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  1. Delete Visitor Message
  2. Invalid Redirect URL
  3. move code from navbar to header
  4. getting variables to use in plugin's / external php pages
  5. Is User Logged In?
  6. how to convert vbulletin templates to files
  7. Reset a birthday
  8. Cant see users post after impex import
  9. vBulletin quote customization
  10. Facebook code
  11. access plugin variables from template
  12. Facebook OPen Graph Tag question
  13. Re-release of add-ons
  14. Profile Field For Buddylist
  15. Help Please:- Displaying a CMS Widget in a Pop Up Window
  16. Forced Ignore
  17. Post Icons are stretched way too wide.?
  18. What's Going On? template(s)
  19. Code for accessing attachment file
  20. vbmksize
  21. CKeditor javascript API
  22. BB Code for Video
  23. how do I put a text ad here, see picture
  24. Unable to execute second line of code
  25. process for creating a new id for a new product "post"
  26. Search by forumid front page
  27. ckeditor customization
  28. Integration with Campaign Monitor
  29. Limit [IMG] by level
  30. adding users to my "currently active users" list
  31. Global Announcements in threads?
  32. Filter 'last post' field in forum info
  33. CMS Error
  34. displaying threadz in exteral html pages
  35. Adverts for guests only
  36. need help making my 1st simple plugin
  37. Moved code from global_start to global_bootstrap_init_start and it stopped working...
  38. Automatically Set Height & Width Attributes to Attached Images
  39. Search String
  40. How do i add a link under the smileys
  41. Ok php guru's (adding sidebar to showthread)
  42. How To Send PM From Non vb-pages ?
  43. How to use datamanager to post as Guest ?
  44. Help needed on "$vbulletin->GPC['forumid'] == x"
  45. /install/upgrade
  46. "Solved" Login name code
  47. Whats going on box gone weird after upgrading.
  48. Is this not possible? (version checking via plugin only)
  49. data manager and encoding problem!
  50. Userchangelog
  51. Google ad question
  52. I have a problem with facebook
  53. showgroups.php - show single group
  54. How to get Php code that worked in VB3 to work in Vb4?
  55. postbit of vb3.x.x to vb 4.1.7
  56. How to make code to work in register template
  57. Site was hacked again
  58. error in your SQL syntax
  59. Templates code
  60. Looking for member name variable
  61. Set "show age" as default registration in vb 4.1.7
  62. Log into vBulletin using External form
  63. Custom Private Message Popup (Need help)
  64. cs mod (list)
  65. Link existing game name to vbulliten username
  66. need a mod to show small picture instead message pictures
  67. Getting a specific thread inside a wordpress template
  68. title when add links.
  69. Email notification when there is a new post/reply
  70. i need style and mod
  71. Database Error when changing Admin max number of pm's
  72. Editing Posts and Articles
  73. forum hacked
  74. each refresh change ads
  75. Remove Closed threads
  76. Attachments error
  77. Insert another web in a post
  78. Changing Social Group Leader without Transfer
  79. Facebook "If liked"
  80. Show code in theme based on profile option?
  81. Number of User does not match
  82. 3 Database Errors After 4.1.7 Upgrade
  83. Question about Twitter and Google + placement
  84. vBulletin 4.1.7 Update problems
  85. php script to extract thread titles
  86. Latest Thread on Home
  87. header
  88. How to center logo and other things.
  89. Request - Private Forum/Custom PHP Mailer Application w/ attachments to view forum.
  90. Force user to tick a checkbox before posting a new thread
  91. import header
  92. Login and Authentication
  93. How to use RegEx with Youtube BBCode?
  94. How to exclude usergroups condition
  95. Mod_rewrite furl question
  96. problem with explorer 9
  97. Remove timestamp from "delete Duplacate Threads"
  98. Changing timestamp font colors
  99. Quick Reply
  100. Need to automatically sort forum by prefix.
  101. Can't make prefix's
  102. paypal donate in profile
  103. Replacing $vboptions at runtime
  104. Add zipcode to registration.php
  105. Show variable name instead of value... ??
  106. memberlist.php - show single profile field
  107. Missing Avatar Notice Message.
  108. Private Message - Depth of Quote?
  109. RSS widget using widget description for title
  110. Sidebar ads like this?
  111. Mod to display threads as a gallery
  112. Vbulletin 4x Sideblock Thread to Joomla
  113. Need help writting a new scheduled task
  114. Why isn't this user banned?
  115. Help-Login Page
  116. vbCoupons for vb4.1.5
  117. Script to count stats (sports betting)
  118. BBCode plugin parsed in editor
  119. Integration bridge for Magento & vBulletin
  120. User status message like this?
  121. curious hook
  122. vbcms attachements when disabled
  123. Can the default name: "Album"
  124. Is it possible to move Quick Style Chooser to the header?
  125. How to display the content of memberinfo into sidebar_container
  126. How to populate a vB_Search_Results object with the results of a custom SQL query?
  127. Sidebar Block CMS Article - Image instead of avatar
  128. My notice is missing text?!
  129. My RSS Feed is blank.?
  130. Deleted thread - Need 301 redirect help
  131. New to Vb - Couple Questions
  132. How to change the displayed name of last poster?
  133. Single Post Permissions
  134. Issues with CMS "teaser" widgets and BBcode?
  135. Moving Facebook Connect Button to Blog and Article Templates
  136. Insert PHP Code into footer
  137. Facebook 'Like' Button Dimmed - Not Logged in Through FB Connect
  138. Layout Issues
  139. Language in a link, not select - possible?
  140. Upcoming vBulletin 4.1.10
  141. Postbit Background in userinfo
  142. Howto implement an own search controller
  143. Trying to hide userinfo in certain forums
  144. Don't update rss feed after post edit
  145. Swapping Banner Logo based on signed in or not.
  146. Can I use the Forum Sidebar outside the forums folder?
  147. Mass subscribe already registered users to their threads ?
  148. Group Messagebit Plugin Query
  149. Create New User [MySQL]
  150. Array-Merge Error includes/class_bootstrap.php - Problem! Please help!
  151. Combine login into one webpage!
  152. getting error in my vbulletin blog..need urgent help..
  153. Buddy list in sidebar?
  154. Post Tracker...
  155. Redirect in cms-poll-widget voting
  156. [Easy Question] Show Searched String in Search Results
  157. Different header logo for Forum, Blog, Calendar, etc
  158. How?
  159. How to find out how much resources some mod uses?
  160. Sub-forum creation
  161. CMS Article - How to split date format.
  162. Widget User Area
  163. How to remowe onclick in images
  164. Currency exchange
  165. Modified Attachment for "Source / Reference link"
  166. Hide code tags from certain usergroups ?
  167. Modify Adsense to exclude Ads within threads
  168. Modify CKeditor
  169. How to get Section selector in ACP
  170. Conditional Based on Posts/Threads Activity
  171. Adding the date and time to latest threads on html page
  172. Tabs in Main Navigation ??
  173. Moving GlobalSearch to Navbar Popup?
  174. 3rd party site including vbulletin framework can't display templates
  175. vBulletin Database Error help
  176. custom bbcode insert into social group editor
  177. Single user experiencing upload profile image failure
  178. php from templates
  179. Custom user.php with specific custom profile fields...
  180. Revert or not to Revert?
  181. Upgrade / Update issue
  182. copying custom templates ???
  183. Facebook App - 'Newest Blog' Section Pulls 'Warning: array_key_exists()' Error
  184. Help with thread datamanager
  185. Parse error?
  186. Style Chooser Issue
  187. Random header
  188. more then 1 ID on "vb:if condition="$bbuserinfo['userid']"
  189. SOLVED! Need help with IF condition in template...
  190. Array Help
  191. how to add avatar on sidebar?
  192. How to Structure custom template
  193. [Q] List of recent posts
  194. How to remove password field in User Profile
  195. Add link of articles to site homepage
  196. Video Display Question
  197. reply to thread field blank
  198. Quoting Strings problem
  199. no articles showup on homepage
  200. mainupating a variable in template before using in vb each
  201. vb 4.1.8 reputation as number
  202. ImageCreateFromPNG through attachment.php issue
  203. Disable vBulletin anti-spam check for certain sections
  204. Plugin based CKeditor friendly BBcode in vB4.1.8+ - howto
  205. vb 4.18 - Advanced BBCode Permissions
  206. Cant edit thread title?!
  207. View voters
  208. Database error
  209. Use $online status on postibit
  210. vbadvanced - how to add a thumbnail on index.php
  211. Add Social Media Follow Button?
  212. help with code
  213. Turn autocomplete off in login form
  214. Is there any issue from deleting Forum: vBCms Comments
  215. help with creating an rss feed aggregator page
  216. Interesting Redirect Issue
  217. Username Colors
  218. How do I force a style to a custom page?
  219. Need alittle help with php
  220. Navtab change color depending on time
  221. Need help with a minor condition or maybe rewriting this
  222. vbulletin_facebook.js patch ??
  223. looking for webdev
  224. Looking for a modification
  225. External Registration
  226. (RESOLVED) Allowing custom BBCode to make use of external class elements
  227. Conditional BBCODES
  228. Help importing WordPress tables into vB tables?
  229. Add "Register" button on Navbar
  230. Inserting PHP Twitter aggregation in footer help
  231. private.php error
  232. limit post and thread amount within a certain time based on user group
  233. PHP vBulletin ACL Integration
  234. Reputation Power Design
  235. Add users from an external non-vBulletin site ?
  236. USERid
  237. Load/Performance/Stress Testing
  238. Similar thread Move up ?
  239. Custom Thumbnail Size For Section
  240. How to Spoiler Java (Example inside)
  241. usernames in qoutes for member/guests
  242. Variables for thread title
  243. How would I reduce the expiration date of remember me cookie?
  244. Cull posts of a thread to form a digest
  245. Create Threads Dynamically Using PHP
  246. Assign Spiders to Group
  247. Members only widget?
  248. Database error
  249. Custom error messages when register
  250. Export Threads