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  1. Howto urlencode variables?
  2. TITLE not quite right
  3. Any idea whats causing this error in 4.2.3?
  4. Soundcloud Coding
  5. Help with determining uniqueness in postinfo (postbit) [PROBLEM SOLVED]
  6. Thread posting permission
  7. Conditional only if in childforum
  8. Changing category and section backgrounds
  9. Plugin using global_complete hook, cant exclude from a forum using if conditional
  10. Conditional for topic in specific category?
  11. Clearing cookies in logout
  12. Modifying Register.php
  13. How to count total number unread thread in forum x
  14. Display the result of a query in postbit
  15. Advertising skin in background
  16. Automation (Delete and Add posts)
  17. get previous page url in head
  18. Universal Analytics in vBulletin
  19. Mybb Thanks import to Vbulletin Thanks
  20. jQuery effects on collapse?
  21. Custom Login Page ?!
  22. BB Code
  23. NavBar Misteak
  24. BBCode condition and cache problem!
  25. Moving out to a Margin
  26. After editing post\reply its freeze
  27. Reording forums
  28. Who Has Posted Display Help
  29. Custom email rule in registration ?
  30. Database query needed
  31. Users can't see own threads
  32. Activity Stream to block social groups to mods
  33. How to set image in forum title?
  34. use vb phrases in php file
  35. Count visitors from external page | Interesting
  36. Sidebar, last posts (delete author/time/subforum)
  37. Attachments have been deleted vb 4.2.3
  38. Assistance with a download of users
  39. Usergroup Permission Issue- Cannot View Images/Attachments
  40. rawphrase in custom php file
  41. Execute SQL Query- What is the code to select multiple usergroups/users? [SOLVED]
  42. user markup bug
  43. Register form in all pages
  44. Problem in the pages search.php and forum.php
  45. Email addy also on login
  46. SEO plugin for friendly url
  47. Code Help
  48. Avatars in a frame.
  49. lasts posts in sidebar
  50. Help with conditional
  51. combining moderated threads and posts?
  52. How to hide a forum from the What's New tab
  53. Convert timestamp to readeable format?
  54. [NEW PROJECT] Task manager for professionels
  55. Search page bug in vB 4.2.2 and 4.2.3
  56. I need help to implement new thread sort order
  57. Accidental Forum Deletion
  58. Need Changes about WYSIWYG
  59. How to embed mibbit?
  60. Need help to add content to the activity stream
  61. Add CDN to external images in posts
  62. Please help urgently
  63. Help with Query to move users
  64. Mods aren't working?
  65. Resolve IP adress to country
  66. & issue in link
  67. Hook after Quick Links??
  68. AdminCP Forum Manager Collapse
  69. [Solved] Hide Hack
  70. User Profile Field on Postbit - Inline Editing
  71. (temporarily) save data to cookie or session
  72. i need help with adding spot.im (chat)
  73. How to get rid of the message "Your user name may be the same as your email address"
  74. How to use "if" condition?
  75. Adding VB Templates to Existing PHP Pages
  76. Unable to edit usernames with special characters
  77. Add to template hook
  78. [Solved] error 404 in Webmasters tools
  79. Counting number of posts daily
  80. Plugin not adding to Databse
  81. SMTP Problems
  82. Justifying Posts and Private Messages (by default)
  83. PHP code an online NOTEPAD for a website
  84. Database Error (when trying to post)
  85. PHP Direct Evaluation problem
  86. Xenforo to VB
  87. What's going on? lost the style. Please help.
  88. Connecting to a custom database using db_connect
  89. Change threadstatus with users avatar?
  90. clean_array_gpc with Decimal
  91. Php widget stopped working after 4.2.3 and PHP 5.6 upgrade
  92. Show last 3 posts on forumhome?
  93. sidebar block
  94. Looking for custom addon/mod
  95. How to Get UserID and Username on Profile page?
  96. Markup Usernames on Search Results
  97. Hat Santa in username
  98. Posts Per Day Variable in Plugin
  99. How to fix small error on this Mod?
  100. Anonymizer
  101. Posts Per Week Statistic
  102. Accessing the Infraction Table
  103. Infraction Hook
  104. Customizing forum style width for all Display resolutions
  105. Get a specific forumbit via a $forumid
  106. I want to get the current day and month of users
  107. I need help with the editor.
  108. how to get activity stream outside of vbulletin installation
  109. Album and picture stats
  110. New to vBulletin and PHP - what is the lifecycle of a request?
  111. Need help with forumdisplaypopups
  112. comment on activity stream
  113. in what mysql table are friend requests stored?
  114. Hey MarkFL, Got a good one for ya.
  115. Need Your help with query_read
  116. Script Testing
  117. Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated
  118. Help with profile tab content
  119. Change a color on the forumhome
  120. Use and function of searchcore and searchgroup tables
  121. Clearing a specific Usergoup
  122. Group permission from 3rd party api
  123. How to change the profile picture on the vBulletin memberinfo page to the users avata
  124. using git / svn and dealing with version no
  125. Trying to Find vbAdvanced Module
  126. FAQ Tab Highlight Custom Tab
  127. Help with Username
  128. Want sidebar to stay open
  129. Big Issue with javascript and admin panel refreshing
  130. Help with a CRON File
  131. Hook - plugin code - not working after upgrade to vB4.2.3
  132. Using CouchDB
  133. Add "re:" to email notifications
  134. Need Your Help Java And Fieldx
  135. Fetch templates from file instead of database
  136. How to increase row height sticky Title
  137. Please help To Find Or Create
  138. plugin upgrade.
  139. Coding problem
  140. Please help me with this duplicated attached image
  141. Want to change File Upload Manager Style
  142. Character encoding
  143. Tapatalk Conditional Use Based on Usergroup
  144. Missing words
  145. Upto date chat box
  146. How to show Vbulletin new Thread or Post in Forumhome?
  147. Banner Rotation - Possible a custom mod?
  148. Code to change button link in one forum
  149. How to make CMS article highlight in tab
  150. W3C Error How To Fix..
  151. Add text to breadcrumb line
  152. CMS Section & Pages Id Variables
  153. Icon for button in quick reply toolbar
  154. Getting started with custom tables
  155. [Solved] stop showing time when hover
  156. Email log info - trying to stop spammer
  157. Creating Static shtml pages
  158. Re-learn Thread Dates
  159. [Solved] Private Messages - Quick Reply
  160. vB4 Attachment Posthash Database Entry Missing
  161. Adding posts to nominated thread
  162. adding polls to custom pages.
  163. Add more fields to Profile Change History
  164. Passing array to a template to format as a table
  165. Custom BB Code Question
  166. How to show recent thread on mobile theme as home page
  167. Widget Issue (DB Query)
  168. General Setting graphic issue
  169. Creating a development/testing vBulletin Instance
  170. Php error
  171. latest posts from private forums on external page?
  172. Return to the previous 4.2.2 ..
  173. forum move to root directory
  174. Altering Usernote Content Question
  175. Making a link in forums tab admin only?
  176. Editing the From Address on New User Emails
  177. 3 different groups of images in forum description on same line?
  178. MYSQL in PHP in BBCODE question
  179. Using Vbulletin Variables in External PHP
  180. How to display online users/guests on cms homepage?
  181. PHP Error in 4.2.3 vB CMS Articles
  182. Database error
  183. Memcached with SASL
  184. Show how many days registered for a user
  185. HTTPS:// Error on Tapatalk
  186. Uploading attachment pics failing..
  187. Checking a profile field's value and executing javascript
  188. Category on it's own page
  189. Listing SuperMods in Moderators of this Forum Section
  190. what am i doing wrong?
  191. Database errors - Invalid SQL - HELP
  192. Redirect URLs in vBulletin 4.2.x?
  193. fetch_template() calls should be replaced fix
  194. create custom error message
  195. Hiding the header (logo/banner) from non-members?
  196. Thread rating isn't working
  197. use vbphrase with arguments in php code
  198. about wysiwyg
  199. usergroup member count
  200. appending to footer
  201. White screen forum - HELP
  202. I can't enter in some mobile API pages
  203. Youtube RegExp Compatible with preg_match_all
  204. Add profile field via a product?
  205. Social Media Plugin Code Review
  206. Profile field save hook?
  207. Errors?
  208. usergroup legend
  209. Disable signatures in certain forums
  210. Javascript dice roller in bbcode
  211. overlapping ranks or big gaps between them
  212. Clean database
  213. Help with Facebook fetch details
  214. Get totalpages variable
  215. PHP5 problem
  216. Mark post solved thread
  217. VbSocial Slider & PHP5
  218. help me to make this query compatible with vb4.2.3
  219. Help - Problem
  220. Daily Activity
  221. Exploit for Easy Forms - Credible?
  222. {vb:raw bbuserinfo.userid} in postbit return first id for all
  223. Reputation power not showing correctly in postbit
  224. Avatar Size Postbit
  225. no show result criteria
  226. best way to add a block at the top of payments page?
  227. Show profile field in ad_showthread_firstpost_start
  228. Trying to get current date/time for logging of plugin in database?
  229. Human Verification system question
  230. Register.php A/B Test
  231. vbulletin input cleaner and optional/multiple form support?
  232. Forum Main Page
  233. Problema api key
  234. What does this PHP code do?
  235. Need Help about hacking
  236. Sort parameters in URLs
  237. How get traffic on website
  238. Rotating backgrounds
  239. How to login to vbulletin from .net application
  240. Navigation manager
  241. Better AdminCP/ModCP Security Scripts
  242. What is the best plugins watermark?
  243. Odd issue with "session" table
  244. Add Image to the Right of the Username
  245. Restricting external images in signatures and avatars
  246. Need help with tag code
  247. adsense not
  248. Admin CP issues?
  249. Trouble with Custom Script
  250. upgrading old hack to VB4 ?