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  1. Custom Fields in Mobile API Response
  2. External PHP, creates endless redirect of threads.
  3. Trying to add Popoular Threads Block
  4. How to make the CKeditor return BBCODE and count caracters
  5. How to make check-boxes for style selections in settings/options...
  6. Adding HR Tag in CMS Article
  7. How to add forum (linked) to the 10 most recent threads widget
  8. Show/Hide Signature based on custom profile field
  9. CMS article preview too long
  10. Edit template with hook?
  11. $template_hook['postbit_userinfo_right'] not working
  12. hi
  13. Call to a member function query_read() on a non-object
  14. Adding a custom button on show/view forum
  15. fetch_user_avatar
  16. One Touch Email unsubscribe
  17. External Files Problem
  18. Navbar color
  19. Hooking and changing Title and msgarea
  20. Need Phrase List
  21. How to pass users pw through email?
  22. Working with rssposter_parse_rss hook
  23. Thread pictures? //looking for help $$
  24. filter articles by date
  25. Custom Who's Online to show users on Custom Page Only
  26. Custom Profile Field for Username HTML Mark Up
  27. THIS_SCRIPT issue
  28. Add custom event listener to button
  29. How Do I Remove A Section Widget
  30. How to filter some forums in my ForumHome?
  31. How To Fix Database error in vBulletin 4.2.0 for new thread or new nreply ?
  32. random banner code - what am I doing wrong?
  33. Require Poll to Post NEW Thread
  34. How to Add rel=author to vBulletin 4.2 ???
  35. Select Image to upload to Twitter
  36. A full code example
  37. how to remove views on forumdisplay
  38. vBulletin Editor Outside forum dir..
  39. How can i edite the upper bar ?
  40. Use radio buttons in product settings
  41. Replace Conditionals with Variables?
  42. Problem with using plugin variables in templates
  43. Help with a header plugin...
  44. External registration
  45. What is the best way to learn vBulletin programming?
  46. External Login Form
  47. You Have Been Quoted in a Post popup notification
  48. Looking for developer to take over add-on
  49. Looking for force attachment
  50. RSS reader to display more the 1 forum RSS feed
  51. Anyone know how to copy this code???
  52. Move User Info. to Left Side of Post
  53. Plugin Query?
  54. How to access PHP files without opening a new browser window?
  55. Custom "User Location" for Who's Online
  56. Add drop down to certain boards and not others.
  57. Sharing login credentials between vBulletin and Big Commerce
  58. Find artcles awaiting moderation on database
  59. import a login session on a page
  60. how to create plugin from 0 ?
  61. [RESOLVED] php forumid array
  62. how can i make ppl login from of a blank page?
  63. Get all post ids in an array
  64. Password Encriptions
  65. How do I Check Mod Permission via Plugin
  66. Condition "if you have posted in this thread
  67. Conditional for prefix help
  68. Converting Mods
  69. How can i make this ?
  70. header already been send...
  71. Which sites teach advanced coding for creating mods?
  72. problem with database error
  73. Still looking...
  74. Exporting Options with Product
  75. Noob Question :)
  76. Two issues hoping for some help
  77. selected navbar not showing in custom navbar!!
  78. Update options outside of the settings menu?
  79. function to include code on templates
  80. Search URL Parameters for prefix
  81. Facebook page
  82. Looking for some assistance or ideas on how to integrate WP with VB4 more
  83. Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type text/css
  84. Vbulletin 4 user profile field help needed?
  85. Change the link for the "Post new Thread Button"
  86. problem with facebook connect
  87. custom search box code?
  88. Plupload for vbulletin?
  89. Adding a notification.
  90. Automatic Account creation Error Handling & Usergroup Updating
  91. Custom Access Error Message
  92. Hooking into registration process. Check for validity
  93. template won't save
  94. Display Theme According To Resolution?
  95. Social network
  96. Registration Day Anniversary Condition
  97. How to display countdown timer for AJAX image refresh?
  98. blog quick edit error
  99. Vbulletin Settings: How to utilize Check boxes in option code?
  100. more than 1 prefix
  101. Highlight Thread on mouse over
  102. Update Usergroup using Php Script if email already exist
  103. Sidebar Widget - Which Variables to Use?
  104. Keeping Moderation Notification Up longer
  105. Forumdisplay titles
  106. database help
  107. query to change emoticons shortcuts in old posts
  108. Redirecting Old XenForo Links to vBulletin?
  109. Last Post and View columns
  110. Query syntax error help
  111. Multiple Group Banner
  112. template rendered null?
  113. Forcing load order for header
  114. cpnav
  115. tabbed CMS widget with php
  116. Changing format of CMS WIDET RECENT THREAD
  117. Merging Template Hook Ins?
  118. AdGuard Project
  119. AJAX Live Search - CMS Article?
  120. Database problems
  121. Loading an external xml file (simplexml_load_file)
  122. Comparing Friend UserID
  123. Total members registered in showthread template
  124. Adding value to database when successfully logged in
  125. Biography field varaible name..
  126. how put this rank
  127. Bridge into Concrete5
  128. MSQL Error with same user.
  129. How to enable Facebook login button from outside the forum folder
  130. vB API register_addmember Method Example
  131. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
  132. How can i sort alphabetically in templates?
  133. Disabling the Below Navbar ad location for specific forums
  134. No email verification for App users - is there an addon?
  135. PHP scripts in a notice
  136. how to change style for each box in forum
  137. [help] How to get new thread title from external using POST
  138. Error Php Code ([PHP][/PHP])
  139. Vbulletin Upgrade From 3X to $X Issue
  140. How to str_replace in vb4
  141. Getting errors when I run schedule task
  142. How to add options on admin usergroup edit page
  143. Security Token Expired On Two Pages That I Created
  144. Adding row to setting table, but not loaded on $vbulletin
  145. editing height of post area?
  146. How to reset vbseo information to default
  147. Need making an XML product to add a simple HTML on forumhome?
  148. vb 4.2.0 Patch Level 2 Editor Problem
  149. Styling question?
  150. Another Str_Replace Question (vB4 & vB3)
  151. Ad Position
  152. Remove pasted image in posts.
  153. Help with Flickr feed on forum
  154. Making a Banner Do Follow ??
  155. how to display custom field in forum
  156. Forum Home Calendar displayed on CMS Home
  157. Enabling Facebook Connect for 4.1.12
  158. Display forums on another forum
  159. Question about VBB Template language
  160. Cloudfront signed urls getting scrambled by eval()
  161. Problem with vbcms_content_phpeval_page
  162. Hiding a specific forum from WOL
  163. Help with widget code
  164. Template Help | Forum Variables
  165. [ask] how to show 'give reputation button' on forumdisplay?
  166. displaying large numbers of custom pages in vb
  167. Word counter
  168. Doing maths with variables.
  169. Forum Blocks "recent posts" position
  170. Hide something in private message pages
  171. Need to modify category widget
  172. Mod template phrases and ACP settings
  173. Why nobody code a "real" Live activity feed ?
  174. Replace bbcode on the post?
  175. VBadvanced Owner Brian
  176. Please change this vB3 code to work in vB4 and how to use human_verify in newthread
  177. SideBar forum Defoult Closed
  178. Database Error
  179. Keyword - Description Variable
  180. XML - Failing to use $replace on vB4?
  181. I don't find anything to automatically delete inactive accounts
  182. Preregistering & custom pages
  183. Recent threads widget modification
  184. need help about making random ads in sideblock
  185. How to show Field box to introduce text and save it?
  186. Username change via external system?
  187. ClickBank Option in Subscriptions
  188. modification help-postbit popup
  189. VB4 API to populate articles, photo albums from a non vbulletin database
  190. BBCODE Parsing in Standard Editor
  191. opening new window after click on banner
  192. "new" vbTemplate help
  193. Calculation on date profile fields
  194. Userid fetch and pass?
  195. How tables are modified after making an article
  196. About caching templates.
  197. Show | Hide Sub-Forums
  198. Alter inline post text
  199. Help with modifying quote code
  200. New Similar Threads Plugin?
  201. plugin installation.
  202. I need the conditional for poster usergroup ID in postbit
  203. Template Saving Problems
  204. Building a plugin need help
  205. Need help with an if statement in my plugin please help
  206. not to display string if variable is null.
  207. Registring a variable.
  208. Format raw birthday.
  209. Any advice on creating a JSON object of a user's information?
  210. Advanced Search not showing up
  211. How to I change the font style and color of my threads.
  212. change forum links
  213. Ban Usergroup from Specific Thread Prefix
  214. Using custom fields on member.php
  215. www or not ?
  216. Rich snippets (microdata, microformats, and RDFa) for vBulletin 4 ?
  217. Custom Page parsing List BB's problem
  218. add share button after any article
  219. Upgrade Question from vB3.8 to vB4.2!
  220. Has anyone tried moving the customize profile button to the "edit profile" page?
  221. Adding reputation per post (need help)
  222. Admin CP Help
  223. help Guest in the forumhome
  224. 'Fake' User Profile Field
  225. BBCode and variables
  226. Ban Usergroup from posting videos and images?
  227. Enhanced Logging to access.log?
  228. After X post's can post links
  229. Error 1054 when open New Thread
  230. Moving users into a user group based on signature url and ...
  231. A job addon
  232. can't get variable to output?
  233. Pressing Manage Ads dissapear left menu
  234. Ad after every sixth post
  235. Help Im Disperate
  236. Custom Database Submittion
  237. Format Profilefield
  238. PHP widget isses
  239. Use of output on php code
  240. vB 4.2 Navigation Manager
  241. Error 2006 <HY000> at line 3096232: MySQL server has gone away
  242. how do I add profile sub tabs
  243. User Control Panel - Edit Signature
  244. Default Postbit
  245. Load specific custom field in registration page?
  246. Widget Visible for Logged Out Only
  247. Error in edit post after upgrade
  248. Vbulletin Blog Posts not indexed after 10 days?
  249. Editor BBcodes JS Click event
  250. exclude forums from @stream