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  1. Mod Upgrade Request Ajax Card/Key Posting
  2. facebook + weird tags
  3. RSS feed in multiple forums
  4. RSS feed for every post
  5. Variables
  6. AdminCP | PHP password protection using Sha1 hash
  7. Custom avatar not showing in Widgets
  8. What does this symbol do?
  9. Help asap
  10. Help with saving sql query results
  11. Display a list of registered (group) members, as you join a private forum
  12. vB php code in template [HELP]
  13. Log in Problem
  14. Facebook videos aren't showing up
  15. How to fix Soft 404 error after threads are merged?
  16. attachment doesnt show image but words instead
  17. How to display counter of how many sections u can see in each category
  18. can any coder fix this mod, please?
  19. vbulletin user homepage url
  20. Mobile Device Detection
  21. Hooks
  22. Get User's Style ID ?
  23. Slider problem
  24. Print current year in footer?
  25. cpnav issue
  26. Random HTML code...
  27. display script code in navgiation tab
  28. Template hooks
  29. http requests
  30. Retrieve musername (with markup)
  31. user control panel
  32. Dynamic text in navtab
  33. Default Mobile Style - Pull Forum Category Icons instead of Status Icons
  34. Smilies missing after Plugin-Script
  35. Update $post['rank']
  36. how to hide some forums when a language is selected by user
  37. cURL Mobile API login vs Login Bridge (Simple login embed)
  38. users unable to set language permanently
  39. Showing Author Avatar in Articles
  40. Subsciption Button As Recurring Donation - PayPal
  41. Display recent 30 user statuses
  42. paypal vars help please
  43. <vb:if condition="$bbuserinfo[userid]"> Not Working
  44. I can't Change between styles
  45. Help with posting please
  46. Number of registration of users for each day of the week
  47. Wide Recent Threads Widget
  48. Images outside attachement images box
  49. Where is Mailqueue processed?
  50. Programatically use a different postbit legacy template
  51. UserCP email options database locations
  52. Redirect if not logged in (external site)
  53. Export All email adresses to a .csv file
  54. CMS Article Question
  55. Registration Redirect?
  56. Failing to include PHP files into a hook
  57. Custom Styles
  58. Subscription issues
  59. Email notification for mods
  60. message for profile visitors
  61. Vbulletin Header
  62. Redirection of style IDs
  63. Wordpress integrated in vbulleitn 4.2
  64. separated notifications
  65. Setting sessions/cookies from inside hooks (login_failure)
  66. Double Navbars !! [How To]?
  67. sort by rate vb 4.1.7
  68. Widget
  69. Auto Index of post in certain forum
  70. Insert a faux post between the first and second posts
  71. Duplication issues
  72. add last post preview in search results
  73. Move threads from one forum to another
  74. ajax Post not working
  75. External Login Page
  76. How to remove show similar thread section if the thread is closed.
  77. register a variable through a hook
  78. Update Custom User title outside /forums?
  79. Limit threads to one per forum in forum thread sideblock
  80. Ajax Check
  81. Deleting Old Visitor Messages Modification and database cleaning?
  82. MySQL date format
  83. [Solved] Add Code On Beginning Template newpost_attachment
  84. Cometchat / vBulletin 4.2
  85. How can I change my Adsense account?
  86. Forum default for guest and activity for users
  87. VPS - what are the difference
  88. How i can add new Button on advanced editor and quick reply
  89. RSS Feed Check Time
  90. Facebook Connect at 4.0.1
  91. User defined PHP function in custom block
  92. Text Links ADS
  93. Query problem with username
  94. Make a own newthread for CMS
  95. Add text between every 8 thread titles
  96. post userid in hidden location?
  97. Problem installing to localhost
  98. vbulletin mysqli_real_escape_string
  99. Use $foruminfo[forumid] In_Array in BBCode
  100. Confirmation about reminder timeframe in subscriptions
  101. Help pls tracking down template problem post 4.2.0PL3 -> 4.2.1
  102. Automatic promote to article
  103. Hiding avatars per usergroup
  104. Need a fresh set of eyes to spot my error
  105. How to get thumbnail and preview of thread?
  106. no userid available in navbar/navtab since upgrade 4.2.0PL3 -> 4.2.1
  107. How to render custom postbit template?
  108. Fast insert nickname to answer
  109. custom field on showthread template via threadinfo
  110. Suffix
  111. List articles in category or section on separate page
  112. str_replace problem
  113. Thread titles in all caps (reverse anti-shouting)
  114. foreach doesnt work with IE
  115. MySQL max user connections
  116. Blog Redirect help please
  117. Help about thread content auto adding <br>
  118. hardcoding the CSS Files
  119. Using {var} in php files
  120. Help with floating some text
  121. how to redirect all old phpBB links to new VB index
  122. Multi Conditionals In Templates
  123. Permission group -leave group permission
  124. How can i change text direction in the Navbar ?
  125. How to add Time to page viewed
  126. Private Message only to admin
  127. adjusting forum row height
  128. Forum Sidebar block (Default) 4.2.1
  129. Custom Hook Location
  130. Blockhead On slightly older Modifications
  131. use same login from vbulletin
  132. Assent Manager Cuts Files Name
  133. Simple list of articles from CMS_Node
  134. Creating a Single button Move Post
  135. How To Make Thread Layout Align In The Center ?
  136. Hook global_bootstrap_init_complete
  137. SSL certificate installation
  138. Show external page only if logged in
  139. View Who is Online error
  140. hot threads of the week
  141. Move FB Connect button to nav bar
  142. Custom profilefield if:condition possible?
  143. select a category by name instead of id
  144. Using a template within.
  145. ((( Two Simultaneous Database Connections )))
  146. Custom Template Hook
  147. Facebook App w/ Multiple Domains
  148. I need Points System for vB4
  149. issue with android on mobile style
  150. fetch_foruminfo converts string to float
  151. logging out remotely
  152. Disabling/Enabling a plugin in PHP
  153. New Code BBCODE
  154. Encode post text.
  155. sidebar images instead of avatars
  156. Using the Database object in the postbit_display_complete hook
  157. Is there a way to have Different Profiles for Different Usergroups?
  158. Hook location for headinclude
  159. External login access
  160. View Video Online
  161. Hide FaceBook "Connect" Button
  162. Clickable custom User Profile field? Help!
  163. Plugin code to show for specific usergroup only
  164. User Choose Group When Editing they Profile
  165. Upload attachment to external server
  166. Vbulletin Chat
  167. Notification on external (non-vB) page
  168. Calendar Picker Problem - When the mouse pointer is hovering over list of calandars
  169. Show avatar in PM, I wrote the plugin but there is error !
  170. Facebook Image from CMS
  171. Problem with FaceBook "Connect" button
  172. Fatal error: Field in admincp edit member
  173. Login Issue
  174. Query and Output
  175. Calling content.php with a specific query ID from a php script
  176. PDF Files View On vbulletin
  177. Forum Display In Collums?
  178. 2Checkout.com Membership check out.
  179. Adding Comments to vb-cms php page?
  180. Sub threadbit icons missing
  181. Total Sub-Forum Number
  182. Using Multiple param in BBCode
  183. mysql_insert_id()
  184. Nothing but white screens
  185. Usergroups
  186. Using Quick Edit on Custom Mods...
  187. creating plugin issue
  188. User customizable menu?
  189. SQL query to search and change prefixes
  190. Limit Paid Subscriptions
  191. Forum Block coding...
  192. Will this error cause a problem?
  193. Fetch Row isn't grabbing all data in row
  194. Blog in subdomian... Remove blog.php?
  195. Add new temp but error
  196. Hide something to spiders
  197. Easiest way to check a users forum/thread view permission before displaying info?
  198. Right way to install custom PHP code in the core vB PHP files
  199. Notify user that their post has been modified
  200. News.php
  201. Change hook location?
  202. PM On Subscription Purchase and Upgrade
  203. Drop down navbar?
  204. Database API
  205. help with Permission Groups user title
  206. Adding information to "header"
  207. problem with adveritse section in admin cp
  208. CMS template conditional based on timestamp
  209. Facebook popup from the side
  210. Navigation MSqli error
  211. Report this Button Issue
  212. Change mobile image template size
  213. Quick Reply Hook?
  214. Not outputting top buyers?
  215. Best way to register a variable.
  216. I need help showing and unshowing profile fields
  217. Awards under signature
  218. Thread List - Customize
  219. Understanding how to preregister variables.
  220. By Passing the White list check
  221. Removing Facebook Connect button after login
  222. I want what I embed on Forum Home to appear on every page
  223. how to create new cms article using data manager?
  224. Special Characters Being Scrambled
  225. custom profile field in blog
  226. Microdata on forums
  227. Request Mod last posts
  228. I want to add C++ codes in my threads
  229. dir ltr to rtl changed ¿why?
  230. Rogue Code
  231. Pay per post / bump
  232. New type of Rep System.
  233. Rating Microform Data
  234. how to add banner in footer/sidebar/navaber
  235. Custom Fields in newthread
  236. CMS sections in subdomains
  237. Can I add two sub forums under one category of different languages
  238. Impex Problem Need help
  239. breadcrumb
  240. Twitter API and OAuth
  241. Using variables in templates
  242. Redirect Previous Page
  243. Redirect logout
  244. Local time in postbit
  245. How to control which cookies are used.
  246. Private Thread
  247. Add user with SQL
  248. Update Users
  249. Need Auto Template
  250. Editing the Social Group Phrase - "digestgroup"