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  1. How can I insert new fields within an existing admin form via plugin/hooks?
  2. Calling recent blog posts externally
  3. Changing invalidid_ajax for albums
  4. Variable for Username of the Person who posted the item.
  5. jQuery slideUp() and slideDown() problem
  6. Navbar Last Element / Navbits Last Element Length
  7. Vbulletin Image Options
  8. Illegal string offset
  9. Urgent help needed with queries
  10. Change username color with a profile field
  11. Add profile fields in the stats section (Forumhome)
  12. Add username to widget title
  13. Ajax mod for similar threads for 4.x version
  14. Morning, afternoon, evening?
  15. Deny usergroup access to a custom script
  16. Modifying auto generated Blog <title> and og:description tags
  17. How to show logged in username
  18. How to convert DB vbb3 to vbb4
  19. Missing API documents? Where did they go?
  20. Email Client for VB4?
  21. Send PM's Programatically??
  22. Fatal error, one user???
  23. Custom Postbit Question
  24. edit Topic
  25. php direct evaluation
  26. displaying results from two tables as seperate blocks
  27. register_addmember_process + custom errors
  28. Issue auto converting image links to attachments
  29. How to put Image Dimensions in VB4
  30. Trouble raising header logo
  31. How can I change product's settings via code?
  32. Advanced Fraud Control
  33. Images suddenly showing up as attchments
  34. Removing Recent Forums From Content
  35. Facebook Connect on External Site
  36. Google AdSense Publisher ID
  37. Paid Mods?
  38. Having trouble logging in via the API
  39. Single Sign-On Advice
  40. Who make a brigde in php?
  41. Encryption method?
  42. how to update the ckeditor version in vbulletin 4.2?
  43. Checkbox Issue on postbit legacy
  44. Login/Logo error message. (Minor)
  45. Error message on "The front Page" CMS
  46. How to redirect the Post New Thread button?
  47. VB4 Message body not working?
  48. If display group template conditional
  49. Birthdays in Current Month
  50. VB Landing Page
  51. Handling development and production dbs
  52. Question : checkdnsrr
  53. Need Help to edit the template
  54. html url for Vb4.2 pl2
  55. Unique Email Addresses
  56. Remove Forum From New Posts ??
  57. SQl query help
  58. Asp site and vbulletin member integrate
  59. Error 1054 in 4.2.0 Patch Level 2
  60. htaccess - url rewrite help
  61. A 'bot' for automated thread posting
  62. Facebook does not show the correct thumbnail on new post
  63. style caching problem
  64. Including global.php when forum set to not active.
  65. extract thread from aVbulletin database
  66. unknown location.
  67. Any documentation available?
  68. weird symbols €™s
  69. How does one remove Posticons from homepage?
  70. Change "Last post" on FORUMDISPLAY and FORUMHOME to "Last Thread"
  71. vB coder needed.
  72. "joindate" display?
  73. Copy a thread with Datamanager
  74. How can I integrate who's online with a page which I made
  75. Forum Registration Hooks
  76. Postbit or showthread hook location
  77. How can I change an image based on newposts and activity?
  78. Poll Text Color
  79. Vbulletin Torrent Tracker
  80. hide a block from membergroup
  81. Rebuild User Reputation
  82. QUESTION : vbsettings ( options )
  83. Highlight Text Box
  84. Need help with $_GET['ting'] a parameter value to show in a template
  85. Ckeditor help
  86. php and mysql compatablity for vbulletin 4.1.12 PL2
  87. php file help
  88. Admincp Files
  89. File Create Option
  90. Forum Block help
  91. Variable support
  92. Validation PHP Code Help
  93. Mod Request: Forum Stats in Sidebar
  94. Unique user profile fields
  95. Registering $variables for Forumhome
  96. Check if IP address is in use, deny registration
  97. Profile link to Corkboard instead activities
  98. How to SQL auto add profile field?
  99. Schedule tasks help
  100. About Me
  101. Code for Displaying Avatar Pic
  102. PHP/Scripts Advertising
  103. Adding New links to header?
  104. [How can I]I want to display something in FOOTER - but only on the home page
  105. Changing code in template
  106. Can't Edit Css For Theme
  107. Hooks
  108. Where is function add new box in vbulletin core
  109. Search in current forum only
  110. Online forum users in showthread
  111. Paid Subscription
  112. Conditional for Forum tab
  113. Thumbnail Image- Not Showing Up On Facebook
  114. $vbulletin->options not available at global_bootstrap_complete unless via include?!
  115. How Do I Fix An Invalid Arguement?
  116. More usercp options
  117. Select user profile field inside a user profile field possible?
  118. variable for Payment name?
  119. php support needed
  120. coding help in MemberAction Dropdown
  121. Looking for best way to append something to a users signature + publish to facebook
  122. Locking Thread
  123. Hard Delete
  124. about the yet another award system mod
  125. Making one tab a different colour
  126. trying to get social icons to show in the left side of forum
  127. Hooked Up
  128. vBulletin CMS: Programming a PHP Widget
  129. Mobile API - login ok but no other action possible
  130. Calculating total over all views
  131. Template Hook help in Plugins
  132. Custom Eval Code Support
  133. Code to get a plugin to
  134. Whats Called Template Hook - Under the Navbar?
  135. Plugin Help - Javascript
  136. Paid Subscription
  137. Work in progress
  138. Lightbox for albums
  139. Problems with an "old" Plugin
  140. usercp css missing
  141. Help - Plugin Option in Admincp
  142. Removing Underscores From Filepaths
  143. Which part of the infraction.php file adds the thread?
  144. How to check if user belongs to certain additional usergroup in postbit profile?
  145. Hidden blocks on certain pages
  146. Is it possible to include global.php in functions and if statements
  147. BBCode Support
  148. CMS article settings default values
  149. Help - Getting Certain NavTabs Highlighted
  150. Plugin Conditional for Users Who Have Active Infraction?
  151. Admin Thread Lock
  152. md5(md5($login_password) . $salt) in MySQL
  153. Scheduled Task Help
  154. Being forced to forum login page when accessing datamanager in code
  155. Help : <if> <else> issue
  156. Resize a image included in a raw
  157. Removing unmoderated users (trolls) from Who's Online
  158. Is there a way to disable html tags?
  159. vBulletin Database Error!
  160. User control panel
  161. CMS | Error After Search
  162. Setting up WOL for custom script
  163. Fatal error: vBulletin datastore cache incomplete or corrupt in [path]\includes\init.
  164. Missing stylvar values after vBadvance CMPS install
  165. Custom PHP Code in vBulletin Forum and CMS
  166. AME3 problems after migrating to another server
  167. Way to check for Avatar on FORUMHOME and Postbit?
  168. VB 4.2.0 Cookie help
  169. Get contentid in php
  170. SITEMAP problems
  171. Hook to modify article content
  172. CMS: Remove sub-navigation bar
  173. Upon Email Verification, Choose Which Usergroup User Is Placed In?
  174. External SOAP script / issue with global.php
  175. Help needed with writing a header image rotation script
  176. Member profile Tabs in Forumhome
  177. Scheduled it Task Help
  178. Setting up in scheduled tasks email sending
  179. Why not do 1 feed then post at a time rather than save in memory?
  180. Update style through sql cmd
  181. Help a girl adjust code on a widget please
  182. Style rotator
  183. vBulletin API question
  184. Users active in past 24 hours
  185. Custom PHP Sidebar/Block Issues
  186. Change the way vbulleitn gets IP address
  187. THIS_SCRIPT Help in plugin
  188. database error
  189. How to add 1 character to the title of all RSS feeds through SQL
  190. Hide links automatically
  191. Redirect Successful subscription to custom page
  192. Echo bbcode or vbulletin code with php outside forums
  193. add plug-in, can't submit
  194. Looking for Automated vB CMS social bookmarking plugin
  195. Trying to use if conditional but can't get it to work
  196. where shoukd i be reading if i want to create MODS
  197. Badwords conditional
  198. 4.0.x addon on 4.2.0 forum?
  199. Function location?
  200. my site has been hacked and now its send Too many requests
  201. My thread/ replies fix to vb 4.2
  202. Content Behind a Paywall?
  203. $vbulletin->datastore->fetch(array('customname')) adds 1 extra database call
  204. Dropdown tab selected in some forum category.
  205. Duplicate group tab on user profile
  206. datamanager_init('User') save() "Duplicate entry" error in "usertextfield" table
  207. User Online
  208. What do I need to do to have Facebook be the only sign up option?
  209. VB4.1.12 Attachment files
  210. Vbulletin plugin problem
  211. RSS Feeds Question
  212. how to call $postinfo['postid']
  213. avatar overlay effect not working
  214. Tell me how to alter the widget category
  215. Best php functions to block?
  216. fetch XML data to template?
  217. Regular Expression for lower case to upper case
  218. Home Page Redirecting???
  219. Edit {vb:raw notifications_menubits}
  220. Postbit_legacy: add image problem
  221. Screen Resolution Conditional to Wrap Around Some Template Code?
  222. CCBill Webhooks Intigration
  223. Running a script after Save postback??
  224. HELP!!!!Going crazy with this one.
  225. fetch users gave reputation
  226. Looking for a dev who can assist with some customizations
  227. Show userfield in what's going on (almost there)
  228. The code to force ignore
  229. Check registered email against values in another database
  230. Bulk Upload of Pictures in to User Albums
  231. Cloudflare problems
  232. Notifications
  233. I'm in need of some helping getting Vba_CMPS up and running since my recovery
  234. Arranging blog entries by date modified instead of date posted
  235. How To Create Redirector Page ?
  236. How to use is_member_of in template postbit
  237. add tags to post via data manager
  238. Include part of headinclude codes in other template
  239. Facebook fanpage like button on forum
  240. Unknown Database Error
  241. What is that CSS?
  242. Switches in pages
  243. Creating a custom block help
  244. Cant Sumbit Reply & reCapcha Not Showing On Mobile Style
  245. Mobile API (Beginner)
  246. How to display a count for the number of members in a certain usergroup
  247. Resolution Problem
  248. New Thread Post Process
  249. side bar size
  250. Rss Feed Hiddein Problem