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  1. Setting smilie alignment in posts
  2. Tutorial: How to make a reliable database backup
  3. Save Your Templates
  4. [TIP] Use Comment Tags
  5. [TIP] Indent Table Elements
  6. [TIP] Debugging Your Code
  7. [TIP] Know Your Templates
  8. [TIP] Leave Comments
  9. Finding the right template.
  10. [tip] Never underestimate the power of the phpinclude template
  11. [TIP] Something to think about when making mods
  12. Template mod FAQ
  13. [tip] Use PAPI if you're just starting out with phpinclude
  14. [TIP] NAVBAR, Forum is not home
  15. About phpinclude: an article
  16. INSERT INTO database
  17. phpinclude tip (for running queries)
  18. When opening a window using JavaScript
  19. HTML comments
  20. Stuck with colours?
  21. [tip] [phpinclude] Custom templates prased = extra query's
  22. [How to] Restrict code in templates to certain browsers
  23. Add A Button To The Editor (vb3)
  24. Tutorial: How to get the most out of your vB3 Popup Menus
  25. How To Switch Post Icons in Each Styleset
  26. Collapse Tables by Default
  27. Gradients made easy!
  28. Reasons never to allow HTML
  29. Tutorial : how to install you home Webhost in 5 clicks
  30. Using PHPINCLUDE_START. (Last Lesson - #7 - Added 12-16-4)
  31. Simplify your Template Conditionals
  32. How-To: Make image attachments popup in 3.0.x
  33. Template Headinclude XSS Bug Internet Explorer
  34. navigation to Links Directory at navbar
  35. How to CHMOD
  36. New Image Tag to reduce Imagesize
  37. Adding New Buttons to the Editor Toolbar
  38. Create Database in cPanel
  39. How to 'Hide' the member's URL throughout the forum
  40. [How To] Add Category Top and Bottom Images
  41. Use CSS for Username Markups
  42. Automated MySQL Datestamp Backup using CRON via shell
  43. [How To] Automated Filesystem Datestamp Backup using CRON via shell
  44. How-To Put an extra level of password protection on your control panel.
  45. Create easy way to manage Ads across multiple pages.
  46. Backup/restore using phpMyAdmin/SSH
  47. Restrict code in the templates to certain browsers.
  48. Upload images using the datamanager.
  49. Logout Hash for custom navbars, headers etc...
  50. Template Editing - All the variables and coding bits you need to know!
  51. Removing Navbar Box Leaving just the Text
  52. New look when the forum is OFF
  53. Hidden Locations in Whos Online
  54. Glowing Specific A User Title
  55. Design VBB styles - Lesson 1
  56. How To Add Custom Profile Field Information To The Postbit
  57. How To Add Additional Links To Your Navbar
  58. How To Exclude Postbit Items From Showing In PM's
  59. How To Use Category Specific Images For Your Category Strips
  60. How To Place Profile Info In Fieldset Style Boxes In postbit_legacy
  61. How To Create Collapsable Boxes
  62. How To Include A Custom Template Via Plugins
  63. Hotlink Protection Tutorial (Apache Server - .htaccess files)
  64. How to bypass "Click to activate and use this control" IE ActiveX Fix Guide
  65. How To Fix Drop Down Menu Problems
  66. IE 6-7 and Flash (Bypassing the 'Click to Activate Acive X Control')
  67. Skinning: Understanding A Template-Based System
  68. Want to add multiple drop-down menus in your Navbar?
  69. Getting HTTP Authorization to work with PHP CGI mode
  70. How to create a forum category (Flash animated tutorial)
  71. How To Move anything, including shoutboxes, into any forum
  72. [vBulletin|PHP]vBulletin options and conditionals
  73. Photoshop Script to Change Matte Color
  74. Block User Ip From Your (.htaccess)
  75. Removing an old hack from Vbulletin Options
  76. Object Programming in PHP
  77. Backup/Restore ANY Forum WITHOUT SSH
  78. Araxis Merge Full Tutorial for Vbulletin
  79. FIX: How to connect your website with vBulletin
  80. Create Secure Mods
  81. [How-to] Unique subdomain for each member profile
  82. Highslide: How to Fade the Background
  83. Hide certain things from users that have javascript disabled
  84. Managing Code Updates Efficiently - The Facade Pattern
  85. A Closer Look at Bitfields
  86. Site and mySQL backups via cron
  87. Implementing CSRF Protection in modifications
  88. [How To] Send emails as HTML instead of plain text
  89. Hooks in vBulletin 3.7.x
  90. Work Around: Error SQL server exceeded max questions
  91. How-To Validate fields or extract information using regular expressions
  92. Basic HTML Tags
  93. Another easy way to convert database from Latin1 to UTF8
  94. Tynt - Leverage the benefit of copy/paste on your forum
  95. Facebook Insights (analytics)
  96. List of SSH Commands
  97. [Part 1] Learning the Basics of Coding
  98. [Part 2] Learning the Basics of Coding: Database Interaction
  99. [How-To] Use a new currency on your custom payment gateway
  100. [Part 3] Learning the Basics of Coding: Best Practices
  101. Verify if user is logged in for non-vb pages, using Jquery
  102. Spice Up Your vBulletin Forum with Google CSS3 Web Fonts