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  1. php+curl+login woes...
  2. Cache PHP widget separately for each language
  3. widget recent posts without threads?
  4. Add thread id to title
  5. Inserting forums on a div tag
  6. Audio player
  7. Attachment Watermark (Certain forums)
  8. this page url in navbar ?
  9. RSS Graffiti
  10. Forum threads on home page Please help!!!
  11. Add cookie at startup
  12. Disable right click on your forum "Add On"
  13. Display message for guests under post
  14. RSS widget with content from other site
  15. Assistance in determining the location to place the code ... (post content)
  16. The code To get a list of subscribed forums
  17. External Login, Logout & Registration scripts
  18. Call Vars from vBulletin into Plugin and echo them in a template
  19. How do I show PHP in the sidebar? Code inside.
  20. Admincp Upload Form
  21. Any Social Networking Components?
  22. how I can resize the photo like this ...
  23. Placing a new product?
  24. DataManager: How to delete ALL a user's posts and threads based on userid ?
  25. Password Hash
  26. Using a variable in a plug in
  27. Argh!! CKEditor default message window height!
  28. Custom create thread
  29. custom table variable in postbit
  30. SW:TOR Server Status PHP help
  31. Help with a CMS Widget Please
  32. Change Multiple DB Tables from UTF8 To Latin1
  33. Strange DB Error when integrating "global.php" in a live site. PLEASE HELP.
  34. Displaying localized Forums(custom way)
  35. Reference to the post before the current in a plugin
  36. Can I Output A PHP Widget In a HTML Widget or Allign PHP Output
  37. Radio Buttons for search
  38. Function spwrPrintArticle in posts?
  39. Show only first post of every thread for guests and coppa users
  40. Make private albums public?
  41. Forms in the CMS?
  42. Experience Points & Market Points Differs.
  43. Link counter
  44. Mobile Detection
  45. How i do this ...
  46. For sale section private posts.
  47. Separate post.postdate
  48. Forum subsriptions
  49. Delete this please
  50. Where to find "Forum Information & Options" coding
  51. Ca we change .httacess file
  52. W3C Validation
  53. Hiding content in the CMS with certain conditions.
  54. table crashed and how to sort it
  55. Javascript Error with Facebook Connect?
  56. Check if user has posted in x forum
  57. subforums and moderators
  58. DataManager: How to add a user to another user's Ignore List?
  59. mysql query sometime return nothing in widgets
  60. Registered users are not able to view article content
  61. Creating a Terms of Service and Privacy Policies pages
  62. Help with onclick to load calendar
  63. Adsense in CMS Widget
  64. How can move custom forum to vbulletin
  65. Memory limit being used differs from Master Value set?
  66. How to move online status to bottom of user info stack...
  67. Add tags to Album images?
  68. Add view count to forum section
  69. Vb3 to VB4 upgrade Help Please....
  70. Private Message by first name / last name not by userid
  71. How does VB santizie/validate user inputs
  72. Failed Login Notification on.... CC the admins?
  73. DataManager: Problem changing username before deleting user
  74. Problems With logout_process Hook
  75. Instagram
  76. can't get a function or require_once code to run on hook with ajax edit
  77. Album count in PostBit?
  78. Problems with Javascript for Editor
  79. How to change Banner Code to vb4
  80. Is it possible to have a different side bar for different pages?
  81. Facebook style sidebar help
  82. Rendering a specific Forum
  83. Facebook connect not working
  84. What does {vb:something} means
  85. On Registration Assign Usergroup
  86. Get a chat widow?
  87. can we get the members who visit our forum today?
  88. Search Redirect Attack - What next? How to revive Search traffic?
  89. I want to know if i can find french codeurs heere ? :)
  90. Notices
  91. Help with a progress widget please.
  92. Button Add Friend
  93. The forum redirect to tinyurl4.info
  94. Insert PHP code in Style Manager
  95. $vbulletin->GPC['password'] returning nothing...
  96. unapproved vs unread messages
  97. Integration with Ruby on Rails Application
  98. can you delete a thread?
  99. Is it possiBle to get the version 3.6 Vb ?
  100. custom rewrite
  101. News widget
  102. Mobile API: What could possibly cause one logged-in user to post as another user?
  103. Calendar issue
  104. plugin conditional help
  105. VB Integration
  106. avatars display hack
  107. Login Integration of several VB forums
  108. deseleccting navbar tabs
  109. can someone delet me something on forumhome ?
  110. Profile Field Value
  111. Online Members Showing as Array
  112. Members Viewing Thread Shown as Array?
  113. Active Threads in Navbar
  114. User Ranks - (In)Famous Stars - [CENTER]?
  115. How to stress useername ?
  116. Blog related 4.1.2
  117. Text editor
  118. How did vbulletin close the database
  119. Question about external links coding
  120. how to delete avatar on forumhome please ? (shows avatar hack)
  121. Problem with vbulletin phrases
  122. Private Message Folder Control Area Move to Top
  123. How to get a complete line thread title?
  124. PHPMyadmin only returns some of my users from vb_user table
  125. how to change font color?
  126. Mobile API
  127. global.php extremly slow
  128. Mobile API: Post Times are NOT adjusted for Timezone
  129. CSV Import/Export Info Please?
  130. How can i create a seconde prefix at the end of the title ?
  131. Big probleme with the time !
  132. Where is code to get forum "counters"?
  133. Add text to navbar
  134. CMS - sort by date?
  135. Protected Usergroups
  136. how to add adsense in first and second posts of each page of the thread?
  137. i have all informtions marked !!!
  138. Post count does not line up?
  139. welcome email problem,
  140. MSN & .js - New Window
  141. Navtabs showing in wrong place..
  142. Would like help with Rss feed run schedule task and a real cron file
  143. WP 3 & vb4 -> article = Thread, reply = comment
  144. My {vb:raw post.message} is edited.
  145. I dont understand?
  146. often get a strange message !
  147. How i can create or change color fond of this line please ?
  148. Need help--Messed up code
  149. How i can display pictures annonce only on forumHome
  150. changes mmber states color + move all at left ?
  151. Display search terms from google visitors?
  152. How to use wildcards in "Automatic Tagger From Message Content and Title"?
  153. Detecting User's ID
  154. How do I add note like this?
  155. Help with setting variables
  156. Any ideas on how to get breadcrumbs back?
  157. postid, forumid and userid?
  158. Setting Variables in Widget
  159. Help - Topics invisible and without permission
  160. A Critical probleme with navbar pictures :(
  161. Translating Forum Posts?
  162. global_start hook is not used in CMS? Bug?
  163. Calling templates outside forum
  164. How to make avatar central in postbit?
  165. change link color ?
  166. search hack mod to create double prefixes ?
  167. Get usergroup name by id?
  168. How to merge two <if condition> in one
  169. "memberBox" Headline Issue
  170. Add a vB Addon to portalmod ?
  171. global_bootstrap_init_start code causing 301 redirects
  172. How to close my site for invatations?
  173. Looking For These 2 Mods
  174. Default Avatar Mod Addon - Sidebar
  175. Custom MSN Field
  176. Was this someone trying to hack?
  177. Adding Hover Menu Items
  178. Usergroup PHP conditional
  179. Nevemind
  180. facebook button is not inline with google plusone and tweeter
  181. Cron Job to Prune Thread
  182. Stop Stylevars from overwriting?
  183. spaces in alt threadbit border
  184. Accessing a product specific template inside postbit legacy template
  185. wysiwyg to BBCode (and reverse)
  186. Package a mobile template into a custom product?
  187. "Gallery" tab option in profile
  188. spaces in footer
  189. Can I use this code in vb4 ?
  190. jquery in 4.1.11
  191. login_process plugin question - should be simple!
  192. Avatar URL in DM
  193. [img] not working
  194. pagination links on custom page appended with &ajax=
  195. Create a custom page without using templates?
  196. vBCMS - Detect articles in section X
  197. Include Page only when called
  198. How does the blog product implement custom skins?
  199. Move "welcome" header down
  200. Copyright Notice Floating
  201. Emergency: Malware injection
  202. Get user avatar?
  203. Get list of administrators?
  204. Changing the default Facebook usergroup
  205. Parse bbcode/clean_gpc.
  206. SQL Query : Change all users' email address
  207. Username in New Forum Posts
  208. New vBulletin page: Reusing extant CSS styles
  209. Usergroup check in plugin
  210. SQL Query : Mass move specific users based on usernames, not userid
  211. User and Password synchronization
  212. TapaTalk altering/alternatives
  213. CSRF protection error when security token is being submit.
  214. Does vB disallow file uploads?
  215. Parsing bbcode not working on all tags.
  216. iframe doesn't work in IE 9
  217. Size avatar in profile
  218. Conditional Statement for Specific Pages
  219. how to change size/font of quoted text
  220. Password Protect Categories
  221. Accessing vBulletin Membership Data
  222. implementing php function and an array into a template
  223. What is the user banning function?
  224. Using custom phrasegroups in a plugin in VB4?
  225. str_replace and custom template
  226. Attachment Display
  227. Questions about "create article", log in, remember me and breadcrumb
  228. social buttons in threads problem!!
  229. nested dependent vb:each - building headers for sorting
  230. change height theme in tab What is new?
  231. Forum list in sidebar block
  232. Forcing redirect leads to token error
  233. 4.1.12 and Mobile Style
  234. Adding Icon in front of user if they are in a usergroup
  235. Set "reply-to" properly in mail from members
  236. I want to share my autoban code
  237. How to import user email with Facebook Connect?
  238. Parsing Video bbcode
  239. Video BBCode: How to add new video source
  240. notifications_total in FORUMHOME
  241. Select Forum ID help
  242. reuired fields in cms
  243. Category LayoutId
  244. How Do I
  245. Redirecting the redirect to login
  246. fast drop to the tash
  247. Is there a "online store" mod?
  248. Add requiered fields
  249. thread prefix
  250. Nevermind