP 5 and array_merge errors
  158. [How-To] Extending the vBulletin Payment Gateway
  159. [How-To] Add Messages to the Admin Message System
  160. [Video Tutorial] Make a news mod'
  161. logout link on extranal page solved now
  162. Nice user legend
  163. General Tips for Running your Forum ("Ways to Make Your Forum A Hit")
  164. New postbit or legacy postbit
  165. Reduce Forum Spam: A Quick Overview of Options
  166. Adding User Avatars On Custom Modifications
  167. How To Check Your Plugins For Performance
  168. How To Set Username 'Color/Font/Style' Per Usergroup
  169. Adding FAQ entries via a product or plugin
  170. Tip: Enabling Debug Mode in the AdminCP Only
  171. Template Hook
  172. Changing Index Title via Phrase Edit
  173. Flash Headers, Footers, and Avatars for vBulletin
  174. [How-To] Adding Link to USERCP Navbar
  175. Create your own vBulletin tables
  176. HOWTO: Secure your vBulletin sensitive data
  177. [How-To] Use Template Conditional in any Script
  178. How To Get Last Threads
  179. Installing Hacks.
  180. See Who's Linking To Your Site
  181. How To Highlight Current Item in a CSS Menu?
  182. Override Style on Custom Pages
  183. [How-To] Using Plugins for Automatic Template Edits
  184. [Tip] Debugging Your Plugin - how to save time and frustration
  185. [How-To] Plugins for Template Edits (Adv. Version) - What your mother didn't tell you
  186. Interactive Profiles Styles
  187. Advanced Profile Styling, Templating and Custom Fields
  188. [How-To] Extend and use the Session Table Effectively
  189. Top ten ways to make your vBulletin forum stand out.
  190. Transdimensional Bitfields - Generate Bit Sets within a Bit Set
  191. [tip] Create combo boxes in your hacks' options
  192. [How-To] Make A Hidden Category like vBulletin.org Uses
  193. Project Tools Remove Navbar Link & Search
  194. Display Users Viewing non-vBulletin Pages in "Online Users"
  195. Integration Project For vbAdvanced and Logican's WebTemplates
  196. Automatically add .htaccess and .htpasswd to your forums using the phpaccess script
  197. [How-to] Make Your vB Template XHTML Validate Correctly
  198. How Design Affects Performance
  199. How Design Affects Performance : Progressive Rendering
  200. Create a working vBa Module for Inferno vBShout 1.1+
  201. [How-to] Add more tabs to the vB 3.7 profile pages
  202. Shorter Profile Url
  203. vB Maintenance Page
  204. How-to Use vB Lightbox for Pictures on Custom Pages
  205. UserCP information on FORUMHOME
  206. Thread Prefix Color
  207. Replacement Variables
  208. How to add WYSIWYG editor in admincp
  209. How To Remove/Eliminate (http://) To "Insert Image" And "Insert Link" Tag!
  210. Use short variable system
  211. Templates Reference Guide
  212. Create Private Group Forums (automatically)
  213. Advanced Plugin Optimization System
  214. Datamanagers: Objects as Data and Methods
  215. Remove unneeded code
  216. Posts with bgcolor
  217. Displaying DHTML Menus Above Flash Banners
  218. How to Use Your Dynamic Joomla Header in vBulletin
  219. vBulletin Variables List
  220. ShareThis Bookmarking
  221. Template hooks list in 3.7.0 and above
  222. Including Automatic Media Embedding in vbAdvanced
  223. Using VBulletin 3.7.x notifications engine
  224. Using the 'Color Picker' inside the vBulletin Options/Settings Area
  225. How to Align Titles for Categories and Forums (and other formatting)
  226. Show all subforum threads in main forum for vB3.7.x (no extra queries)
  227. Easily create 50-state Thread Prefixes
  228. Easy way to trim external RSS feed
  229. Remove Welcome Headers (from guests)
  230. vBulletin 3.7x - Fix for IE7 prompt replacement
  231. csv-class for import-/export-functions in own addons
  232. Adding Currently Active Users to your own vB page
  233. Create checkbox group at your hack's options (usergroup selection for example)
  234. Alphabetical Search Menu for your vBulletin page
  235. vBulletin rss2html integration
  236. Javascript VBulletin Editor Toolbar Controls Framework
  237. A guide to effective forum administration v.0.9
  238. [How-to] Add a multiselect field in vBulletin options
  239. How Many Queries on a New Installation
  240. Add a Drop Down Menu - Relative Positioning
  241. Ultimate Guide to securing your Forums
  242. Attracting Users to your Forum
  243. How to Add New Album Using The Album Data Maganer
  244. Making new pages
  245. Guide to a Successful Paid Request
  246. Making your Admincp More secure!
  247. [How To] Paginate Admin CP Results
  248. How to Check, Recover & Repair MySQL Databases
  249. Better Forum Layout
  250. HTML for Modification Creators