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  1. Auto-PM forward
  2. I lost my Forums !!
  3. Google Chrome gets correct results, but FF and IE do not? (User Set Username Color)
  4. Search Parameters (URL Search Strings)
  5. LiveStream Online indicator VB4?
  6. How to display vbulletin forum under another page?
  7. Images where statusicons are, figured it out, but having problems.
  8. My First Import
  9. how to remove the whats new tab ?
  10. Any option that let me run Block in the all pages?
  11. swf
  12. SideBar poll?
  13. template hook in postbit not working
  14. Moving the location of a mod within forumhome template
  15. Spamers in a wave
  16. Introduction to vBulletin Development
  17. block Custom HTML/PHP to show on thread views
  18. Issue with navbits
  19. Forum Stats below nav
  20. Programmer Chat desired
  21. <?php in 'description' under forum manager?
  22. Need someone with big CSS brain to help fix my little widget.
  23. white page in What's New!
  24. changing users group if are listed
  25. Did something change in 4.1 concerning the archive?
  26. Please check xml for exploits
  27. [cms 4.0.7] URGENT - Insert attachments from PHP script
  28. Include some funtion from vBulletin on non vb pages?
  29. Making quote work differently.
  30. Idiot need help creating widget
  31. How Store CSS as files works for custom mods?
  32. Secondary Usergroup
  33. Plugin Hook Locations
  34. newbie needs some advice on automating registration and login
  35. Latest images do show the sidebar
  36. Custom code in Standard_Redirect template
  37. vbulletin 4 conversion
  38. Best Way to Implement Membership Site
  39. background question
  40. Please help! Adding Custom Field to CMS article
  41. List certain usergroups only on custom memberlist?
  42. Create User Programmatically - Email Not Sent
  43. Redirect Forum Comment Thread to CMS Article
  44. URGENT - [4.0.7 cms] insert and display attachments in CMS article
  45. Creating a custom widget from one of the included ones
  46. how fix my sidebar??
  47. Help Seperating Widget/From Post Area Homepage
  48. Program banner position
  49. Navbar/Sub Nav behavior
  50. Subscribe to CMS Section
  51. userid in CMS widget?
  52. help: I want to attach forum name to <title> in SHOWTHREAD?
  53. Batch deleting Users: How to?
  54. Registration System for a Virtual School type site?
  55. disable X forums from active topics
  56. Help me in adding HTML code
  57. Restricting RSS feeds from Users
  58. translate userid into username
  59. Postlink Anchor Positioning
  60. sidebar on custom page
  61. I realy need help on this.
  62. Need Help adding 3rd party calendar
  63. Modifying Login Functions
  64. help! PHP include to vb template ?
  65. Woopra member tracking.
  66. Widget by usergroup by using a conditional in template
  67. Paid Subscriptions - adding a query when payment is confirmed
  68. Showing username on main site
  69. Can't use "[url]" in a string in VB4 only?
  70. Tables for user management
  71. Using custom profile field contents in condition
  72. Security token error when submitting on custom page
  73. Getting authentication cookie after login_verify_success
  74. vBuletin template variables for dummies
  75. "Own post" condition to use in postbit?
  76. Customizing Top Menu Bar for Forum Groupings
  77. New Post Notification
  78. Adding Profile Music to a profile
  79. Helps with Forum Home Page
  80. using multiple selection checkbox custom profile field values in template
  81. Removing or changing default "Forum" tab
  82. Integrating email subscription options in user registration
  83. When creating CMS widget, how do I access calendar event custom fields
  84. Mod Rewrite advice?
  85. [Question] Remote Verification System
  86. How Do I Add a Comma to Online List
  87. how to include php in bbcode
  88. Need to add a line break
  89. Transferring a Phpbb3 forum to Vbulletin 4.1
  90. Using a CDN for static content
  91. FIX - VBulletin 3.8 mods; Warning: fetch_template() calls should be replaced by the v
  92. Change Usergroup/Member Instant Rank Update
  93. Add Friend Button
  94. Using VB variables in custom php plugin possible?
  95. vBulletin as Authentication
  96. Track daily posts
  97. Only one more menu item
  98. Accessing variable of one plugin from another
  99. Using widget in my own php page
  100. Using widget in my own php page
  101. Helping post marking mod?
  102. navbar problem, PLS help
  103. grab header template outside of the cms
  104. CMS Error
  105. Where is Cleaner.php in AdminCP?
  106. php in forum blocks manager
  107. error with plugin on vb4
  108. Where Can I Print All Variables?
  109. Please Help
  110. How Do You Create Hidden Code In Post?
  111. Check security
  112. CMS Top Story/Featured Stories Script
  113. CMS page pointing error
  114. Change Rank icons depending on style being used
  115. Hooks postbit_start and postbit_end
  116. Custom Field Request
  117. Video Conferencing API Plug In
  118. possible email mod ?
  119. Blogs lost in update?
  120. CMS Permissions - Unregistered can't see previews?
  121. Registration protocol / library?
  122. Admin CP - Error
  123. Trying to customize block_html output according to the current forumid
  124. Display thread-id in redirection-page after a thread was created
  125. Post via batch
  126. How Do You Name Search Engine Bots?
  127. Will this script work in an HTML Widget? vB 4 CMS
  128. "Close this thread" hook?
  129. Forum customization like vb.org
  130. getting error and can not do anything....
  131. How to: redirect to x-url after log in?
  132. Help please
  133. CSS Help please :(
  134. How to add my custom php dynamic Pages connected to database
  135. Shoutbox loading .
  136. Custom Block (Right-Side Profile Block)
  137. Page Break
  138. Bitfield not appearing in usergroup permissions
  139. Swedish letters are shown as squares on the site with IE
  140. Custom Widget based on Form addon.
  141. New template class?
  142. Using <select> dropdown in form - plugin - write to database
  143. Full HTML/BBCODE in search results
  144. how do i change the widgets displayed in cms suite
  145. Help with plugin
  146. Include PHP
  147. executing JS function when submitted quick edit or quick reply
  148. Disable right click on images
  149. Number of members in usergroup
  150. Cron Reading of a File
  151. Solved: Customize subscription_paymentbit ?
  152. Adding links to the navbar? 4.1.1
  153. Retrive The Field Info
  154. Make posts sticky
  155. See who is in Chat
  156. reading forumid, threadid, postid from init_startup
  157. Header placement and HTML modification
  158. making subforums appear directly under forum titles at forum home page
  159. PHP: 1 array being used by multiple loops.
  160. Plugin problem
  161. tags contenttypeid?
  162. Syntax highlighting
  163. templatecache
  164. Some of my admins are seeing SQL errors
  165. Problem with some threads view, after moving to other server
  166. Changing the subscription_payment_paypal template to include the username
  167. hide reputation completely in postbit
  168. Display a notice for users awaiting email confirmation
  169. New thread modification
  170. Adding wrappers around template?
  171. Call plugin from template
  172. Need help modifying attachment permissions
  173. Retrieving username / userid for widgit
  174. need simple change in product place of result
  175. Lil help? trying to change my code edit to a plugin
  176. Image Align left/right in showthread
  177. XML / Google Maps...
  178. block request
  179. Automatic Template Edits
  180. Help Coding
  181. Banner Ad HTML
  182. Redirect non-www to www using .htaccess
  183. Password protected forums don't work
  184. How to make index.php display forumdisplay.php?2
  185. Adding buttons, right side of postbit_legacy
  186. How To Insert Fashion Tv Online on vbulletin 4.1.1
  187. Integrating Menu's
  188. Mobile API for verifying if a user is logged in
  189. vBAdvanced portal page redirecting to vbulletin forum?
  190. PHP Direct Execution widgit, causing full page string return.
  191. Need a bit of help finding something
  192. Widget fatal error message
  193. {vb:raw ?????}
  194. User Rank Question! (First Post)
  195. Calendar Groupings
  196. Display a Phrase
  197. Widget Trouble - PHP Direct Coding
  198. Display a text in cms once only...
  199. Menue Bar Alignment off? help
  200. multidimensional array from database table
  201. How do i redirect Post New Thread button.
  202. How to add custom external data to postbit?
  203. Showing a template
  204. Having a little trouble embedding a custom template inside postbit_legacy
  205. Blog to Homepage?
  206. Solved: Users online alphabeticly sorted
  207. vB CMS: Modifying the preview thread text
  208. Plugin show Unparsed HTML
  209. Unable to change permission setting.
  210. How to insert custom template into vB 4.1 template
  211. External php in sidebar
  212. Huge error message when uploading avatar
  213. Cannot get content of template properly from plugin
  214. Quick navigation under the posts as well?
  215. Changing Forum Subscriptions to Calendar Subscriptions
  216. New Moderation Tool
  217. Space on sides of fixed width forums for ads / blocks of code.
  218. Automatic backups to external FTP location
  219. Drop down menu's like this
  220. Create a variable to let a personalized template show
  221. Getting the default style id
  222. Please upgrade this code to be used on VB4
  223. Global Selectable threads
  224. Board Controlled Signature Betting
  225. CMS Only saves article half the time
  226. Removing entire Navbar
  227. Bookmark not working
  228. Any Idea On Skipping Registration Process In VB4?
  229. "last modified" from first Post of a Thread
  230. Another dumb question... imgdir
  231. Custom Pages
  232. Get All users from API
  233. View your...
  234. SECURITYTOKEN in jquery
  235. Hiding few forums
  236. Modified Style Variables program
  237. Auto redirect on login.php ?
  238. sql max_questions.....question
  239. Mobile API
  240. Latest threads on an external page
  241. Hook Location for Session Creation
  242. Logo Rollover/Hover
  243. Passing HTTP POST or GET variables to widgets
  244. Displaying avatars in external.php
  245. Plugin help required
  246. What has changed in vb since vb407?
  247. Help with Header Margin!
  248. query_read error?
  249. bridging username and password
  250. Quick hook question on paidsub_build