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  1. Use An External Text Editor
  2. Get direct link to post
  3. Simple tip for boards with many styles
  4. Replacement Variable Trick to Kill Smilies.
  5. [TIP] Bandwidth savings tip
  6. Help to deter people from copying your content!
  7. Whos Online Titles
  8. Remove Version from Footer
  9. Removing the Post and Thread count columns.
  10. Auto Code ALL Links
  11. Google Adsense above navbar
  12. JM - Usergroup Legend
  13. [3.7.x] Placing your header in the center
  14. Full size avatar in user's profile
  15. Delete Thread/Post: Physically Remove As Default On Top
  16. Allow all users to view a tag author
  17. Perform simple calculations inside templates!
  18. Last posts in your portal
  19. phpcode Preview in Plugin Manager
  20. Adding more links to navigation
  21. Remove "zero notifications"
  22. Show Threads Sitewide by Prefix [Tutorial]
  23. Remove Buttons from Editor with Plugin
  24. How to remove smilies' text from smilies drop menu
  25. Change Album's Title - Trick
  26. New block in the member profile
  27. description for meta and bookmarksite on showthread
  28. Nexia's HowTo: add style to usergroups html markups
  29. Add Product Version When Exporting Products
  30. Countdown Timer
  31. Disable Post Report Link for a forum
  32. Change time between reported posts
  33. Stop Banned Users from being Newest Member
  34. Show Phrase Variable Names
  35. Auto resize images in showthread
  36. Remove things you don't need
  37. Code all links in vBulletin 3.8.3
  38. How to Easily Make Your Own Movable Profile Tab Hook
  39. [Tip] Having Suhosin Module Problems? Try this
  40. Advice for new people wanting to modify vBulletin
  41. Handbook for your Moderators
  42. How-To Delete the Contents of a Large Forum
  43. BBCode manager Suggestion: (Nested Spoiler Example)
  44. Quick Tip for porting your style to vBulletin 4
  45. Fixed Main Table Width
  46. [HOW TO - vB4] Postbit Legacy Location Field Alignment
  47. VB4 make your site more SEO friendly
  48. "Forum vBCms Comments" automatically redirects to article
  49. How can I use a external database with vb Blocks
  50. [HOW TO - vB 4.x] Adding Username Suggestion Dropdown
  51. RpS - How to change your favicon
  52. [How-TO vB 4] Force vB 4 search engine to find all keywords by default
  53. Use vBCms Widget everywhere
  54. [3.8.5] Invalid Security Token on Mark Forums Read
  55. [HOW TO - vB4] Adding a Link to Navbar
  56. [ How - to ] Fixing this blog bugs.
  57. Firefox addon to search vBulletin
  58. Validating a username and password from external pages
  59. vBulletin Mobile Style - CSS Tips & Tricks
  60. Fix Fuzzy SEO Booster Style Issues
  61. [vB4] How-to: Remove the navigation breadcrumb on FORUMHOME
  62. [vB4] How-to: Remove Posticons from displaying on FORUMHOME
  63. [vB4] How-to: Move page numbers inline with the thread title (like VB3)
  64. How to Use Front Page Slide Show from Joomla with vBulletin 4
  65. [vB 4.1.3+] Get rid of one query per page with a simple configuration change
  66. [vB4] Clean Up Cache - Make vBulletin load faster
  67. [vB 4.1.4] Easily add PHP/HTML/CODE buttons to showthread Quick Reply
  68. How to turn off breadcrumbs...
  69. Give Subscriptions view access to guests
  70. For admins: display when options are customized
  71. Simple: seperate unactive products in Products Manager
  72. Rss Poster Robot Feeds Modification to Full Article
  73. Spam Protection Tips for vBulletin
  74. Force Password Reset
  75. Editing Your config.php File
  76. Customized htaccess for DBSeo with VB4
  77. Why attaching files is better than using an image hosting service
  78. How to simplify upgrading a customized vbulletin
  79. How 2 Guide - Uninstalling Modifications & Plugins
  80. Cloudflare (all vB versions)