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  1. Microlight Site - Need Modification will pay
  2. Complex search algorithm
  3. Need help with pligg button code
  4. Resize & crop images for profile
  5. Force new registrations to choose usergroup?
  6. Member profile conditional statement to show specific template.
  7. Error in vb_number_format function?
  8. Private calendar per user
  9. CMS Widget: Trim post.title
  10. Solved: self referring URLs PHP Direct-Eval
  11. First mod, be gentle. :)
  12. Plugin Problem
  13. that hack is this miniature avatar
  14. AJAX remote call question
  15. clean_array_gpc question
  16. Conditional Plugin
  17. Find out plugin version from php file? how?
  18. Recent Threads Widget Question
  19. Variables in grid template preventing page content loading
  20. How do you call a function in a widget
  21. Icon navbar with dropdown menus and submenus
  22. Language Selector In NavBar??
  23. Custom Phrases calling variable problem
  24. Hooks, plugins?
  25. Event Customfields PHP Syntax
  26. login conflict
  27. Mysql Query To Add Time To All Posts
  28. require global.php sends to forum
  29. Stripping whitespace between commas?
  30. Create Thread from an external page
  31. Where in the CP can we delete a user/member
  32. When copying/replacing folders 4.1.1 to 4.1.3
  33. Has any vB4 (or vbx) user regretted having an arcade ?
  34. Converting Date formats from MySQL Tables
  35. Facebook Send Button
  36. Feature a Thread on Forum Home
  37. vBulletin dates and times
  38. vb4 mods
  39. Sidebar block codes?? How do I find them?
  40. quick reply help
  41. I want to redirect to current thread after posting quickreply
  42. Changing Birthday Year to Future Year
  43. Chatroom
  44. register_not_agreed hook
  45. Images in attachment.php: not completely loaded
  46. closing forums - only forums
  47. Adding Inferno vbShoutbox
  48. error when adding AddThis to CMS articles
  49. Registering variables via plugin?
  50. Unable to add cookies, header already sent
  51. read field value for current thread via plugin to feed info into template
  52. Post Moderation Question
  53. Thread title in img content
  54. Convert PHP to BB code
  55. RSS to Feedburner
  56. Anti-Adblock
  57. Newsletter
  58. Required object config for threads/posts
  59. Echoing Blog posts outside of vbulletin
  60. Column / Memberlist Problem
  61. Style auto change
  62. Paid Subscriptions question
  63. Unexpected error
  64. Theme problem
  65. Running additional scripts during registration
  66. Using vBul session on external page (Edit: A certain amount of progress made)
  67. what is this erore -mysql error
  68. using js
  69. WTF Did i just do..!?
  70. Where do i start to figure this out.?
  71. Error inuser profile after Visitor Messages
  72. How to disable "Change your emai" function?
  73. No upload to upgrade.?
  74. Is passing raw variables from PHP to be parsed by a template possible?
  75. Forum DataBase Upload Error
  76. how to save user ip address in user from last post
  77. facebook login redirecting to home page
  78. rss feed for a single user
  79. Quick reply option for guest user
  80. vBulletin 4 article widget modification
  81. How to place {vb:raw poll} in a different template?
  82. Why so much space below forums.?
  83. looking for dice roller BBcode
  84. Help with vote widget
  85. Flagging a thread
  86. A question about ending PHP comments with //-->
  87. Moving thread_controls to navbar
  88. Facebook app using vBulletin templates
  89. Do all posts go through functions_newpost.php
  90. htmlentities-ish behavior when posting from a script
  91. Convert vB3 Code to vB4 Code
  92. Template per Usergroup
  93. Settings Disappeared..!?
  94. Creating new settings
  95. vBulletin XMLRPC
  96. looking for solutions to an attchmnt mgr adv. uploader bug..anyone have input?
  97. Stylevars & CSS
  98. Please help this
  99. How can I add a custom new ADS place?
  100. AJAX problems - how to fix them to work on subdomains
  101. Mass change date of all posts/threads?
  102. Widget Template Help
  103. Changing Advanced Search Tag Cache
  104. select from table "user" query slow
  105. can i access text editor from popup with window.opener ?
  106. How to read the post id inside a postbit template?
  107. user field help
  108. Manually edit titletag </title> for thread/post?
  109. Posting Replies
  110. How do I link to parent forum?
  111. Disable rss feed of special section
  112. Navbar modification problem
  113. How to Add new ad location ?
  114. Drop shadow behind forums?
  115. Optimizing MySQL Query Help
  116. [SOLVED MYSELF] shorten Usernames for Facebook-registrations (last name)
  117. Plugin: Upgrade from 3x to 4.1.3
  118. Disable Smilies
  119. CMS and plug ins?
  120. Stattics disabled
  121. How to use own Templates? (In navbar Template)
  122. Force WWW with htaccess
  123. Facebook connect on Non-VB Pages
  124. [ASK]How To Embed FashionTV Streaming
  125. Hide BBCODE_CODE from usergroup
  126. Help with a Phrase
  127. paidsub hook
  128. Trigger a profile save
  129. How to send a PM from outside vbulletin
  130. Understanding post content unicode
  131. CMS Navigation
  132. How can I handle data or values within pages
  133. Conditional <div>
  134. How can I include forumstatistics into the header?
  135. album_sort_field hook
  136. Variables disappear in template
  137. Articles showing as "New Posts"..?
  138. '&amp;pp=' Tag Search Results Per page
  139. {vb:raw criteriaDisplay} Where is this defined?
  140. make a post from the outside
  141. How to place external php file in a sidebar block
  142. Server upgrade help..
  143. Search Forum & Search Thread
  144. Table userpromotion does not exist ??
  145. Duplicate entry error in db
  146. variables not shown in templates
  147. How do I stop ALL moderators from receiving report emails?
  148. How to custom seo friendly url under vb 4 ?
  149. Embedding Rdio Playlists
  150. Registration/Login Change
  151. Where to find (and change) {vb:raw url} ?
  152. shortening link text in forum posts - /includes/class_bbcode.php
  153. How to increase Profile Avatar images size
  154. Profile fields showing in profile blocks.?
  155. human verification for navbar search
  156. should there be an about the author block on cms articles?
  157. Moving Topics automatically
  158. Command Line Update Thread?
  159. forum list optioncode?
  160. [SOLVED] SQL Help
  161. Hook to disable word-wraping on some forum?
  162. How to define what characters are used when wraping long words?
  163. Question about pages Ttitle
  164. VBulletin to website interrogation
  165. Facebook n Vbulletin
  166. Register to view?
  167. Album Comments VB4 (FORUMHOME)
  168. Help HTML Tags on my page
  169. restoring data from a different version of vbulletin
  170. Query Photopost Data From Forum
  171. CMS Sections Problem
  172. How do I hack the link target in vBulletin CMS and Blog?
  173. "+" in Who is online section
  174. How to get tag search result list to order by last post date?
  175. Internet Explorer 6 Support still needed?
  176. database query
  177. When posting add user ip to there user profile in admin cp
  178. How do I change the code of VB3 to VB4
  179. Changing the CMS content editing pages
  180. Moved Poll: Form in Form Issue, how to fix?
  181. Add Prefix Filter
  182. SHA1 for an ad server on a vBulletin forum
  183. What Robot txt should i have? Google Webmaster blocking 11 000 URL
  184. How to check if user has an album on MEMBERINFO template
  185. MYSQL Database error..
  186. Currently Active users not displaying
  187. Urgent: Getting Database error resulting in site not functioning
  188. Adding quick moderation to header template
  189. Pass a vBulletin variable to Javascript?
  190. how can I set my right side bar to the the exact width of the ad?
  191. Need help with forumid array
  192. Inferno vB Shoutbox - Setting custom ban lengths
  193. Category - display Order
  194. VB4 Auth on external pages?
  195. Swapping 'lastpost' for 'dateline' in a php script throws error in tags.php
  196. Is there a Mod for internal E-mail system??
  197. mod_rewrite
  198. Mod to List all Threads on One Page
  199. Why Custom Page is Blank?
  200. Using vB search in plugins?
  201. Heavy loads on server - misc.php
  202. Friends table
  203. All Users getting Error 404
  204. vBulletin syntax error problem !
  205. $thread['prefixid'] alternatives
  206.  Problem
  207. Catch Event For Specific User Promotions Job
  208. Can't use php echo $_GET in template. Need help
  209. Conditional Statement to Hide Breadcrumb on CMS Home
  210. Find Replace into Template PlugIn Code
  211. Paymen gateway issue
  212. Disable User Profile Home Page URL?
  213. Change value of 'tag_list' in tag search results as it steps down the page.
  214. Main Page Visit/Hit Counter??
  215. getting the cms list nodes
  216. ContentID vs NodeID in vB CMS Question
  217. Path From Site's Root and Server's Root?
  218. Issues with $_POST within a product/plugin
  219. Trying to disable color tags for some users
  220. Ebay Ad Breaking Site
  221. Mootools slider
  222. vBCMS Elements Randomly Disappearing
  223. A query to rebuild album cover thumbnails
  224. How can I add plugin for class_block.php
  225. Navigation bar like MumsNet
  226. Any MySQL experts? Help is needed
  227. Problem with postbit template hook
  228. Certain Number of Posts - restricts a forum access
  229. Help in coding multicolumn table output
  230. Ckeditor - how to disable insert image from computer
  231. Problem with postbit
  232. Registration Page Outside Of The Forum?
  233. Help!!! Footer code gone!
  234. Help on thread merging
  235. Add / Update New Users
  236. Custom Form filter
  237. Recent Posts
  238. Let's combine funds for a CMS Slider
  239. Editing all posts at once
  240. Use VB:IF in BBCODE, possible?
  241. Recent Members
  242. Featured member widgets??
  243. can delete
  244. postbit userinfo on right side
  245. Allow user customization of Profile...
  246. How to add tags in header?
  247. Authentication users on an external website?
  248. PHP Optimization
  249. How to send a unique coupon code to all registered users?
  250. Thumbnail Image Not Showing Up on Facebook