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  1. Banned ???
  2. Modify RSS reader
  3. Sending a user a pm.
  4. Not needed
  5. Java player used in custom BBcode??
  6. Problems with setting permissions of a mod
  7. Thread title not displayed properly when tool long
  8. Trying to use datamanager to move thread
  9. My cron doesn't work as expected (should post)
  10. Update 'user titles and ranks' cron job?
  11. img,url,video input
  12. reset settings
  13. Please Help me???
  14. Hack to make Tags appear automaticaly ?
  15. access forumid in a php file
  16. Yahoo Answers | Questions2Answers | etc
  17. custom page with forum listings only
  18. <vb:if condition="THIS_SCRIPT - Question/Help
  19. navbar question
  20. Break up large php file advantage?
  21. Signature of the Week/Month Modification
  22. MYSQL change users post count
  23. [Request] Smooth Javascript Spoiler - Searching for javascript coder
  24. Create URL of certain keywords
  25. Member Profile Categories
  26. How can I access sigmaximages in a plugin at runtime?
  27. Pull user details into new PHP page
  28. API login_login error: badlogin
  29. Is it really an VBulletin Opton or not ?
  30. Subforum list
  31. Code error.. please help
  32. Forms and Insert to the DB
  33. Facebook app
  34. Xbox360 Acheivement Pull
  35. Style Fetching
  36. How can I call JS function after saving of the message in the quick editor?
  37. member album sql tables
  38. Newest threads on main page
  39. 3.8 -> 4.0 Active Members on Calendar Code
  40. Help integrating Menalto Gallery2 with VB4
  41. VB4 Membermap
  42. [SOLVED] RELPATH in an vb:if condition
  43. Parse error:
  44. Multiple delete checkbox
  45. Removing stats from index
  46. VB4 template calculations
  47. need help with custom variable in header template
  48. How to move "What's Going On" to footer ?
  49. Styling Forums Statistics
  50. Mods & Their Order
  51. RegEx Case Sensitivity
  52. Date/time functions
  53. I'm having problems
  54. Freeing the variables
  55. Last Visit Time
  56. unable to create and render a template global_bootstrap
  57. Default Time Zone setting in calendar
  58. Ampersand encoding in links in custom BBCode (Solved)
  59. Show username from a certain thread
  60. Writing an app... Where do I start
  61. [HELP] Hidden Profile Field Permissions
  62. Query on custom field
  63. Check bbuser's contact list for another user?
  64. javascript in a template help
  65. Include Custom Template in Other Templates?
  66. Rendering a template in header
  67. using variable inside if(in_array(THIS_SCRIPT, xxxx
  68. Avatar Size In Recent Block
  69. Add fields to CMS articles
  70. Registration bug?
  71. VB Api and Thread Prefix
  72. multiple selection menu and image to display
  73. Social Bookmarks
  74. Move login box from header to top
  75. BUG in Internet Explorer with VBulletin
  76. Parentlist array
  77. Upgrade of old mod
  78. Unexpected T_STRING in custom plugin ?
  79. Very Slow query - How can I find the source of it?
  80. Moderate topics via MySQL table
  81. Can This Be Done?
  82. post rank count
  83. trying to get user name in widget
  84. Rank Stars
  85. Editing sendmessage.php
  86. Conditional Question-simple
  87. Combining threads from different forums in custom page
  88. Changing Thread Visible
  89. Overriding usergroup color markup?
  90. Custom Page
  91. Saving a userfield Select that allows user's own value using set_userfields()
  92. includes/config.php exists, but is not in the 3.6+ format.
  93. link reset every 24 hours
  94. Upload image to Album..
  95. Error when linking on facebook
  96. MySQL Error
  97. Convert VB3 mod to VB4?
  98. change advertisement locations
  99. Make custom templates and call it with "vb:raw"
  100. Thread Fork and Attachments/Views Issues
  101. Russian chars in MySQL are Ok but no in the forum
  102. Integrating the Contact list into my homepage
  103. Need Remove Required Field Message
  104. Rank / Display Group
  105. Showing an avatar in the CMS
  106. Want to hire someone to modify my Facebook Search
  107. How do I call up the login required prompt from java
  108. Adding Popup Code to Forum Template
  109. Uploader Needs Fixing
  110. Parsing BBCode
  111. Facebook Debugging / link error
  112. [MYSQL] error: Call to a member function fetch_array()
  113. Template hook prob
  114. Insert Template Into Existing Template
  115. vBulletin 4: registration form on static page?
  116. Creating an update for a custom product...
  117. BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range error
  118. Welcome PM and MAIL can't translate
  119. Recipients (PM)
  120. 2 Languajes diferent Forums
  121. Using VB as a feed for html
  122. HTML image change in Template
  123. vBulletin 4.x.x Attachment Storage Warning
  124. Multiple language phrases in product xml
  125. Script checks for user group Adfly
  126. coding help
  127. Fetch Avatar by userID?
  128. Edit Default for Hard Delete
  129. Adding Google rel=author WITHOUT using a plugin?
  130. is there anywayt to modify thread preview to show videos
  131. Add Recent Posts to custom page?
  132. User Profile page bezerk
  133. Strange "Cannot modify header information" error
  134. help use the print_membergroup_row on forum options
  135. Event Registration/RSVP Mod NOT in Calendar
  136. User Profile Field by Usergroup
  137. How to search a text string in the post table
  138. How to plug addon content into the activity stream?
  139. vB 4.2 Activity re-size avatars?
  140. IMG Attachments Default Size
  141. Urgent widget code help needed...
  142. Product adds a Profile Field to User CP
  143. How do I Add {option} to built-in [code]
  144. realchat issue in 4x
  145. How do you create a custom hook?
  146. editor help ??
  147. From the world of ASP.NET to vbulletin
  148. sidebar code help needed,
  149. How to refresh activitystream each X second ?
  150. Anyone smart enough?
  151. Form in forumblock
  152. cbox shoutbox
  153. How can I implement single sigon?
  154. How can I place a jquiery slider into a CMS article, or maybe even post in a thread?
  155. Hook before login authetification or redirect to login again
  156. Using the same $vbulletin->options across multiple products
  157. Rollover Image help
  158. Profile Fields - On Certain Usergroups Only
  159. help | create Hook Plugin
  160. how to remove Whats New tab
  161. Prevent concurrent login for same user account
  162. Admin Login error
  163. Footer Template error
  164. verify_username fails with missing charset in stylevars
  165. Insert Image Function
  166. Setting custom user profile fields with datamanager
  167. Insert Smiley Box
  168. Help creating a plug-in that puts code into a template
  169. Change selected tab on custom page
  170. Custom Programming Project
  171. Login issue
  172. Import Wordpress Header
  173. Getting lot of Database error message
  174. Header Ad Issue
  175. Plugin conflict: template hooks break when I use $templater = vB_Template::create();
  176. Custom Variable Containing HTML displays Tags instead
  177. Remove Admin from who's online counter
  178. Dynamic custom profile field
  179. forumbit Template - How to Get Forum ID For Use In Included Template?
  180. adding flash photo gallery to custom page
  181. Is it possible to create an RSS Feed from Articles
  182. usergroup status equals profile option setting
  183. Current page in breadcrumbs as a link?
  184. Can Datamanager be used for non-VB-default tables?
  185. moderation queue notification
  186. Redirect after 'x' seconds
  187. Add a video
  188. Post Thanks and Like Hack?
  189. User Activity Monitoring
  190. Get my users ip
  191. upgrade security patch for vbulletin 4.1.12 please help
  192. Reputation in profile
  193. File Uploading Error
  194. Auto-Subscribe for all forums and threads
  195. How to Geotarget for Affiliates
  196. vbcms_widget_recentarticle_page formatting
  197. remove 'post new thread' button from cirtain forum
  198. A question about external.php
  199. Help with Login Form
  200. Content Paging
  201. Need CSS Help With Moving A Slider To Top Of A Cms Article
  202. Prevent Script on Popup Misc.php
  203. Username Image , Limit the Image size
  204. Parsing Multi-Select Profile Fields
  205. check my php/sql code pls....
  206. MyBB Reputation system
  207. 404 errors
  208. Making a hack - how to add an options item, and recall an item in it in xml cpnav?
  209. Maximum Videos Per Thread?
  210. make a link that autofill an input in the linked page
  211. Good book on VBulletin?
  212. Video code - Post needs to be edited & saved to make it work
  213. Mobile API register new member
  214. [Mobile API] Methods documentation is missing
  215. Use plugin to edit a file
  216. fetch user profile field from database
  217. Giving vB Usergroups/Accounts Access Pasword-protected Files?
  218. Integrate a job-posting add-on to Vbulletin
  219. Injecting code into existing template code
  220. How do i Check a post ID is odd or even?
  221. Custom PHP Page Dynamic Data to template?
  222. Forum Threads with thread avatar on custom page
  223. Ignore duplicate IP users in register.
  224. Pruning users with sql
  225. Custom Mod
  226. Retrieve Avatar From Outside Script
  227. Installing PopOver on 4-2-0
  228. Images are Linked to Source??
  229. Vbulletin database connection
  230. Correct setting for forum subdir home?
  231. Too many write requests?
  232. Security Token Error
  233. Articles on how to write my own plugins/mods
  234. capcha new thread
  235. Random Image Forum Side Block?
  236. if condition Question. display after EVERY post
  237. Forum stats on a custom vb page?
  238. BreadCrumbs...
  239. Problem with inserting a variable into a template
  240. Best way to get $vbulletin->userinfo from an external page
  241. List all threads without any response ?
  242. update urser post
  243. Navigation Tab to open a new window.
  244. RSS Feeds.
  245. code optimize
  246. Cellpadding doesn't work
  247. Force additional usergroup registration to be approved
  248. Pull Forum RSS Feeds to Custom Pages on vBulletin 4
  249. Enable Private Messaging via SQL?
  250. Loading templates within plugins