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  1. IS there
  2. How to de-bug Tweet button for IE?
  3. New Thread not counting on Post Count
  4. Attachments and posts in database
  5. Is there a hook for accepted friends?
  6. Remove Icons From Search
  7. New 4.1.4 editor removed bbcode
  8. VBulletin to website integration
  9. PhP code Horizondal
  10. Hide custom BBcode content from usergroups
  11. Storing attachments in Amazon Cloud (S3)
  12. Adding Full CKEditor to CMS Static Page editor
  13. Working on a vbseo style sharing (for vb 4.1.3)
  14. Upload an Image?
  15. Trying to add a little extra to profile.php?do=editprofile ...
  16. How to make forums in similarthreads as links
  17. User login and access control on non vB pages
  18. Adding to $ad_location
  19. CMS Article -- RSS Feed?
  20. 4.1.4 problems
  21. vBMenu Popup Menus
  22. vbulletin auth external page - is this enough for admin area?
  23. Display Member Countdown In Notice Area
  24. Turn VB Into Yahoo Groups / Listserv?
  25. Multi-dimensional arrays in templates.
  26. MYSQL error
  27. Problem with the new editor
  28. innodb good
  29. vb:date, what am I doing wrong here?
  30. Question about Recent Forum Posts
  31. Using <a name> tag
  32. Done to death?
  33. Help Please Mp3 Embedded Mod
  34. Similar threads - more than 4/5?
  35. Create a custom external Feed
  36. Problem with banner code
  37. VB User Check MYSQL
  38. Problem with smilies in reply (quick and advanced)
  39. Myspace Style Profile Name Mod Rewrite's
  40. Problem Centering
  41. Values getting lost in Wordpress theme
  42. sessionhash
  43. How to open in a new window
  44. Allow Product to be Upgradable?
  45. Add Fake Members to count
  46. seo url in data table?
  47. Strange vB4 error after updating template
  48. How to write a BBCode for Game Trailers.?
  49. Notices on custom pages
  50. jcarousel and random album pictures
  51. help with search page
  52. Current activity error
  53. Friendly URL using htaccess
  54. Gallery and attachment images in header section
  55. Menu Tab overlap.?
  56. Which plugin hook before post is finally saved?
  57. Statistics not updating..
  58. mapping stylevars
  59. Template Replace
  60. Profile Recent Visitors Block Problem
  61. slow query for thread.forumid. help me optimize
  62. how to use vBulletin API ?
  63. CKEditor: Table BB Code
  64. How To change Custom Search Like this
  65. How can I modify this in register.php?
  66. Need Last 3 days posts/Todays Posts code
  67. Facebook Connect with SSO
  68. CMS Content/Preview re-save issue
  69. A lot of space before sig line
  70. VBULLETIN Login Info
  71. header error
  72. word change in database
  73. Help: Pre defined Text in te Bottom of each Article
  74. User Title Help!
  75. Need Custom usergroup for custom vb page
  76. How to insert tables in threads like in the CMS
  77. Logging In
  78. Help with cleaner.php (REGEX)
  79. linking with vbulletin functions
  80. How Do I Link Images on CMS article?
  81. Need a hand here
  82. Meta Keywords
  83. show the most views threads from the last month
  84. Userrank-Image instead of Usergroup-Title
  85. smilies size
  86. Change default phrase Text
  87. Custom template tags
  88. Update database from external pages?
  89. sql query remove links
  90. How to set a profilefield via PHP Code
  91. Friendly URL
  92. Insert Thread into database.
  93. vB login/bridge question
  94. Share Plugin and Needs some plugin
  95. Send to URL after activation?
  96. Auto-subscribe to All Threads for All Users
  97. change post upon save
  98. str_replace help please
  99. Getting information from subscrptionlog table
  100. $GLOBALS and config.php
  101. custom userdata manager $validfields not working...
  102. Using VB system with PHP
  103. Making email optional
  104. 'recuroption' in 'event' table
  105. Formatting lost and can't edit posts. Willing to pay
  106. CMS Widget / Forum Block RSS Help
  107. Custom Form in Custom Page - Security Token Missing Error - Help
  108. removal of username becuase using another user name from logging into the site HELP
  109. error reporting in plugins
  110. help please errors cant post
  111. Variable for Detailed Time in CMS
  112. Trying to bridge a username and pass so forum part of site would not need add login
  113. How Can I use a custom template as a variable
  114. Invalid SQL database error
  115. Appending CSS to additional.css
  116. How to fix functions_wysiwyg.php errors (Article)
  117. Problems with WordPress header
  118. Confused about this query
  119. Ads inside the article (Part of CMS)
  120. [Help] QR Codes
  121. Can't seem to figure out how to exclude styles from showing a code
  122. header rearrange
  123. find and replace in a varible?
  124. New post from another server
  125. How to change setting on the fly?
  126. Want to create a PHP file
  127. Help Adding Server Time to Footer
  128. Editor Assistance
  129. Exclude breadcrumbs from specific forums?
  130. Just wondering how to do something with abbreviations
  131. MultiQuote Button Not Aligned
  132. BB code problem. pls help.
  133. Any tutorial as to how to move the Site's statistics on a custom page?
  134. How to change the 'showuser' variable
  135. How can I make text wrap around an image in the articles
  136. Invalid Redirect URL
  137. Text editor not working
  138. AJAX being difficult and rude.
  139. How Can I insert the username of who submitted a form to the database?
  140. Email Expired Paid Members ??
  141. Using years experience in the user title (taken from usercp)
  142. Create PHP Email Submission
  143. How to add the use of additional.css in a mod?
  144. Custop posting system
  145. Picture tool
  146. Importing a database
  147. Statistics on non-vb page
  148. Help Query forum thread onto external page
  149. hook for posting data?
  150. BB Code Problem Please Help
  151. How to edit navbar?
  152. Registration - Call external API once a user is activated
  153. Trouble with custom usergroup permissions....
  154. CMS Global variable
  155. Facebook "Like Us" Button
  156. Please Help!!!
  157. Trying to auto build a Foum block
  158. Tag Cloud
  159. how do you pass custom variables to register template
  160. newbie- unable to run v4.1.4 install/install.php script...
  161. upgrading mod from vb 3.x.x to 4
  162. A Simple vBulletin Session Question
  163. How do you implement varname from new settings in custom php script?
  164. custom profile fields in forumdisplay
  165. Is there even 1 decent vBulletin 4 tutorial?
  166. CP_REDIRECT Phrases
  167. Access denied. after post save
  168. Plugin Problem
  169. Using the attachment system in own mods?
  170. Private forums page?
  171. VBCMS Plugin Woes
  172. Benchmark plugins?
  173. Display members of usergroup on page
  174. Fatal error while adding users using a script
  175. Subscribe to A user threads
  176. About to lose my mind lol (Google Adsense + Plugin)
  177. Create An Ad Stop On Forum Home Between Categories
  178. Modify Code to Change Call order of Ads
  179. Database Error System error: 110 Lost connection to MySQL server
  180. Add "NO FOLLOW" to User Added Links
  181. New Thread and database
  182. need help with code modification
  183. Need Help utilizing vb username suggestion pop-up into another script
  184. How many queries is too many queries??
  185. Join Requests -- Changing Primary Usergroup
  186. Blocks and return value
  187. Hook for custom block in UserCP
  188. Looking for a script to scan links for images
  189. Custom page in UserCP
  190. Speed up Twitter Plug-In on vBulletin?
  191. New thread creation and posting question
  192. Automatic Private Message
  193. mysql database error
  194. How to create a plugin to add 4 lines at the end of footer?
  195. Userinfo in PostBit Not Aligned
  196. vB API question
  197. Need help with elseif contitional for single-selection radio buttons
  198. Sponors Self Management
  199. Internal Server Error Help Please
  200. External Login via MySQL
  201. Reply but not bump?
  202. usergroup variable?
  203. Post view template/ avatar area ???
  204. How can i show forumstats inside the forumdsiplay ?? Help Please
  205. How can I add Google +1 code in the search page like this ?
  206. Profile Tabs - Get UserID/Threads
  207. Rewrite vb3 to vb4 templatecache
  208. Hook into forumadmin.
  209. CMS article preview text - reformat
  210. Why is my facebook option not on my forums hope page, but after you log in.. it is
  211. Blog Rating
  212. Using the API to update a profile picture
  213. Wikipedia
  214. using tables on vb4, how? :(
  215. Adding Adsense add links.
  216. How To Add User Advertiser ?
  217. Deleting RSS FB, Twitter on homepage
  218. database output and <select> box?
  219. Forum Blocks on FORUMDISPLAY?
  220. "is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 1,2,3,4)
  221. Video Widget
  222. User CP help
  223. Social Networks in Postbit and Profile
  224. Email/PM Direct link
  225. please delete
  226. How to keep session alive?
  227. What css controls the links under the navbar buttons?
  228. UserName Image
  229. Twitter button only for admins.
  230. php header includes etc
  231. Plugin for specific styleid
  232. plugin or product to delete a part of code of templates?
  233. Can I change a cpnav group phrase by php ?
  234. Added icons to navbar.. but they go up & down. someone help me make them go sideways?
  235. Listing "Most Popular" Blogs in latest order
  236. Akismet Hook?
  237. How to override onsubmit for custom validation
  238. A little php help please to get this working correctly
  239. auto task: clear MySQL table
  240. vBulletin If greater than statement
  241. Editing posbit_legacy. Problem with variables.
  242. [Help] Adding JQuery Plugin into my vBB, please help
  243. Repair / Optimize Tables - error.?
  244. [SOLVED] Showing the days a user has been registered?
  245. Need Help with plugin that's not in forum root
  246. wysiwyg editor recommendations?
  247. opening external links in CHROME
  248. auto login to vb when login to main site?
  249. Problem with SQL query inside a php function
  250. sql query recursive exclude forums