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  1. Please Delete
  2. Forum Block
  3. Looking for a good quote notification plugin
  4. How to change the collation Tables
  5. Trying to iterate through CMS articles and inject code between them
  6. event reminders
  7. Automatic avatar sizing problem
  8. Is there a FORCE attachments modification?
  9. Appending data to a post via javascript
  10. Vbulletin CMs Articles or Thread Promotion to articles
  11. How to add offers and requests
  12. Global gallery
  13. Choose usergroup at registration
  14. Gruevo.Eu
  15. if condition - if a forum has new posts?
  16. Add Codemirror to AdminCP for Syntax Highlighting
  17. Facebook connect not working
  18. Subscribe to a thread without having to post in it
  19. Friendly url
  20. Clicking on reply adding text
  21. Justify
  22. Registering a user in vBulletin database from other system
  23. Ad management
  24. Facebook Connect Issues
  25. Accessing $db object from within a sidebar block
  26. Strange: top navigation menu code
  27. save_settings failing vb 4.2
  28. Modify user registry.
  29. Disabling options in settings
  30. Forum and Thread update hooks
  31. Issue pre-registering variable for header
  32. Bricked my forum trying to change directories
  33. Links in MS Excel redirecting to IE8 Error Page
  34. Submits sent for moderation
  35. COPPA Form
  36. Prefixes in "Latest Threads" sidebar block
  37. Main url and forum url
  38. Can not edit Post's
  39. what initiates a pop-up alert with quote notification?
  40. Widget title clickable, link in title?
  41. Custom ModCP?
  42. Testers needed for new Safari Push Notification Mod
  43. Fixing MySql Plugin Table? ? vb 4.2.2
  44. ccbill username and password field
  45. VBExperience 4 - allow variables everywhere
  46. Single login across multiple domains
  47. Source of vb:raw
  48. Change username on custom php page.
  49. Vbshout twice
  50. Please Help, How to make client for used API.
  51. Check profile custom field for unique when registeration
  52. Javascripts blocking each other
  53. weird html in phrase
  54. Learning vB Programming: What is |= ?
  55. Inserting a "User Profile Field" ?
  56. Deleting an if condition
  57. Bootstrap support
  58. VB has Broken Links for .JS files
  59. How to make Forum name getting bold when having new posts in
  60. rawphrases
  61. Set a particular option for all users
  62. can i upload all attachment to another server
  63. Mobile Style and Editor Buttons
  64. Search users by country???
  65. Notify admin when user's paid subscription expired
  66. Need certain user group mods to be able to sticky threads
  67. Hiding the Articles page, and just have the forum
  68. Limiting BB Code to one specific code for regular users
  69. CKeditor in custom page
  70. edit on video tag
  71. Saving session across domains
  72. Count words in PHP or mysql?
  73. E-mail on PM for earlier members
  74. mobile facebook register not working
  75. Sorting out mobile
  76. variables iD
  77. Cannot save stuff Style Variable EditorNot sure if this is the correct place to post)
  78. Subforum url corrupted
  79. Custom Page: Permission based on age?
  80. MySQL Check List and Check String & Forms
  81. Warning: Illegal string offset 'do' in [path]/includes/functions_online.php on line 5
  82. AJAX and how it is used
  83. move avatars path to external domain
  84. Custom code or css to modify this mod?
  85. array/database/template
  86. Calender : adding pre-request fields
  87. Completely removing the Instant Messaging Fields in user profile
  88. total visitors online plugin not working
  89. Securitytoken in PHP?
  90. Warning: touch(): Utime failed: Permission denied in ..../includes/class.latex-vb.php
  91. Window Size Issue
  92. Register new vars in all templates
  93. Object of class vB_Template could not be converted to string
  94. Centering
  95. Object of class vB_Template could not be converted to string
  96. forum.php
  97. How to strip the "Re:" from newreply box?
  98. How to add an image to my URL?
  99. How to ban an external page?
  100. protocol-relative images
  101. how to add a Class to attachments img
  102. Threads.
  103. [CMS] Meta Tags for CMS only
  104. Warning Messages in Advanced Search vB 422
  105. SSL Problems
  106. Moved URL but old URL links not working
  107. Request information when posting in forum
  108. upgrade from 4.1.10 to 4.2.2 return DB error
  109. Auto Prefix
  110. Using existing variables in different templates
  111. Custom Forum Permissions
  112. paxum payment api
  113. Avatar in footer instead of the name
  114. Help in Fatal error
  115. Captcha at login
  116. How can you add color in
  117. Need some Regex help
  118. Forum Title
  119. How To Fix The Godaddy php upload Limit
  120. For Guests Forum Main Page redirected to Home Page
  121. Activity Stream Refresh Code
  122. Fresh installation Vbulletin 4.2.2 error CSS.php
  123. Using vb:raw in templates
  124. url rewrite from xf
  125. Fatal error: Class 'THANKS' not found
  126. Newthread.php and saving custom field to database
  127. Weird bug with mobile and vBadvanced after moving to new domain
  128. Activity Stream Javascript Fix (timeout)
  129. Getting user password in plain text
  130. What do I have to change?
  131. [help me]Not config widget vbb 4.2.2
  132. How to get editior
  133. Header Logo Size
  134. Creating Addons
  135. How to get forumid and use a conditional
  136. remove hour:minute from last activity in member profile
  137. Blog
  138. change attachment limit for video play longer than 2 minutes
  139. Post Views
  140. CSS Editing
  141. backing up database users and threads
  142. Issue with url in the first post of a thread
  143. Weird Issue with ads
  144. Merge guest to new user
  145. How does CSRF Protection work
  146. ad manager
  147. Change threadbit if user is deleted
  148. Include number of notifications in title
  149. last actvity on postbit
  150. Make pretty URLs in my plugin
  151. Help with plugin to strip table tags
  152. cant access blogs
  153. page errors
  154. Change founder of forum
  155. Resposive skin
  156. vb:raw notifications_menubits
  157. Better way to develop a plugin (instead of copying the code into the admincp)
  158. Ads or right and left side of the forum
  159. Use array from plugin in template as conditional
  160. Change Default vB Settings via Custom Mod
  161. session_mm_cgi-fcgi[number].sem file
  162. Adding data to Activity
  163. Add PHP code in navbar template
  164. PHP code help
  165. Htaccess issues - assistance required.
  166. clean_array_gpc question
  167. Member.php default tab
  168. Post vbulletin cms article as another user
  169. Vbulletin 4 How to add usergroup permissions on PHP Page?
  170. Moderation Tools not working
  171. vbdate and negative unix timestamp?
  172. Concurrent http/https operation
  173. similar threads per forum
  174. Navabr Notifications Menubit
  175. website image
  176. Problem with pagination URL
  177. Persistent Cookies
  178. Help please displaying an image after reading a file
  179. Show Product only several forums
  180. Hide number of votes in poll
  181. Banner 'tising - more adverts seen
  182. Need help with a Mysqi problem using a mod
  183. looking for ideal publishing threads and posts to Facebook
  184. mobile suite issue with uploading pictures
  185. Request distinguishing
  186. Template usage question
  187. Pre-filling the Recipient Box in newpm based on {option} in a bbcode.
  188. Notice Flush/add to Cache
  189. problem sending attachment
  190. Custom BBCode help needed
  191. [Need Help] How to print category ID in SOCIALGROUPS template
  192. Forum hierarchy not working properly.
  193. vBulletin Crashing Database each morning
  194. [Help :3] vbCMS - Article Alternate Source
  195. percentage attachment send 8%
  196. Displaying Posts from a Thread
  197. Referencing original thread URL from vBCMS Article
  198. Required Field Product Missing
  199. Permissions for specific user
  200. Error message - any ideas?
  201. Mass assign categories to CMS articles
  202. Make Forum the home page
  203. When i submit a thread i received some error
  204. CMS Strange Behavior
  205. My forum isn't updating
  206. Attachment Type
  207. RSS feed display before posting
  208. user profile present wrong name
  209. Query to add everyone to friends
  210. Register {vb:raw navbits.breadcrumb} & {vb:raw navbits.lastelement}
  211. Checkbox/Upload fields in AdminCP
  212. How does vBulletin make $vbphrase available to JavaScript?
  213. How can we make bridge between vbulletin and Wordpress??
  214. Getting difference between previous posted thread in same section.
  215. PM messages sends blank email
  216. Help with this error.
  217. Query to print count user from usergroup
  218. Language detection
  219. SSO via Hooks
  220. Print PM
  221. Error messages
  222. Fatal Errors
  223. RSS poster bot fatal error
  224. FB connect use photo as avatar
  225. Seviour Problem Help Seniors
  226. Allow X Usergroup to view banned members/Users Awaiting email in members list
  227. PHP exploding data fields in template
  228. Online status in memberlist
  229. Proiblems with Templater after datamager thread post
  230. I've been hacked?
  231. About conditions
  232. Forum Blocks Manager "Template to Use" field
  233. Footer Template
  234. Count users on a certain page
  235. How to query for the number of users that have subscribed to a forum
  236. How to query and replace text in posts
  237. How to change background & text color for polls
  238. Please convert to vb 4.x.x (Super small addon)
  239. Search for empty posts and delete
  240. Correct OpenSearch description
  241. Need query to strip character from titles
  242. Textarea in admincp to dropdown in template
  243. using gigya with vbulletin
  244. Login page URL??
  245. $forum[forumid] doesnt work inside postbit_legacy
  246. Change Who's Online default for users per page
  247. Rendering a post on a different page
  248. Help "Recent Posts" Thank assistants
  249. New posts are not showing up in threads
  250. Custom page login issue