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  1. login issues
  2. Random Poll Widget for CMS
  3. Problem solving with the new template system
  4. moderators can mod any forum from "whats new"
  5. Displaying advert in sideblock
  6. vbphrases in php
  7. Need a Mod to get updated to vB4
  8. Accessing board settings in plugin
  9. Moving Search Bar
  10. Updating Mod to v4... while not iterating?
  11. using VB:VAR within a conditional?
  12. How do I include PHP file in CMS Widget?
  13. What is the var for the folllowing?
  14. Getting Template Hook to Activate - Postbit
  15. need help on building output in template
  16. Cellspacing Cellpadding
  17. Widget and side block.
  19. Rotating Ad Widget???? Can't get it to work
  20. Rotating banner next to titleimage
  21. SQL LIKE Operator
  22. is there a starter guide for vb programming?
  23. HELP Added tab now how to create page??
  24. Template Parser Acting Stupid...
  25. how to get the username in plugincode?
  26. How would I convert this function call to VB4?
  27. Navigation Bar - Banner URL Links
  28. Adding an extra tab to the navbar
  29. How to check in sidebar (forum blocks) if user is logged in?
  30. IF Conditions
  31. BBCode for links to open in the same window/tab
  32. Receiving error /[object Object] was not found on mobile devices
  33. How to call a variable from within the Threadbit template?
  34. user albums link in postbit legacy?
  35. Passing a variable from the sidebar
  36. Creating Your Own vB4 Mods
  37. Custom VB4.0 Style & WP Integration?
  38. How can I get my current location (threadid) in a plugin?
  39. str_replace editor_toolbar_start quick reply
  40. include .php file
  41. Including output of PHP file in custom template? [closed]
  42. Attachment help need badly
  43. converting vb3 MOD to vb4 MOD
  44. vbphrase works in forum&blog navbar but not CMS navbar...?
  45. Missing text beside signature checkbox
  46. Using $vbulletin or $db in non-vb powered php file?
  47. How do I create a custom PHP landing page?
  48. Generic Smilies.
  49. Help to add php code to additional VB4 page
  50. Hide post from guests
  51. HOW to reset members date of birth?
  52. Integrating ProChatroom help?
  53. Calling a variable. Simple question...well it used to be.
  54. admincp misbehaving
  55. need help formulating a sql query - SOLVEd
  56. Converting 3.8.3 Style to 4.0
  57. Intergrating a new page.
  58. Avatar in Threadbit
  59. How to show UserID in postbit legacy?
  60. VB Sidebar w/blocks on other pages
  61. getting more than 1 banner in ad location?
  62. Need help with Usergroup restrictions [SOLVED]
  63. How to show User Album link in postbit legacy?
  64. Widget - Upcoming Events
  65. Widget - Forum Stats
  66. Widget - Weather
  67. Template input -> php -> db update, register variable's ? [SOLVED]
  68. Blog subscribe error
  69. Certain banners/widgets in certain sections
  70. Possible to know UserID (pretemplate) in php to load content. [] - new question
  71. Database Driven Bitfield (Usergroup Management)
  72. A little RTL optimization question
  73. Problems integrating external PHP pages with VB4
  74. Adding the sessionhash to javascript/ajax
  75. [php] Using the abs() function ?
  76. delete, when up for it :D
  77. Mass MP
  78. howto acces attachmentinfo in attachment.php
  79. Main differences in plugins between vB3 and vB4
  80. Adding additonal info in postbit
  81. MVC Impressions?
  82. My Friends Activity - Question about the template/php for this
  83. forum post widget that needs an evaluation
  84. put profile field out in widget
  85. Using Forum Username and Password for game client
  86. Admin default post color
  87. External PHP forms not posting properly, also question about structure
  88. How to get forumid in plugin
  89. Adding information under users Avatar
  90. How to make articles publish automatically?
  91. Articles Not Publishing
  92. Running a query from plugin ? using default function ?
  93. Help: Fetch the URL for a User's Avatar Function (in forumdisplay/threadbit)
  94. review/rating plugin/mod?
  95. Folders for Layouts and Widgets
  96. I am new in vB mod programming, where do I start ?
  97. cant find colorbox selector to use in admincp
  98. condition $foruminfo[title]
  99. Registered users error
  100. SQL to Article Preview
  101. if Conditional with variables
  102. vb:raw inside language phrases
  103. CMS Section properties
  104. Different first forum postbit in vb4
  105. Template parsing help
  106. Vbulletin 4-message Is Too Short Problem!
  107. Custom Profile info into Postbit.
  108. $vbulletin->templatecache in vB4
  109. Possible Bug in postbit_signature_end ?
  110. Remove images from descriptions
  111. How to replace all template content with other one ?
  112. Can't add Google AdSense widget
  113. Threads/Posts not Showing Up
  114. [SOLVED] Control panel php, editable tables, "style/presentation issues" [SOLVED]
  115. Forum Search non-vB page
  116. redirecting parameters dissapears
  117. I need header include template file
  118. Category / Section Variables?
  119. How do you edit cms vbulletin 4.0 homepage keywords?
  120. CMS Help for custom pages
  121. navbar help?
  122. problem with input box's possible syntax issue, '' vs " "
  123. how do I move "view first unread" to the left again?
  124. sql problem, limit is not working
  125. Attaching Javascript callback to ajax post editing
  126. Digital Clock vb 4.0
  127. $dbalter->add_field Question
  128. Need to remove YouTube [video] feature
  129. Help with if condition
  130. Settings Datatype
  131. CMS Widget, PHP, caching
  132. Definition encoding
  133. Migrating From VB 3.6 to 4.0 Suggestions
  134. Experiences in migrating a large hack to vb4
  135. registration image verification problem
  136. Pagenav align
  137. Tweaking the logout functionality
  138. Moving Calendar and FAQ to navtab
  139. Redirect midway during processing?
  140. Need help about {vb:link} tag
  141. foruminfo description variable
  142. Application posting to forums
  143. Hook Location
  144. register image verification text not coming
  145. direct call a members tab is not working properly
  146. Quick Hook Question (postbit related)
  147. SQL COUNT(condition)?
  148. Porting Plugins to vb4 from wp
  149. is it posible to use $vbphrase in a plugin
  150. Help with getting this very small plug-in to work with vb 4!
  151. "Reply with quote" behavior
  152. [Solved] get the userid?
  153. Code help
  154. Fake users for 4.0
  155. Current Active Users
  156. Problem with security token.
  157. hook location not in plugin manager
  158. Add menu items / nav items in UserCP
  159. vBulletin JavaScript - Collapsing elements
  160. Photopost Widget
  161. Modify vb4 CMS grid?
  162. YUI javascript, problem with IE
  163. How to split Views & replies on VB4 Gold PL1
  164. How to make this code works in vb4?
  165. Moving $notices from Navbar Template to Header Template
  166. Replace rep image with text issue
  167. Prompt user to drop table on product upgrade?
  168. Generating forums through script
  169. How to: change template colors and...
  170. Looking for Hourly Calendar Mod
  171. SOLVED cant fetch userid with bbuserinfo SOLVED
  172. Documentation for developers new to VB?
  173. Custom SEO URL Rewrite
  174. Db Error ???
  175. My Account Not Login In Forum
  176. How to include custom php-generated content into VB?
  177. problem submitting a <form> action contents
  178. [Security]looking for alternative way to htmlspecialchars_uni.
  179. Custom searchtype?
  180. Change in 4.0.1 that broke my extern cron
  181. perm remove all deleted posts?
  182. Does that function exist?
  183. C+ code and vbulletin question
  184. Photo Widget
  185. Possible to set forum up to resemble Backpage?
  186. Counting Posts in a Specific forum, versus ALL forums
  187. Error Message - Control Panel
  188. How to customize the Section widget
  189. How to get access to the vbulletin object from templates?
  190. How do I register lastpostid in a template/php file?
  191. How to edit customfield for plugin
  192. User Avatar from another program
  193. 2 mods, same hook, require a linebreak, but how ?
  194. it is possible to make "last activity" in show groups?
  195. Phrase groups?
  196. Remove permission from custom page
  197. How to download attachments permission
  198. Stylesheet
  199. CMS in root?
  200. CMS Recent Forum Posts
  201. Logging in issues
  202. vbulletin redirects?
  203. how do i add a extra icon to the postbit
  204. styleid in global.php?
  205. Form problems: everything posts as "S"
  206. Setting prefix on newthread_post_start
  207. [REQ] Referral counter with custom link for vb4.0.1!!
  208. need help creating a product...
  209. (ask) add watermark to attached pictures
  210. Calling custom templates in vB default templates
  211. Custom Profile Fields "Extra Options" missing in 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 upgrade
  212. Need fresh eyes to check code
  213. Change templatecache
  214. [Hatching an Idea] Username Replaced with Realname
  215. Datastore in widgets
  216. Search New Thread from selected forums with getnew
  217. PHP user variables in templates
  218. Where do i place a java script i want run in header
  219. Nested <vb:each> template calls
  220. Admin CP print_select_row Help
  221. Register variables
  222. User Profile Fields permission issues
  223. Quick question regarding variable registration
  224. Changed Global phrase for home tab but did not work on CMS
  225. [SOLVED] help : if conditional - Syntax error when saveing template [SOLVED]
  226. how do i add a link INSIDE modCP just like admincp
  227. Fatal error: Call to a member function hide_errors() on a non-object
  228. Phrase question
  229. Drop Down Menus
  230. Minimum post count requirement to post a blog?
  231. Incredible ugly bug with hook inlinemod_domergethread!
  232. LiveValidation JavaScript in templates
  233. Syntax Error
  234. Registration process: Allow user to select user group?
  235. Understanding exec_header_redirect
  236. mysql statement and filtering on image type
  237. Reporting Question & Programming
  238. Creating a Product - process ?
  239. Item added to navbar doesn't appear on all pages
  240. Notice Post Data HTML Question
  241. Log all login failures
  242. print_r equivalent
  243. Any idea to optimize THIS query?
  244. howto add my custom style sheet
  245. mod request thread in the mod forum
  246. Pulling html data via SSI on vBulletin
  247. [solved] vbulletin > settings > using a dropdown box or radio for settings ? [solved]
  248. Getting variable output to display in header
  249. [solved] Postbit dropdown menu for extra fields
  250. BBCode Remove