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  1. [Help] Help me with the JavaScript
  2. Include top of forum on non vB page
  3. Adding Space Between Comments?
  4. [Question] How to bypass API for certain plugins?
  5. Infractions
  6. center and fix the "top links" &...
  7. Is it possible to register a php function as a variable for use in a template?
  8. Help with Alt title image tags
  9. vbwiki php.ini or in .htaccess
  10. header code
  11. how to change number character description rss on vbulletin 4
  12. Database Table: Access
  13. Hide Prefixed Thread from Recent Widget
  14. Problem in adding Google AdSense
  15. Display post count
  16. How can I use {vb:raw vboptions.xxx} within CSS template??
  17. need Little help in vb4.1.5
  18. Auto Attach Images (For RSS Module & VBadvanced Use)
  19. How to embed JTV(html) onto my site?
  20. Get my wordpress header to show above my vbulletin 4 forum
  21. vB CMS Wordpress Widget
  22. set $show['misc_options'] to false?
  23. Help with BBCode
  24. How To Insert Adsense Between Threadbits for VB4 ?
  25. When I download something then try to upload it, it don't work. Why?
  26. Array vb3 > vb4
  27. Blogs Database error in vBulletin 4.1.0
  28. Hide HTML code in RSS Widget
  29. Querying MySQL and echo-ing variables
  30. Displaying both Custom UserTitle and Usergroup User Title / User Title
  31. Any Help is appreciated
  32. How To Create Single Post Link - VB 4.1.5
  33. Reputation Comments in Postibit
  34. A problem regarding Database Size
  35. Want to show user image on the header of every page
  36. New Post and New Social Group Message
  37. Validate this code please..
  38. Custom Profile Fields
  39. Can't find correct hook
  40. Invalid argument supplied "ERROR"
  41. Custom Printable View
  42. Variable output doesn't work
  43. How to get current user thier ID?
  44. thread does not appear and a white plain page appears instead
  45. IMPORTANT! Dead PHP Processes
  46. Error in integrating External PHP File having Graph (Images generated by PHP code)
  47. How can I use a variable inside a php file in a custom template?
  48. RSS Bot never works
  49. where are the sessions being deleted?
  50. Renaming db and schema?
  51. Did any changes occur in how content pagination works in vb 4.1.5?
  52. How can you organize the post icons area?
  53. Using vBulletin class is requiring user log-in
  54. Ressurect iQuotes
  55. Database error in vBulletin 4.1.3
  56. How to hide this?
  57. Custom permission in template
  58. Need Help Packaging Mod - SQL tables install
  59. print_section_chooser
  60. Postbit legacy additional code issues
  61. threadbit template help please
  62. Can I use a stylevar in php code?
  63. How can I check a custom option before saving?
  64. [Forum] Display custom table SQL query with while loop
  65. opening a php ...
  66. Need help with template please
  67. Help! My user reputation display is gone!
  68. Disable Content Cashing Problem
  69. Where are calendars created?
  70. Override built-in function?
  71. Header and footer on external page
  72. different profile fields for usergroups
  73. add external file?
  74. When does "nextrun" field update from SQL table cron?
  75. Cron Jobs
  76. Return X amount of new posts regardless of date
  77. Left vertical banner on Showthread ?
  78. Borked WOL
  79. Ignore thread feature in vB4?
  80. Solved: Javascript error
  81. WordPress MS-vB4 Integration: Is It Possible?
  82. phpStatic page error after 4.1.5 update
  83. External Page Login and Variables
  84. Postbit Template Question
  85. Bug in 4.1.5 enhanced editor with custom bb-code?
  86. Using a for loop with an array?
  87. Quick postbit-related question
  88. Forum Ads banner gone after I upgrade skin. Pls help.
  89. How to cache a query in a plugin
  90. How Can I do this? Help Please
  91. Update vbulletin setting array !
  92. print_membergroup_row() and array() Help !
  93. Dropdown Menus 'selected="selected"'
  94. User CP link in navbar gone? How to get it back?
  95. Viewing Attachment...?
  96. Embedding a youtube channel
  97. Nofollow Links in RSS Manager Feed
  98. ckeditor not working well
  99. Template Css adding in my addon
  100. Creation of a second prefix
  101. Which hook to moderate posts when they are created?
  102. How to I create a custom global variable in vb4?
  103. Amazon CloudFront Expiring URLs
  104. Hide Hack on vB 4.1.4
  105. How to move thread to another forum via API?
  106. Special Postbit
  107. [CMS] Display Category name in header?
  108. Searchcore_text
  109. Wordpress as Home Page
  110. Custom user field
  111. I have a code of banner stands
  112. Autoresize image (article preview)
  113. External login logs out after 15 minutes
  114. 4.1.5 kicked out of Admincp repeatedly
  115. Last poster info on forumhome
  116. Align CMS preview title right to image
  117. Chat or shoutbox that is only accessible by admins and mods
  118. Display User Number Images based on UserID
  119. If in external PHP script
  120. Moving read more and comments in article preview
  121. Different page split defaults for different user groups?
  122. Remove lower "post reply" button
  123. Remove description inside subforum
  124. Custom Profile Tab Question
  125. Forum Login Box Across the site (outside the forums folder)
  126. widget
  127. Like home CMS Widget
  128. Auotomatic mail
  129. Redirect users after registation to an external site
  130. $vbulletin->userinfo[username] does not work in Subdomains
  131. Place VSA advanced forum stats above forum next to sidebar?
  132. Use Query to Auto-Subscribe Users to Forum
  133. Login to forum when logging in externally
  134. How to use vbulletin login for entire site?
  135. Database error
  136. mysql error
  137. Weird Error in CMS
  138. Using External PHP Pages
  139. Custom URL Rewrites? Need help ASAP
  140. Inserting a template via SQL Query
  141. How do I remove the Submenu links?
  142. replycount conditional in header
  143. Begin Template: Standard_error
  144. Fetch Template
  145. Highlighting Threads by Author's User Group
  146. How to print Forum ID?
  147. How can I hide all the statistics
  148. Executing JS in template when inline editing
  149. Programatticaly Control UserGroup on Registration
  150. Rebuild Reputation in Cron?
  151. Hide Links from Guests
  152. Custom profile field in Postbit
  153. How to exclude threads by admins from forum listing?
  154. Event system based on Poll
  155. Get it work some variables and conditionals in header or navbar
  156. Mobile API login
  157. Is it possible to tie thread ids from multiple forums to a parent thread?
  158. Additional Options
  159. How to Write urdu / Arabic in Ckeditor with English keyboard
  160. How to filter some forum against all usergroup?
  161. DataManager question(s)
  162. How to change a specified code in a specified template with a specified code
  163. Change a determinated field by forumhome
  164. Attempting Create Thread outside of vB using Data Manager, error with bootstrap
  165. Addon - Reports via posts
  166. How do I get a variable?
  167. error on line 25 at column 61: EntityRef: expecting ';'
  168. Facebook Connect Button Code
  169. Problem with a product
  170. Show last forum posts on external page
  171. PHP fatal error
  172. What is a posts messageicon?
  173. Bridging Accounts Across Softwares
  174. I want to show the forum categories side by side
  175. Invalid Redirect URL
  176. vbulletin option in a condition
  177. switch host now error occures
  178. vb:if to if
  179. View Forum Leaders
  180. help me guys... i can't log in ..
  181. Insert space in post bit?
  182. Help me pls.....
  183. Using conditionals and vb code on VB4 CMS pages
  184. Navbar Forum and Home Paths with Custom Vb Page
  185. Usergroup Conditional PayPal Donate button
  186. New Post Block Gone
  187. PHP - A condition into a condition
  188. vb4 postindex table
  189. Import posts from Yahoo group
  190. Little help with If condition
  191. Which software is this?
  192. want to add menu on top header in vb - help
  193. I search a vbulletin mod coder
  194. Insert a toggle in to User CP
  195. Vbcms global_start
  196. $vbulletin->userinfo['field vs $vbulletin->userinfo['field
  197. How to put user profile field in Article Page
  198. Flashchat error help request
  199. Creating a widget from this code..
  200. huge customization work
  201. database error after upgrade
  202. lots of database erros in emails
  203. Please HELP with featured widged
  204. User Profile Field with Multiple Options
  205. extra feature at login form
  206. Importing a database into a forum
  207. cms: Adding slideshow to article
  208. Force forum subscription
  209. Contents of New Post or New Thread to be displayed only if user is an Admin
  210. Thumbnail Image Instead of Avatar in Forum Block
  211. Legend Color Bar
  212. How to check if user has avatar and display it in header
  213. Error while importing database
  214. more avatar-like fields in user profile
  215. Add JS event to Visitor Messages post
  216. Hiding thread prefixes
  217. External Thread Creation: Registry Object is not an Object error
  218. Wierd CMS WYSIWYG problem in Chrome
  219. Login via API
  220. Forum Home Page
  221. Deletion of Posts - triggers and hooks
  222. Can't post new thread in forum
  223. Wrong Datatype Error - Need a lil help :)
  224. Adding new permission checks for moderation
  225. Meta description in article (CMS)
  226. Mods assuming style css
  227. Rework the login buttons/forms?
  228. Reading cookies
  229. Adding Banned Members to Forum Statistics
  230. Setting bitfield permissions.
  231. What does this mean. ( out of memory after server mov)
  232. Fatal error class_bootstrap.php(761) : eval()'d code
  233. Question about Languages & Phrases
  234. Got Error How To Fix This ?
  235. [SOLVED]rebuilding forum stats
  236. Limiting size of quotes?
  237. Help with vbulletin and permissions
  238. Stuck on php code for the postbit? lol
  239. Facebook Connect + Forum Navigation in Less Than Four Clicks?
  240. posthash
  241. how to update an addon
  242. How do you remove the annoying message when you push the 'back' button?
  243. VB4 CMS: Want forum in root and cms at /home
  244. Truncated Posts
  245. Something About Forumdisplay
  246. Getting a message to post
  247. Prevent changes to email address
  248. [Need help] mod Content Merchants not working with 4.1.5
  249. ?-Custom BBCode - Grooveshark
  250. $post['isfirstshown'] - appears only to registerd users !