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  1. First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Variables
  2. First Look at vBulletin 4 Template Tags
  3. vBulletin 4 Template Syntax: General
  4. [HOW TO - vB4] Making Boxes Collapsible
  5. vBulletin 4 Template Syntax: Links
  6. [HOW TO - vB4] Paginating Results
  7. [HOW TO - vB4] Create a New Tab in the navbar
  8. [HOW TO - vB4] Making stuff right-to-left (RTL) compatible - example: images
  9. How 2 Guide - Backups, Upgrades, and Recovery!
  10. [HOW TO - vB4] Rendering templates and registering variables - a short guide
  11. [HOW TO - vB4] Create your own vBulletin page
  12. How 2 Guide - Impex a Failed 4.0 Upgrade (w/o Backup) into a Fresh 4.0 install
  13. [HOW TO - vB4] Create a New Tab in the navbar (with template)
  14. [HOW TO - vB4] How to Add Drop Down Navigation Items to the Navbar
  15. [HOW TO - vB4] Two column forum/sub-forum setup via CSS only
  16. [HOW TO] Add WYSIWYG Editor to Your Modifications
  17. [HOW TO - VB4] Adding Stylesheets to Your vB4 Mod via Plugins
  18. vB4 Hook Locations
  19. [HOW TO - vB4] Create a own vBulletin page (without plugin and php file)
  20. [HOW TO - vB4 CMS] AdminCP add 2 options for the Section Manager
  21. vB4 Template Conditionals List
  22. [HOW TO - vB4] How add sub-menu drop down to the navbar (tab Forum)
  23. NAVTAB Combo Drop-Menu with Sub-Items
  24. [vB4] Unfinished Settings - fix to work
  25. Adding user options in usercp for mod's [Not in the manual]
  26. [HOW TO - vB4] Stylebridge vB3.8 -> vB 4.0
  27. [vb4] Adding a stylevar
  28. [HOW TO - vB4] Remove the vB Default Navtabs
  29. Improve page load time
  30. Managing a development area
  31. Use Different Image Types for Status Icons
  32. [HOW TO - vB4] Making Boxes fashion Sidebar (CSS)
  33. [How-To] Disable double click on Reply buttons
  34. [HOW TO - vB4] Adding a New Tab in Member Profile
  35. Writing a basic widget.
  36. [HOW-TO vB4] Create a Widget using Plugins and Templates
  37. [HOW TO - vB4] Sidebar in your own mod
  38. [HOW TO] Add additional fields
  39. How to use the vBulletin 4 Lightbox Anywhere
  40. [HOW TO - vB4] Add Icons to the Navigation Bar Tabs
  41. [How to] Send Auto PM in vb4.0
  42. FractalizeR: VBulletin 4 extensive optimization guide (Part I)
  43. FractalizeR: VBulletin 4 extensive optimization guide (Part II)
  44. Third-Party Plugin Tips: vBadvanced CMPS Plug-in Hooks
  45. [vBulletin 4] Simple way of including an external PHP file
  46. (Video) How 2 Guide - Installing vBulletin 4.x
  47. Swf File Widget
  48. [How-TO vB 4] Don't show duplicate smilies in quickreply and new thread list
  49. Restore working vbCMS Comments on vB 4.0.4
  50. [VB4] Use a Varible in a template WITHOUT registering it!
  51. Using your User Profile Fields in your postbit templates (w/ all plugin method)
  52. Move Facebook Connect
  53. Modification Of UserGroups
  54. [How To] Multiple Forums with shared user database
  55. Downgrade From vBulletin 4.x To vBulletin 3.x
  56. Delay reindexing as necessary to control server load
  57. Adjust CMS widget column width
  58. Style References for vBulletin 4.x
  59. How to add a new field to the CMS
  60. Disabling Modifications OR Plugins via SQL Query - Fix AdminCP/Forum Access
  61. Speed up your forum with a few edits.
  62. Adding Icons to postbit next to ICQ AIM etc
  63. Small Fix For 4.1.3 Custom Template For Compatibility With 4.1.4
  64. how to set default font on vbulletin 4.1.4 (new editor)
  65. Navtab Search Box with Options (How-To-Guide)
  66. [HOW TO - vB4] Adding a New Tab in Member Profile - Reloaded
  67. Step by Step guide to speed up your VB4 OR VB3
  68. Finding Specific StyleVars
  69. Definitive List of VB 3.x mods compatible with VB 4.x
  70. [How To] Adding Navigation Tabs Fast and Easy
  71. Anti-Spam Methods and Resources
  72. [HOW TO - VB4 + VBSEO] Site Optimization: Easily Specify Image Dimensions
  73. [HOW-TO - vB4] Create a Custom Button for CK Editor (no file edits)
  74. [HOW TO - vB4] Customize the look of your modifications options page in adminCP
  75. vB4.2 Navigation Manager - how to discussion
  76. [How To] Upgrading your navbar in custom skin from 4.x to 4.2
  77. Usersgroups Legend For Each Style
  78. Adding HTML5 color picker to your product settings
  79. Change Title of Podcast
  80. Awesome free fonts for your forum [TypeKit]
  81. YSlow Improve vb load speed v1
  82. Improve entire VB site with CloudFlare
  83. Missing Style Chooser In vB4 Styles
  84. Professional Htaccess VB 4
  85. [HOW TO - vB4] Change content.php (Suite)
  86. Customizing Styles via Plugins Part 1: The Basics
  87. Post Quote Length Limit (vB4)
  88. Add PHP to your Templates (Trick)
  89. Changing vBulletin 4 its password hashing to use BCrypt
  90. [vB4] Add new Tab at User's Profile and make it preselected
  91. [vB4] Using Plugins for Template Edits
  92. Customizing VSa - Chatbox with user avatars
  93. [HOW TO - vB4] Time based OTP for ACP
  94. How to create your own vBulletin 4 sidebar block.
  95. [vB4] A Beginner's Guide To Creating vBulletin Products
  96. Missing Attachments After Upgrading to VB 4.2.3 Fix