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  1. Font size increase in postbit
  2. Facebook Comments on CMS Page
  3. Add field to an AdminCP template?
  4. Including global.php on other pages, caching issue!
  5. Dual column thread list page
  6. Conditional based on forum ID#
  7. Showing an image before entering main website
  8. Widget/Plugin Help
  9. Changing Hash
  10. How to edit the files concerned by new thread method
  11. Which hook to use?
  12. new comment top
  13. Help for show different forumdisplay templates
  14. I need the English language file for VB4.1.8
  15. preregister var once
  16. change user permission
  17. [How to] include a code within templates using a plugin or from another template
  18. [How to] Show if a user has posted in specific category
  19. "Compiled template"
  20. Looking for new code for IF command
  21. "If is first post" within a plugin PHP code
  22. Image With a link inside a widget
  23. Redirect forum.php to home directory
  24. Tabbed Menu Plugin?
  25. Separate showgroups.php page for a specific usergroup?
  26. Capture username and userid
  27. Condition to force language selection for one or many forums ..
  28. Multi Step Registration
  29. if ($show['forumdescription']) doesn't work in process_templates_complete
  30. parentid
  31. Showing data from the database
  32. questions about do= --- a href
  33. Where to find the funtion vB_Template_Runtime::parsePhrase()
  34. Showing a different username
  35. Preg_Replace with Links?
  36. How to pass a variable to template?
  37. how can I use vbulletin ad a multi vendor oscommerce?
  38. Increase Plugin Size?
  39. get user's permissions using fetch_userinfo
  40. 1 jQuery to rule them all ?
  41. vb4 -new posts limit
  42. Avatar dont work!
  43. Creating Notifications For Visitor Messages?
  44. Adding variable into the headinclude template?
  45. subforum not visable
  46. avatarurl script doesnt work! ( dutch )
  47. show a specific usergroup on showgroups.php
  48. Help needed updating a very simple addon for vB4
  49. CMS on non Vb pages
  50. Modify template by install code
  51. Upgrading vBulletin 4.1.5 to 4.1.9 Confusion
  52. Close Mysql Connection
  53. How to show random posts with javascript on an html page ?
  54. Facebook Connect Only
  55. Upload Script
  56. Migrating Posts, Users
  57. I think this is the right place
  58. vBA CMPS - Portal Mod - vBulletin 4 ?
  59. Migrate user to second forum on request..
  60. placing copyright
  61. Help passing variables between templates..
  62. Invoking JS function after quickedit/quickreply finished
  63. Clan Roster plugin
  64. How to make the input field of the new forums NAMES accept row phrases ?
  65. A custom SHARE button that will POST a thread?
  66. API vs. DataManager ?
  67. Capture additional information during Facebook registration - First, Last Name
  68. Latest threads with images
  69. Writing a variable from a php page into a template.
  70. Adding Multiple RSS Feeds to One Page
  71. vb function to parse timezones
  72. Active Tab Question
  73. How do I remove widget description
  74. making cms the homepage
  75. Signature and other links
  76. Embedded videos
  77. help with this error ythat i get when i make a post reply! PLZ HELP!
  78. Favorite Tab Icon.?
  79. Where is vB_ProfileBlock_VisitorMessaging rendered?
  80. Create and customize plug-in for VB4
  81. Looking for a conditional
  82. Troll Problem
  83. Creating, editing and deleting vBulletin-users from ASP.NET-Website
  84. Need Help - Urgent
  85. HWID Self-Registration System
  86. Hey there, my PHP friends. Help please =)
  87. Admin Feature Insertion
  88. Custom Profile Fields
  89. PSD to VB Theme Step by Step
  90. Can someone help me?
  91. Help PLEASE! Swapping Avatars With Profile Pics
  92. forumdisplay.php?# -> subdomain
  93. <a onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Outgoing', '', 'forumdisplay.php']);" <- ???
  94. vb:each question
  95. accessing forum array in SHOWTHREAD
  96. Cant attach files on scam.com
  97. help with securing my site
  98. How to go to forum by forumname?
  99. white screen !!!!
  100. Any ideas? (Strange CSS fade effect problem)
  101. Performance: preg_replace or hardcoded?
  102. Different Style for certain resolutions
  103. og image, title & url - Title doesn't display
  104. vb4 Put Adsense Banners in Your Archive?
  105. vb4 Put Adsense Banners in Your Archive?
  106. How to secure a cms widget
  107. Order of info possible?
  108. Sidebar login block?
  109. Error Messages
  110. [Request a programmer] PopUp with user information to pass your mouse over the Nick
  111. Bluring the post content!
  112. Question: Custom Sidebar issues?
  113. Mobile Application
  114. Message type to validate new topic
  115. żAny tutorial for adapting plugins Vbulletin3 to Vbulletin4?
  116. Help with this query
  117. How to keep a user logged in using the API?
  118. BBcode is not showing video
  119. How to add to the Navbar?
  120. QUOTE Not showing box? Help? [4.1.9 BB Code]
  121. RSS Feed & HTML code
  122. Can someone help please - Moved server issue
  123. 5 star rating system for member profiles?
  124. Exif Data Attachmet Image
  125. how to operate this plugin in vbulletin 4?
  126. Banner Redirecting to wrong place
  127. <vb:comment>
  128. How to default not checked "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" VB 4.1.10
  129. Custom Download Plugin - HELP!!
  130. Programming a Product: How to add vBulletin options?
  131. Error 1146 | Table Does Not Exist Problems
  132. how to use the "if" siystem in this thing: ~new king of forums!!~
  133. 4.1.9 Highslide Attachements?
  134. Clickbank API Membership Payment...
  135. Changing my Meta Tag Structure to be More Share Friendly.
  136. Add User Profile Fields via Products
  137. vBulletin Database Error!
  138. Question about Postparsed
  139. Multiple Domains
  140. Question about usergroups
  141. How to Modify Facebook Connect Settings
  142. Post Icons
  143. problem logging in with cURL
  144. Highslide with Attachments
  145. I need some simple Navbar help
  146. Display threads on non VB pages?
  147. Assistance with simple plugin - variable registering
  148. Single Sign On with 2 classes of user
  149. Plug-in Causing Error
  150. data field in the profilefield table
  151. Biography Field
  152. Intercept Post/Edit Hook?
  153. [Help] Specification commands of vB4.
  154. "If is first post" within memberaction_dropdown template.
  155. Getting Member list + adding user.
  156. HTML formatted email notifications
  157. What is the code to display the initial input elements of custom profile fields?
  158. Properly Encoding URL that contain spaces
  159. user table - ipaddress row
  160. Help: Strip formatting from {vb:raw criteriaDisplay}
  161. VB Rookie here with questions...
  162. Tips on Importing from NNTP?
  163. Quick Reply post reverse order
  164. Question with my site
  165. Need help for nav tab
  166. Hiding member profile to guests.
  167. Need passwords in MD5 not MD5 Salted, possible?
  168. Creating tabs for custom Pages
  169. VBulletin 4 databace Eror
  170. Displaying forum section in another .php file
  171. Header Parent Conditional
  172. Link to user profile from a external page
  173. Using the 'return;' command in a plugin
  174. Display Current Year
  175. Wont let me add to template var {vb:raw notifications_menubits}'s value in a plugin
  176. Problem with Message System
  177. Ext Links "Bookmarks" Being Crawled and 404, 100k Errors Google
  178. About RSS Poster Hooks
  179. Adsense placement after x posts
  180. SQL Injection attacks
  181. Force-changing editor type with a plugin
  182. Forum Side Block - Inserting New Line In PHP Code
  183. How to POST a NEW THREAD using the Mobile API ?
  184. Problem with VB CMS
  185. Adding data to page after page execution
  186. How to add plugin options in control panel?
  187. Styles Mixing Issue.?
  188. banned users in database
  189. Facebook like button to the left of the connect button?
  190. How to disable text selection in message editor?
  191. Custom Ad Blocks below nav bar?
  192. Missing Avatar thumbnails on CMS widgets?
  193. Using sessions of vbulletin outside vbulletin
  194. help writing simple plugin
  195. vbulletin external data into wordpress or another website
  196. Messed up CSS after set_authentication_cookies
  197. help | showgroups.php - error
  198. Notifications for new articles awaiting approval
  199. Help with jQuery.
  200. Problem with the names of plug-in menu items
  201. Help|Database error
  202. Disable searching forums
  203. Assistance with datatables
  204. Need help getting this to work on CMS page...
  205. Buttons for loading pictures from computer gone??
  206. export rss to another site
  207. Moving site from within a subfolder
  208. Help with Forum Blocks
  209. fixes for RPG Pet ?
  210. Badges and Points Like this?
  211. Syntax Highlighting, anything working for 4.1.10?
  212. Need help to learn vB 4 Add-on / Plugin Dev
  213. Changing format of CMS WIDGET RECENT THREAD
  214. If condition is friend?
  215. BBCode only works in single post, not full thread
  216. parse_bb change from 4.0.1 and 4.1.10?
  217. Is it possible to get the URL of a submitted video?
  218. Disable Registration - Mobile API Only
  219. Help with id of Mod
  220. who is online
  221. Anyone can help with .htaccess problem
  222. Mobile API: Where/How can we see if the logged-in user has already voted in a Poll?
  223. Trying to show who's online in the blog section
  224. would it be possible
  225. vb:link modification help
  226. Editor Controls not showing up
  227. Need to Hire Someone to Import Members
  228. Datamanager to update post
  229. Log in sessions outside vBulletin
  230. Recent Activity CMS Widget mods
  231. GeoIP condition
  232. Notices
  233. DataManager: How to delete a user based on userid ?
  234. Plugin Update Question
  235. Detect user status client side
  236. Help with a mysql query - replacing field
  237. giving half reputation points
  238. filter bb codes
  239. Validating Datamanager Values?
  240. Help with white pages please
  241. [post=0000000]..[/post] not working
  242. Check Thread Starter Usergroup and Execute Code
  243. help to upgrade to 4.1.10
  244. backup site
  245. Hacked by voide.us ??
  246. Only one time in a post/thread?
  247. Facebook Connect outside Forum vBulletin
  248. Vbulletin and Youtube.
  249. Way to get attachment url in header?
  250. If condition for member that is NOT in the listed groups