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  1. Database error in vBulletin 4.1.1
  2. i need a bit help learning
  3. css.php error message
  4. Custom BCCODE Image Resize
  5. Need some help with userfields
  6. Upgrade to 4.2 & Mods not working
  7. How to creat mississng table in database ?
  8. pull xml feed in forum block?
  9. How to random array?
  10. extra postbit info from database
  11. Activity Stream - New Posts Default
  12. Add Facebook button to PHP Direct Evaluation Pages
  13. Here is some code for adding recent threads on website front page
  14. Know if it's a locked thread?
  15. Want to show social groups thumbnails
  16. VB Passwords with other programs
  17. Passing a variable into header()function.
  18. Limit Rss Feed Description VB 4
  19. css not showing up when css saved as file
  20. Help : customise block in the sidebare
  21. Collation Setting Problem
  22. Getting Custom User Fields in Plugin
  23. Advanced Login System
  24. Navbar Disappeared on Search page
  25. Permissions, db or sql issue?
  26. Copying Data from one forum to another
  27. Send Guests to an External URL or Static Page
  28. what is this called in php?
  29. Custom Profile Field Permissions
  30. Attachments Table - Going Mad!
  31. If to post as another user?
  32. VM question
  33. htaccess help
  34. Profile Fields & CSS
  35. Turning a User Profile Field into a link
  36. How to use Facebook profile picture as user avatar?
  37. .htaccess gone
  38. Problem with adding code to the footer.
  39. can anyone help me ? my this page is messed up
  40. vbulletin variable help
  41. How To Show Online User In Header ?
  42. Need help please
  43. How to pull an avatar into an article?
  44. Subscriber Credits
  45. hook for Paid suscription
  46. [Solved] Add Custom Profile Fields to New User Moderation
  47. Memberlist Display
  48. [Solved]CSS & JavaScript via function
  49. Validation of the HTML codes
  50. Change Ad Load Order in vb?
  51. CMS Tabs question
  52. Need help with what I believe to be a scripting issue
  53. postdata_presave hook
  54. BUG - Permissions issue with Admin Closed threads
  55. problem in get $vbulletin into external class
  56. Making the what's new tab stand out.
  57. Code for post background not working
  58. Server Error Log - Please help
  59. SQL data conversion help
  60. vBSSO / Shared Login
  61. Selectively style user-group postbit content
  62. Need to find the function
  63. Adding preview text to cms widget
  64. Can you embed part of a forum to another website?
  65. New users registered with FB connect don't get the set timezone
  66. How to show adsense between post?
  67. Add User PHP Script
  68. Thread ID Variable
  69. phpMyadmin query help
  70. How to replace text in content - Please help
  71. Help me show
  72. Way above me :(
  73. Help with plugins
  74. Displaying VB Variables in external page - particularly forum stats
  75. anonymous mod
  76. Integration to JOOMLA
  77. Remote Post
  78. add friend
  79. Create a 503 redirect on the maintenance page
  80. Changing RSS Manager to allow PHP in the description field
  81. mysql database repair
  82. Attachment update
  83. Anyone Using php flush For Server Optimization
  84. Camera-slider for vb4 CMS
  85. Full thread in email notifications
  86. add custom attribute to forums
  87. Make forum URL .com?
  88. Nofollow Tag Cloud
  89. Effects Of Forum Categories On Performance
  90. Attachment Function
  91. $foruminfo variables in ad location templates?
  92. AdminCP usergroup organization?
  93. External PHP file not displaying results
  94. News Section Mod/Widget/Tutorial?
  95. MySQL Database Load-Balancing for vBulletin?
  96. allow super moderators to add smilies?
  97. Understanding the CSS Rollup
  98. User Spot light with avatar
  99. Internal Server Error
  100. If custom field is set to x then do y
  101. Thread image uploader problem
  102. Donate mod
  103. Auto Thread deletion after x days
  104. Latest Posts Adjustment
  105. Two questions
  106. Add Google Checkout to Paid Subscriptions vB4 ?
  107. Help Converting This Code
  108. Can't find code I put in my site, HELP
  109. Order results by VIP Members first
  110. 2 forum pages
  111. can't use adminCP
  112. ?! consistent mysql_connect() error
  113. What does this mean exactly?
  114. Need help with a little custom page
  115. Help with VB update
  116. Help with Software
  117. Adding new ajax functionality
  118. SQL query questions
  119. Change the canonical URLs
  120. query to find one word titles
  121. Custom PHP - Prevent vBulletin from timing users out?
  122. first post counted as reply in custom script
  123. Add custombar below Whos Online in Whats going on tab.
  124. Random banner code - how to use in forum block?
  125. find replace issue
  126. table optimize timeout
  127. Add new Class to vB CMS
  128. Redirect pages with login forms on them to a custom URL?
  129. Change link of "post new thread"
  130. Only Show Articles Link in Profile if User has Articles
  131. CSS using full url paths for google cache or combine
  132. Hotmail not receiving confirmation mails
  133. Forums won't start
  134. mysql_query error number
  135. Issue with query
  136. db thanks / like ... actual "like" button wont load
  137. To many Users "Awaiting Email Confirmation"
  138. Import Text Into vB4
  139. Thread data manager and line breaks
  140. Create cpanel emails in vbulletin Dev. please look.
  141. Can this query be simplified?
  142. Showthread Conditional help please
  143. How to remove 'create posts' button at the blog?
  144. How to insert a poll into a custom made page?
  145. Show the Posters Primary and Secondary usergroups in Post Bit Legacy
  146. need help with multi demensional variable(array) in threadbit
  147. Admin Cp Color Change?!
  148. Help me : Database error
  149. Using Datamanger with v4.2.0 error
  150. Is there an Advanced Infraction system?
  151. Fields Required when Inserting new Users to database
  152. Seems like an easy bbCode mod?
  153. Mobile API
  154. Invalid API Signature
  155. Font Color for Forum Category Title & Description
  156. Help Me for A Register Widget Please...
  157. Semantic markup
  158. Adsense for search question 4.2.0
  159. Adding Search Specific Forum Option
  160. Navbar Template Conditionals Help
  161. vB 4.2 Sitemap Build Errors
  162. Login
  163. how do i use "for loop" in a PHP block ?
  164. Disabling mod per usergroup
  165. Profile Fields
  166. Ckeditor option
  167. How to replicate a forum page?
  168. Admin logged in as User
  169. Displaying usergroup user title above avatar and custom user title below avatar
  170. Script/SQL comman(s) for querying for orphaned images/attachments?
  171. Blok at the side
  172. vBulletin Database Error
  173. 1 User cannot send PM's
  174. How to add notification for new replies to vb 4.2.0?
  175. Is there any addon like this for vb 4.2?
  176. Show code on certain location
  177. Header sizing help
  178. I have a chatbox on my forum
  179. Wordpress Forms into Vbulletin forum
  180. API documentation to retrieve uploaded gallery/images
  181. upcoming events on external Website
  182. admin_usergroup_edit doesn't seem to be working
  183. stopforumspam
  184. How to Determine if a Newthread or Newpost is in Preview Mode
  185. $this->type & 2Checkout Paid Subscription
  186. Data Grid in Custom Page
  187. PHP variable for parent and child forums?
  188. Contact list / Buddy list as a sidebar forum block?
  189. Headers to cache JavaScript
  190. How to add an ad on the thread last post
  191. Cashing query results
  192. Custom query for content from sections/categories?
  193. How to remove spam threads and posts
  194. Adding additional YUI modules
  195. Call to undefined function fetch_phrase
  196. Security question
  197. Scripts outside the main dir
  198. Coding for age based registration
  199. selecting tabs without appending tabid to url
  200. how to remove decimal in cost on subscription?
  201. Rebuilding Post Cache
  202. Modifying the memberlist.php?
  203. login unified between vb and external site
  204. Post a thread using API from a CI server
  205. Add navbar to skin?
  206. What tables are affected when a thread is moved?
  207. og: image
  208. Sidebar Vbulletin
  209. Our own crud image uploader
  210. Help With Drop Down Menu
  211. Removing additional cookie with logout
  212. Rainbow Username
  213. bots looking for signup.php
  214. [str_replace] Problem in vb4
  215. Post width help
  216. CDN for my thumbnails ( what replacement variable needed?)
  217. Plugin Support needed
  218. select sectional nav tabs
  219. if (!isset($GLOBALS['vbulletin']->db))
  220. How do i embad youtube video (HD) in my forum, i wanted to choose the best quality
  221. Breadcrumb info in header template
  222. how to identify CMS section?
  223. vB IF Statement in Newthread Template
  224. register variables not be available
  225. Sidebar widget: Recent posts with specific prefix
  226. [SOLVED] Need condition to hide a code from forumid
  227. List sections in alphabetical order
  228. [SOLVED] Need a little help with this code
  229. error that i cant seem to fix
  230. Memberinfo template extra data
  231. Ckeditor Upgrade
  232. What's going on not correctly appearing
  233. Help on how to hide vbulleting menu and login box
  234. [Mobile Style] Separate column for prefix
  235. What the best mod for mass email?
  236. Tabs plugin and content identity problem
  237. old post, new post - code wanted
  238. My edit button doesn't work
  239. Unable to post Blog
  240. Help with MySQL query
  241. Link in Postbit?
  242. Error help please
  243. Good suggestion for an improved spam modification.
  244. Custom Usergroups
  245. Custom BBCode Support Please
  246. Avatar and Signature Problems
  247. Thank-You + hide
  248. Question about Infractions config
  249. Changing userid in posts
  250. RSS feed in a forum, show more of the posts