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  1. RSS feed fields description
  2. Converting Vbulletin Database to MariaDB (Aria)
  3. fb:comments Settings
  4. reCAPTCHA v2 - how to implement?
  5. Profile field in CMS
  6. Custom Register
  7. Strange behavior with Forum Home icons
  8. make change on visitor messages
  9. Help please
  10. API pull of posts by email
  11. RESOLVED: Need help assigning bulk users to group
  12. Post Signature Template
  13. facebook sdk
  14. email query
  15. Need a way to prevent bumping in 4.2.2
  16. Overriding usergroup color markup?
  17. report_send_complete hook isn't working
  18. Error upon upgrading to 4.2.2 from 4.2.0
  19. Google Chart Integration
  20. use vbulletin class in non vb sites
  21. What is the best folder structure to use for mods?
  22. vbulletin database using for another system
  23. Default Member Profile Tab
  24. temp ban of members for mods
  25. Updating Options en masse
  26. Editing Title and Meta tags
  27. Defining Avatars for different user ids for memberinfo
  28. Post Count not working in case of unmoderated posts
  29. Adding Thread Author to "Find latest posts" Search Results
  30. 2 Questions.
  31. Ajax: vbullein_profiefield.js
  32. vbseo rewrite url problem
  33. New Thread button always presented
  34. How to make history of user profile field change
  35. Code to show a template on only the front page
  36. Today's Top Poster(s) in sidebar?
  37. Help with BBCODE Spoiler
  38. want to have duplicate forumhome page
  39. How to add a webscript to my vbulletin Template
  40. Need help with changing the vB polls.
  41. Word Count Query
  42. Server Status Issues
  43. Is valid URL function
  44. Datamabager issue...
  45. upload error
  46. Custom Ordered list menu
  47. Can't install any plugins that involve uploading to server
  48. Salt Create error !
  49. How to add Color background to this vb 4.2.2 CSS
  50. Run "Fix broken user profiles" as a scheduled task
  51. New Forum via PHP, however.... Need help
  52. widget or Mod, social fan count?
  53. Default Profile Picture for all users
  54. PHP modified Forum Permissions & updating the forum cache
  55. Searching a mod
  56. Adding member to secondary usergroup via SQL query
  57. Bug displaying user profile fields?
  58. Auto update new reply?
  59. Error message after using advanced editor
  60. i got this for some reson no ide what to do
  61. Add thread prefix
  62. Help with wrong characters being displayed
  63. An appropriate representation of the requested resource /modcp/moderate.php could not
  64. Not able to add Favicon
  65. How to add editor
  66. How to: Auto Center your Header Logo
  67. Filter by category threads?
  68. symbol issue
  69. ad_location.global_header1 Variable
  70. Add colunma Sort threads by vote
  71. Jquery Infinite Scroll - Idea
  72. Upload Attachments on Mobile Version?
  73. Only allow Admin/Mod usergroups to edit Prefix In Certain Forum
  74. Getting a syntax error
  75. get usergroupid value
  76. Restricting Admin User Editing
  77. Allowing admin by-pass
  78. MP3 Player(based on user / group permissions)
  79. headinclude_bottom_css
  80. {vb:raw foruminfo.forumid} in footer
  81. Advanced spoiler hidingt
  82. Someone please tell me what's going on here?
  83. vBulletin attachments table structure
  84. Users currently viewing this thread based on usergroup
  85. ModCp New Menu Options
  86. Where is attachpath stored
  87. How to add thumbnail field in New Thread & then show it as forum & widget thumbnail
  88. MP3 Player(based on user / group permissions)
  89. Thread prefixes inline - Need convertion
  90. Home forum page meta title
  91. Include a file in a plugin
  92. Forum Error, Help please!
  93. How to write plugins replace temp
  94. Help set vBShout (shoutbox)
  95. Change Thread prefix
  96. How to rediect archive to showthreads.php
  97. Dead content box
  98. adding printable thread button in the sidebar
  99. Catch input on edit email page ?
  100. Navbits Issue
  101. 404 error Forum Display Options
  102. console.log <- Vbulletin using this and it rustles me.
  103. utf8_general_ci issue's
  104. Editors Gone Walkabout!
  105. Collapse doesn't work
  106. Jquery collapse script doesn't work properly in just 1 topic
  107. template break when enable plugin
  108. Prevent to copy or share my direct link`s
  109. Add .PHP File as Plug-in - Admin Panel Will NOT Start
  110. Can I run vbulletin 4.2.2 locally using localhost
  111. Calling a plug-in
  112. Vbueltien API problem
  113. online list custom field
  114. Navtab Question
  115. Nobody in the forum can login
  116. options < show all settings < error when updating a setting
  117. telling a plugin not to do what it does for mobile themes
  118. Vb if condition question
  119. vB Censorship Function Question...
  120. Sort by Field
  121. How include two php file using hook location global_start
  122. SQL Query to get First post of users
  123. Usergroups and additional usergroup in vBSuperPMs - lite + Pro
  124. Where are the banned IP addresses stored?
  125. Creating post and threads from external website
  126. Image does not show in article and gallery pages
  127. Upload Image from Admincp
  128. BBCode using PHP code?
  129. Title Image Resizing?
  130. Imported Members showing as Guest - Empty profile
  131. Update Admin Email Option
  132. Problem with member profile Activity
  133. Ignored Users Quotes!
  134. Usertitle merge
  135. template hook location
  136. Forum Runner xploit
  137. Problem with Advanced Search
  138. Getting the date/time of last post in a thread
  139. Add rel="next" and rel="prev" to <head>
  140. SQL Query to get User's Subscribed Threads with New Posts
  141. Related articles [CMS]
  142. how to do this
  143. Include site header/footer on only one skin?
  144. invalid birthday error in register form
  145. Process For Submitting New Product
  146. post new thread using own code
  147. Forum firewall report?
  148. vBShout Pro Stuck on Loading
  149. Custom template title Keywords and description
  150. Using a vbulletin variable as the default for a setting in XML file
  151. Multiple !THIS_SCRIPT
  152. RE-DIRECTING TO REGISTER Based on Permissions
  153. Set new notification?
  154. User Re-Direct to NO PERMISSIONS
  155. Change b/g of post for OP's replies
  156. Advanced search - no data received
  157. Single Sign On Proplem
  158. CMS/Blogs issues
  159. mod panel, add a group to the "ban a user" section
  160. Help With Ajax Tabs from Dynamic Drive
  161. Code for "No Right Click" on Forums
  162. Warning: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in ..../counter/counter.php on line 6
  163. How can i select and insert with one query?
  164. change time format inside of query
  165. is my forum hacked?
  166. 'vBulletin' is null or not an object
  167. hook after member login
  168. Custom page
  169. Strange issues with a fresh vBul installation
  170. add parent forum link to search results?
  171. Showing user number in profile and postbit
  172. Image Attachments in Article Comments
  173. How do I increase the size of this box?
  174. search engine problem
  175. Mobile: Expanded Forum View vs Contracted Forum View
  176. help with an array in a template
  177. vB Condition using AND
  178. Hide Errors
  179. Editor bug in edit modules-Please help?
  180. jQuery Chatroom - vBulletin Profiles
  181. Universal Analytics for VB 4.2.2 Patch 4
  182. Using Multiquote reference in new thread
  183. postbit_legacy/userinfo_extra/alignment issue
  184. Widget Code Fails
  185. VB:IF quesiton concerning usergroupID
  186. vBulletin Problems after running Tools.php
  187. add search engine
  188. SQL query question - returning threads by forum id
  189. vBulletin 4.2.2 Conditional terms in templae
  190. Avatar URL by username not userid
  191. A way to delete non paid users?
  192. if canadmin tag
  193. New Registrants coming up as Spammers
  194. Exporting Product
  195. Make attachment to work on SHOWTHREAD Template
  196. Template Hook on Postbit Legacy
  197. $session[sessionurl] versus $session[sessionurl_q]
  198. Help on converting CSV to HTML for Widget
  199. vBCms_DM_Article Class questions
  200. Array not working?
  201. need help with print_select_row
  202. PHP code problem
  203. How would I save an image from a url and display in widget?
  204. Vbulletin Sitemap Actually Conflicts With Canonical Urls Preventing Proper Indexing
  205. integratre reputation into custom templates
  206. Online Location using SEO Friendly Url...
  207. Xenforo 1.4 to VB4.2.2 301 redirect
  208. Addon Development: how to deal with the XML?
  209. Need help with a bit of css/html
  210. Conditional "Reply" button
  211. Changing Forum Icons and Category Backgrounds
  212. CRSF - JavaScript Placement
  213. Original Poster Plugin
  214. Display a variable in my template
  215. Display categories/subcategories from one table
  216. Disable Default Mobile Style in iPad & Tablet
  217. Products/Plugins v3 >> v4
  218. $variable inside vbulletin conditions
  219. While loop only getting one row?
  220. RSS & JavaScript
  221. pagination and drop down session
  222. Highlighting tabs when specific forums are displayed
  223. Require OP Image
  224. File Sanitize / cleaning via Vbulletin
  225. Getting Additional Notification on CMS
  226. BBCode Template Replacement
  227. ajax requests for postbit
  228. Help update using datamanager
  229. cannot install forum on godaddy
  230. $ImagePath = $stylevar - Problem ...
  231. Contradicting post count
  232. Which template is this ?
  233. VB4 Mod request
  234. Why do my var doesn't display in its template (sidebar) ?
  235. create a page with pictures
  236. Allow Guests to report posts
  237. Convert mysql_stat to mysqli_stat help
  238. 4.2.3 Usercp Illegal string warning
  239. Replace Word in Title
  240. PHP help
  241. usercp data on a custom page?
  242. Cannot write in text box
  243. Attachment Issues After Upgrade
  244. Validation Code vBulletin 4.2.2 Patch Level 4
  245. Need php5 expert
  246. Permission for specific Usergroup
  247. pls write for me function
  248. Lock Script to Scheduled Task?
  249. more activity on sidebar 'blocks'
  250. question hook profile_tabs_first