View Full Version : vBulletin 3.6 Admin CP Styles

  1. Black and Blue [Admin CP Style] IT ROCKS!!!
  2. Inferno
  3. Heavy Metal 6 [Admin CP], Dark Style
  4. Combat 6 [Admin CP Style] (Dark Green)
  5. Armor Piercing 6 [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey and Orange)
  6. Crimson [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and Red)
  7. Night Ops [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and yellow)
  8. Burnt [Admin CP Style] (Brown)
  9. vB Grey [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey)
  10. VB Grey and red [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Grey and Red)
  11. Classic Purple [Admin CP Style] (Purple)
  12. Ranger Ops [Admin CP style] (Dark, Black and Red)
  13. Night Vision [Admin CP Style] (Dark, Black and Green)
  14. Sage [Admin CP Style] (Green)
  15. Sliver_cp
  16. Starbase49 reloaded ACP Style
  17. Bloodstone
  18. Oith Dark Side (Control Panel Style)
  19. vbulletin_fb
  20. [IPB] Invision Admin CP Style
  21. [phpBB] vBSilver Admin CP Style
  22. Ocean/Beach Style
  23. Isotronic Style
  24. ZH - Stone Age
  25. Gant Style ACP
  26. Heaven Style
  27. Longhorn
  28. Dark_vb_v2 [Admin CP Style] (Black & Blue)
  29. vBSEO Style
  30. enlighten skin admin CP style (free)
  31. vBulletin Live! Style for ACP
  32. Carbon Fibre ACP |Raw|
  33. VistaBulletin CP Style
  34. New Cp Style
  35. Clean Green CP Style
  36. vstyle
  37. redlabs
  38. Modern Mint