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  1. Show Thread Enhancements - Borgs' [BB Code] Pack - Signs, User, Divider, Search Tags, Float Images
  2. PM button in postbit
  3. Gender In Postbit
  4. Hide Contact Information From Guests
  5. Random Logo in Header
  6. Frame for user profile in posts
  7. Clock and Date in Navbar
  8. Glow Border for Avatar in Postbit
  9. Change Opacity of Avatar
  10. Mini Mods - Add Announcement Button to Forumdisplay & Navbar
  11. Horizontal Status/Forum Markers
  12. Mini Mods - Collapse Statusicons v2.0
  13. Simple Breadcrumb Below Last Post
  14. Collapseable Announcements Below Navbar
  15. Show Thread Enhancements - 'New Posts' Link Below Thread
  16. Custom Field Below Signature on Legacy Postbit
  17. Twin Top navbar buttons
  18. Use hyperlink in navbar to join a usergroup
  19. Add The New Thread Button On ShowThread
  20. Change the height to Categories
  21. Add a image to Categories
  22. Add to Favourites
  23. Mini Mods - Improve Registration Rates
  24. Home Page Add
  25. Individual Pseudo-Usergroup Icon in Postbit
  26. Miscellaneous Hacks - Display Userid in Postbit/Postbit_Legecy & MemberInfo
  27. Users Can Hide Posts From Unregistered Browsers
  28. [BBCode] Impressions
  29. Box for Friens Sites
  30. "Fast Forecast" weather lookup
  31. Add site table version
  32. Attract Users to a Forum
  33. [New Posts | New Thread | Search] on Index page
  34. Info Box - Adsense, Register, and Donations Box (Working Quick Reply)
  35. Quick Last.fm addon to member profile
  36. Coloured Usergroup Legend
  37. Information Bar for Guests
  38. Mini Mods - Search Title Only in search drop-down
  39. Submission buttons. eg Clesto, Digg, Del icio us.
  40. Adding Lightbox to Attachment thumbs
  41. Profile UserCP 1.0
  42. "Add to Favourites" in navbar - IE/Opera/Firefox
  43. Forum Home Enhancements - ForumHome Category Spacing
  44. Different Cell Color for Stickies
  45. Vbulletin Java Chat
  46. Dark User legend
  47. New PM Notification
  48. Add a button, graphics, text etc in the Welcome Block
  49. Better Looking Postbit
  50. PM Alert (SIMPLE) NO IMAGE!
  51. Background Color New PM Notification
  52. Memberlist Consolidation Suite
  53. Forum Display Enhancements - Thread Preview only on Thread Title Hover
  54. Ads under special forumid on forumhome
  55. [How to] Add custompages to your forum
  56. Add "View My Profile" To USERCP
  57. onXiam Integration
  58. Username color on forumhome (as based on usergroup markup)
  59. Staff / User ranking for postbit!
  60. Alternative Ranking look
  61. Alternating Row Color for Forums / Search Results / Thread Listings
  62. Global links in every user's signature
  63. Add an advert into your redirect page
  64. [Add-on] Thread Prefixes: Quick Prefix Filter
  65. Make use of forumrules area
  66. Submission button for ThreadTag.com - digg style site for forums
  67. Add member to IGNORE list in Postbit dropdown
  68. Reputation Displayed as Numbers
  69. Add Advertising after first post - Postbit Alteration
  70. Move threads with leave no redirect as default or Expired redirect as default
  71. Shoutbox rules and forum rules title
  72. How to create a Ajax Sidebar with Recent Posts
  73. Lightbox/ThickBox works with Inline Editing
  74. Register to view all text
  75. Add XFire URLS to User Profile Info
  76. vBPicGallery + Lightbox/Thickbox
  77. very very fast
  78. Forum Display Enhancements - Very simple image resize (CSS only)
  79. Dynamic Drive - Fold-out external menu on the left side
  80. Adding MySpace ID To User Profile
  81. Change Forum Cell Colour on Mouseover
  82. Miscellaneous Hacks - Multiple Navbars
  83. Quick Last.fm/audoscrobbler latest tracks pack.
  84. VBJv | mEssenger v2.02
  85. Member Search on Search Drop Down
  86. Board Optimization - ZH - Link Decoration
  87. New Posting Features - PostNewThread in ShowThread
  88. Separate forums on forumhome, category spacing
  89. Big window when editing template (by default)
  90. 'Remember Me' Checked by Default in Navbar
  91. ebux rules
  92. Add-On Releases - Google/Adsense Site Search Navbar Integration
  93. Show Smilies in Quickreply
  94. Adsense, different sizes for visitors to members
  95. Search Engine search Term Highlighter
  96. Deleted/Moderated Posts/Threads Manager - Show more than 4 per page
  97. QuickReply - FullToolBar
  98. Guest Welcome Message
  99. Fixed Sidebar On All Pages (left side)
  100. Custom favicon per forum
  101. Administrative and Maintenance Tools - Put [Add/Import Product] link in your admincp menu
  102. warrning ur user from some bad attachments
  103. Signature forced to bottom (postbit_legacy)
  104. Register Button - Improve Registrarions
  105. ==-- Postbit Xclusive --==
  106. Mini Navbar above Quick Reply
  107. Right Handed Postbit Legacy (Flipped Postbit)
  108. Integration with vBulletin - Google/Adsense Site Search Integrated into Advanced Search Page
  109. Top NavBar With Drop Down Menus
  110. Google in quick search with forum style
  111. New Posting Features - GTSmiliebox - Move Smilies Below Editor
  112. Add-On Releases - Make adsense look like a post
  113. Force Guests To Use One Style
  114. Better Looking Postbit (Horizontal)
  115. Working Image On Redirect Screen
  116. Add-On Releases - [PXL] PP Round Thumbnail Overlay v1.2
  117. Adding a background image into the reply boxes
  118. Advertisement Box Under Forums
  119. AdSense With NavBar Modification
  120. Forum Display Enhancements - Adsense after first post in postbit_legacy
  121. Removing arrows from dropdown menu links
  122. Colored Group Legend using Phrases
  123. Miscellaneous Hacks - Postbit: SteamID and Hlstats Rankings
  124. Mini Mods - Double navigation buttons bar
  125. Mini Mods - VB Image Hosting BBCode Align Image Tags
  126. xFire Status in Postbit
  127. xFire Status in Member Profile
  128. Translate Your Forum Pages
  129. Browsers List
  130. Remote Avatars
  131. Improve Registration + Ads!
  132. Seperate 2 categories.
  133. Show sub-Forums only for certain forums
  134. Refine this search and pasteable search URL pseudo-features
  135. Snow for Christmas
  136. Super quick thread comments system
  137. BBcode Search specific site with Google
  138. LiveLeak Video Embedding code.
  139. Admin & Mod CP Quick Links
  140. Nintendo Wii Friend Code in Profile & Postbit
  141. Quick Style Chooser at top of Forums
  142. Forum Jump for Navbar
  143. Snap! External link previews in one code edit
  144. Top X posters
  145. Miscellaneous Hacks - annoy/force to register with popups
  146. Mini Mods - Custom Signature Permissions Display
  147. Add Your Ads After 1st,5th,10th,15th,....500th messages
  148. Happy Holidays Greeting in Members PM's
  149. MP3 Footer / MP3 Player
  150. Mini Mods - Display Forum Header (user selectible)
  151. Default Referrer
  152. Mini Mods - Moderation menu (Navbar Dropdown)
  153. Mini Mods - Signature Legend, new signature look (V2)
  154. Navbar/Breadcrumb
  155. Mini Mods - Nick Names
  156. Mini Mods - Signed Posts (Nick names addon)
  157. Embed YouTube in Profile - Member_info mod
  158. [BBCode] Thumbnails
  159. Forum Rules/Site Rules
  160. Major navbar Makeover
  161. Quick Hack Installation In navbar
  162. Top List Template mod Larger buttons and Site description under picture
  163. New Post Thank You Box [Modified]
  164. Simple Modification: Hide your name in the Forum Leaders.
  165. User Options in Postbit
  166. Unlock Cut, Copy and Paste BBCODE in ToolboX
  167. Seperate Categories (other mod again ^^)
  168. BBcode "Title" (frame presentation)
  169. Hide Admin in "Who is Online" and "Profil"
  170. Sudoku for vBulletin (without plugin)
  171. Rules Page for users and moderators
  172. Avatar on forumdisplay
  173. Minimalistic Announcement Threadbit
  174. Yahoo Messenger Postbit Link Button
  175. Attachment display like vBulletin.org
  176. MegaUpload in your threads
  177. 'My Threads' in Quick Links menu.
  178. MegaUpload in Quickreply
  179. End-User Options - GTUserCP - Enhanced USERCP Interface + USERCP Menu
  180. Scr - Shadow Category Name
  181. Anncouncement Background Color
  182. A Better vBulletin (error) Message and Login Form View
  183. A Better Postbit(_Legacy) View
  184. "To the top" link in every reply
  185. PM Security Certificate
  186. Post Edit History (PEH) Alternate Postbit Layout
  187. Add-On Button in QuickEdit Editor's Toolbar
  188. Show Thread Enhancements - Adsense as second post. 2 Sizes - Big for guests, small for members
  189. Chat Modifications - Change Shoutbox Title
  190. User Home Button On Postbit
  191. Add A Drop Down Menu In Nav
  192. Install subelafoto (up load you picture)
  193. Disable Right Click On Everything
  194. In Postbit Legacy "User Home" Button [With Small İcon]
  195. Show number of days since forum came online!
  196. Xbox User Space postbit addon
  197. [vBadvanced CMPS v2.2.1] News - 2 Columns
  198. 'Previous / Next Page' link in forum/thread navigation menus
  199. Forum Home Enhancements - PMVB - Enhanced Last Post By
  200. MH - New Postbit Legacy Look
  201. Popup XBOX 360 gamertag
  202. Hide Forum Category
  203. Link to this thread
  204. Show Thread Enhancements - Show Adsense After post number "x" and "x"
  205. User Legend on ForumHome
  206. Download button link
  207. Moderation Menu in Quick Links dropdown
  208. Username Colour on Member Profile
  209. Images by Categories
  210. Password BBCODE Ad-on
  211. Simple Category Icons
  212. Display Userid In MemberLists (Admins Only)
  213. Reputation layout
  214. Mini Mods - DeviantArt button in postbit
  215. Changing the caption of Quick News v2 Hack
  216. Move Forum Rules Checkbox
  217. Member Log Out in Footer Bar
  218. Show Thread Enhancements - Adsense as second post. 2 Sizes - Big for guests, small for members - Legacy Version
  219. Return to Top in postbit ( & legacy)
  220. Everquest 2 Postbit Mod
  221. User Info in left pane in forum thread
  222. Easy Share upload toolbar mod
  223. New Posting Features - Digg.com System Integration
  224. Advanced Date And Time
  225. User management in Postbit legacy
  226. Dropdown Login Box on Navbar
  227. Signature only on first post
  228. Miscellaneous Hacks - Gradient Fill For PM Inbox Status Bar
  229. Flash VB Copyright
  230. Marquee quote under Avatar
  231. imeem.com BBCode
  232. Scrolling/Fading Affiliate Box
  233. User Legend: on ForumHome with mouseover
  234. User Management in Postbit
  235. Mini Mods - Member Logout on Post
  236. Post Profile Look
  237. Welcome, user (Profil link)
  238. QuickEdit - FullToolBar
  239. Quick Forum Edit
  240. Show Thread Enhancements - Reputation Displayed As Numbers
  241. QUICK Search Bar - helpful to your Members- easy to apply!
  242. Mini Mods - Adsense Inside the Post
  243. Header Simular To Vbulletin.org Style.
  244. Flash File BBCodes
  245. Xfire in Profile and Posbit/Postbit_Legacy
  246. Link to post with Jump instead of opening it as stand alone
  247. Site best Viewed in...
  248. Scrolling User Legend on forum home
  249. Quick Search with advanced drop down in navbar
  250. Statistics Modifications - Fully integrated IRC Stats: Updated with Pisg, Cron guide.