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  1. Article Number in vbcms_content_article_preview
  2. vb:if conditional inside a vb:each ... possible?
  3. AJAX Chat Integration with vB 4
  4. How to call the current forum ID in forumdispaly.php inside a template phrase ?
  5. Plugin execution times
  6. Custom field in Forum Manager
  7. Who's Online 4.1.2 Issue
  8. avatar url link
  9. Please - Need help with custom profile fields!
  10. Change vb:raw user.musername
  11. Create a CMS-article remotely
  12. VSA Advanced registration invite error
  13. if statement for checking what forum i'm viewing.
  14. Best way to solve this problem
  15. Setting 'bb_sessionhash' cookie as secure
  16. Album-> ?? -> Attachment SQL question
  17. Sending variables to php include.
  18. [ask] How to show latest visitor messages on postbit ?
  19. Welcome Newest Member
  20. Mysql Error - HELP
  21. 3.8 to 4.1 Error (bootstrap)..?
  22. Vb3 condition to vb4 condition
  23. Search Result Page
  24. Php in a custom bbcode
  25. Urgent help needed in vbulletin search function
  26. Article summary length
  27. Import *_filedata, *_language
  28. [Free Script] Show Latest forum posts on any page. (No RSS)
  29. Is there a function that takes article id kicks out title?
  30. SOLVED can't link to site from banner
  31. Widget visible to all but one group?
  32. "Thanks" function
  33. I need a artist community like myspace for v bulletin? I WILL PAY!
  34. New to VB programming, but not PHP. Simple plugin question
  35. uploading images in a plugin.
  36. Sharing via Facebook does not work properly!
  37. Customizing Site for VB4
  38. Use forumdisplay as forum home
  39. Modify Article Text via a Plugin
  40. HTML welcome-email code
  41. Cms Blocks
  42. Pulling a list via query from a custom database table
  43. Using HTML in vBulletin script
  44. Dynamically Replace {vb:raw navbar}
  45. batch (en masse) set all forums to default sorting to last message.
  46. CMS in root, forum under subdomain problems
  47. Template Name
  48. vBulletin "Recent Searches" in Footers, can anyone help us.
  49. HTML Markup
  50. Make 'Reputation' and 'Thanks' look like 'Posts'?
  51. usergroup problem
  52. navbar modification
  53. String Question
  54. Print Database results in CMS Widget
  55. Problem adding quotes
  56. How to list table-like data in vBulletin 4?
  57. A login script or somethig like that
  58. Name Suggest for input box in a custom page
  59. Quick reply hook
  60. Reload Captcha in custom JavaScript.
  61. Where to learn for small mod
  62. how to add ads on search results page
  63. weird errors on settings/general settings page
  64. Call login function from non vb page
  65. Some help is needed. Pretty please :)
  66. post without bumping
  67. One query_write works and one doesnt
  68. Attachments Replication
  69. Login process help
  70. Change Font Type Globally.?
  71. Number of Groups to show on Profile.?
  72. Query ends after 1 loop
  73. New ad locations?
  74. Parsing variables in link question
  75. cache templates in php vs using a plugin
  76. Login through Mobile Api
  77. hook for password / email update
  78. Sections+Articles widget?
  79. Sessions - 1 works, 1 doesnt.
  80. Hide Ads from multiple usergroups
  81. need a plugin and couldnt find it
  82. How to hide forumhead and threadinfo in the closed forums
  83. Putting "categories" and "published by" in the same line
  84. need some help with making a visitor message plugin
  85. Usergroup choice on registration
  86. How to create vB4 Sessions
  87. Encoding problem in iPhone (Mobile Style)
  88. Display this birthdays this month
  89. [vB4.1.2] How to make Portal Page & vB Shoutbox?
  90. Trying to add post previews on front page
  91. Error Number : 1064
  92. Fatal error: Class 'vB_Template_Runtime'
  93. API Login
  94. How to insert customized block at showthread
  95. Forum container
  96. Embedding the VBulletin Calendar
  97. How to add username var to thread title for VB Garage?
  98. Add User's Rank Badge to showgroups.php
  99. Need a little help with CSS...
  100. Is this proper coding?
  101. SQl Syntax Help
  102. How do I render this in vB 4? lol
  103. What The name this Plugin
  104. Rotating Banner System Not Showing
  105. How can I upate a user's email or username programaticlly?
  106. Who can modify this php code?
  107. Facebook App ID
  108. Mod_Rewrite Question
  109. Debugging a vBulletin script in phpDesigner
  110. Parse ONLY smilies
  111. Navtab order
  112. Error In Validating
  113. Can't display custom product template
  114. Hack not finding Custom Phrase
  115. How to call another forumbits templates
  116. How to make the image rotator to work in root name
  117. Page error 403
  118. [Need help] Templatecode (popup) from vB3.8 -> vB4.1
  119. (need help/how to...) converting mod, converting php-files into plugin...
  120. Adding Titles
  121. Admin Pannel Logging
  122. Embedding the VBulletin Calendar
  123. Code Help
  124. Add Action During Registration
  125. postbit_legacy template editing error
  126. help with custom memberlist please
  127. Problem with Character Set (UTF8 or another?)
  128. creating a custom plugin for news on header but not working
  129. Content in post to show for only 30 days ?
  130. Template "blog_home" is not used?
  131. Login box include code?
  132. [Need Help] Show {vb:raw post.reputation} in everywhere
  133. Post thread from form
  134. RESOLVED: URL format for custom sort?
  135. Display custom field in memberlist that contains multiple selections.
  136. video what am I doing wrong?
  137. Create new User Profile Field from a product package
  138. Get total posts for thread in postbit
  139. Programmatically adding a secondary usergroup to a user
  140. Recent Treads Widget Cutoff
  141. Footer Links
  142. Disable post cache on post with custom bbcode?
  143. Fixed Background Issues
  144. [Q] Does the VB database keep track of "Most Recent Threads" not "posts"
  145. how to link the facebook botton somewhere else?
  146. Help with making a member page please!
  147. Recent Treads Widget not showing Image BBCode
  148. Facebook Like Button Problem
  149. How to rotate various advertisements?
  150. Solve Problem Showing Array In Online Users
  151. require no paypal acct. for subscriptions
  152. how to hide links from other websites?
  153. Fixed
  154. How to replace vB4 reCaptcha anti-spam with ASIRRA?
  155. error in navbar
  156. changing meta title and description for tags.php
  157. Creating Admin CP options.
  158. Fatal Error - includes/init.php on line 51. Please help
  159. Facebook connect issue
  160. allowing html in posts for admins and mods
  161. Forum Sidebar Group Discussions Display
  162. Fancybox instead of Lightbox for Attach in vB4
  163. How to customize Page Title and Meta Descriptioin?
  164. Advertisements between posts and categories help
  165. Help. Where I can hook to show different post text depending on user ID?
  166. Link header image to something other than the forum?
  167. Config Directory
  168. Threadviews Error
  169. last 5 post? how?
  170. Random Avatar rotation for april fools
  171. Building a plugin that would show the last 5 posts in a subforum
  172. No clean way to get all threads in a forum?
  173. Search threads in specific forum code?
  174. Allowing guest access for a specific hostname only?
  175. Can I capture a rendered template to a variable?
  176. How to change no of threads per page in tags.php
  177. Alt forum_old_lock-48.png
  178. Avatar Url
  179. Random Query Replacement Question
  180. RSS Bot
  181. "Who's Online" Including non vb pages?
  182. Profile Tabs
  183. Has anyone fixed the swf uploader attachment category bug?
  184. vbCMS: replace text in article in section list
  185. Ad management and generated code
  186. Write a plugin to use ajax POST
  187. How to change amount off posts to see section
  188. Sidebar Block - Latest Updated Threads
  189. Subscribe to threads you started, or new post warning
  190. Project tools thread import
  191. Auto Template
  192. Template mods in a plugin - template_compile
  193. show new forum threads on actual site
  194. Table of the database that has the posts
  195. Quick edit ajax question
  196. VB4 Variable in a Variable
  197. Plugin PHP help
  198. Any Way To Do That ?
  199. Forum Stats
  200. assign one article to a number of sections
  201. is_member_of in posts
  202. Dang While Loop
  203. Adding Custom Userfield Data to Any page
  204. Fixing facebook login (lithuanian letter in the name and surname)
  205. Use the VB attachment manager for uploads
  206. Deactivate user account
  207. Upcoming modification
  208. Different template for articles
  209. PM Conversation Mod
  210. Add ajax fields to a tab in the user profile
  211. Figured out how to get forum threads on my site., can only get sub-forums RSS though?
  212. Javascript question
  213. Moving welcome bar down!
  214. StumbleUpon badge
  215. Buddylist Table?
  216. Login with username or email
  217. Ip Restriction
  218. Remove the edit permission in CMS by wrapping admin permission only around code
  219. jquery.js Help
  220. Forum Conditional in SHOWTHREAD?
  221. headinclude_bottom missing vb4.1.3
  222. Additional payment gateway in subscription manager help anyone
  223. PHP-direct eval problems [Solved]
  224. Move "quick reply" location right after first post
  225. Usergroup to see only "sticky" threads in a forum
  226. Fetching a column from the datastore in global_start messes up the forum time
  227. Usergroup Conditions (Postbit_legacy)
  228. Use External Login
  229. RSS Feed with image?
  230. 24 Hour RSS Feed...
  231. SQL for forum list including permissions
  232. Get ForumID in ShowThread template
  233. Which way of getting gethostbyaddr is better?
  234. Fatal Error. (How do I resolve?)
  235. Plugin variables in template conditionals
  236. Uploading multiple images
  237. 320px Side Bar
  238. Display infraction in memberinfo
  239. PHP Error
  240. Office Auto Pilot Integration
  241. Pay on Registration?
  242. Need a little PHP help please
  243. SQL Query for Profile Field
  244. Facebook Integration
  245. Change BBcode output.
  246. How make post like this
  247. Regex a user name and append to a URL in template?
  248. Get Thread ForumID to put into Javascript
  249. Setting displaygroupid and usertitle as query
  250. External Data