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  1. show image with link to visitors only
  2. Weighted Permissions for Usergroups
  3. vbulletin 4.1.6 Quick Edit, Save problems
  4. How to link Username to Profile in Welcome Thread
  5. hosting forum database on a different server
  6. Evaluating video source
  7. Pagination for awards display?
  8. Downloads System
  9. Top links
  10. Permissions for Usergroups
  11. login page re-captcha
  12. Auto posting to Facebook/Twitter
  13. Getting $pagetitle on Dynamic Search Page
  14. How to correct codes in this Mod for PHP 7
  15. What variables are available to the activity stream?
  16. passing a vbulletin variable to javascript
  17. Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column [Solved]
  18. [NeedHELP]Custom Subscription Payment Method
  19. Avatar Removal SQL Query
  20. Usergroups Access to Disabled Forum
  21. Rebuild Thread and Forum Tables from Post Table
  22. Looking to hire a VB developer! (for 4.x development)
  23. Slow queries in this command, how to fix it?
  24. Pop Unders with false click..!
  25. Remove EXIF data when uploading an attachment
  26. [SOLVED] Count breadcrumbs in navbar_link
  27. PHP Custom Code Request!
  28. Hi
  29. Database Query to run to restore Thread Post
  30. Long quote message problem
  31. Hooks not fire in v4.2.3
  32. Creating new user on VB4
  33. Subtract part of BBCode using vB_BbCodeParser
  34. PHP page for guests...
  35. Select count from table...
  36. My searchcore table is missing...
  37. Updated MySQL from 5.1 to 5.5, Intermittent Error
  38. Find and move vBulletin orphan threads
  39. Where do I find the avatars in tables and files?
  40. vb4 mobile style articles
  41. Brain freeze on vB_Template::preRegister
  42. Display Posts on external page
  43. Query causing MySQL server has gone away
  44. Default Mobile Style- Specify Device Option?
  45. MySQL cms_node Modify Time help needed
  46. Sitemap Syntax Help Please
  47. CMS- FB Like Button error in IE
  48. Can't figure out how to add a lock icon to threadbit.
  49. "Edit Group Name" not showing up for some users
  50. Problems with attachements
  51. External Authorized Account Settings
  52. Function eregi() is deprecated help
  53. Box borders don't line up?
  54. I want the avatar url
  55. MYSQL Query to count words written
  56. Adding user profile picture to open graph
  57. Where to find vBulletin developers?
  58. High Mysql Queries!!
  59. Strange Login redirect message issue
  60. Anti-Account hijack Control
  61. Export threads from a single user / Query modification
  62. don't work my plugin for add style
  63. Looking to add a store locator to my site
  64. UserCP CSS
  65. IP HELP?
  66. Asset Manager and Mobile Browsing!!
  67. Modify vBulletin Search
  68. How to move polls below first post?
  69. Tips to help in converting vb3 products to vb4!!
  70. Variable in Threadbits not working
  71. Trying to import a txt file into VB
  72. [SOLVED] User name options
  73. The storage engine for the table doesn't support repair
  74. HTML help?
  75. Vbulletin V 4.2.3 Help On performance
  76. Display forum threads on WP
  77. [Solved] Reply With Quote
  78. How can i show paid subscription expire day time left on header?
  79. Making An FAQ Top Level Item Only Visible To Certain Usergroups
  80. Forum Permissions
  81. vbulletin Duplicate entry '###' for key 'PRIMARY' in ..../includes/class_core.php on
  82. oEmbed on vBulletin?
  83. Add search criteria
  84. Play .swf files
  85. Ukn
  86. htaccess redirect /forum to subdomain
  87. Is there a guide or manual on writing MODs?
  88. Prevent certain links to appear in post
  89. Conditional Statement in Ad Location Templates
  90. Aligning a Header Image
  91. Additional Search in the Navbar
  92. Search for 3 characters
  93. Issues with vbshoutbox
  94. template_hook.navtab_end
  95. Help - Urgent please
  96. Plugin Error
  97. Admincp hooks
  98. Help needed please. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
  99. If bbcode exists in post show something on showthread
  100. Widget Icons?
  101. Looking for a variable - threadid
  102. SSL with VBadvanced
  103. Errors in server log
  104. You don't have permission to access / on this server.
  105. Help Please, getting advertising popups
  106. $var = $var unexpected result
  107. Sms approved membership
  108. UGP for specific usergroup
  109. Cache ?
  110. Images Disappearing
  111. Custom VIP script
  112. Change URLs to lowercase?
  113. Push Subsciptions, Add On for Spam-O-Matic
  114. Ignore file for who's online
  115. Bug in hack mod but author is not responding
  116. Facebook Open Graph API 2.3+
  117. Widget Fatal Error Issue
  118. How to remove "threads" in the url?
  119. Removing "goto=newpost"
  120. hooks issue on 4.2.4
  121. Custom page Form - Need some help
  122. https/htaccess - templates
  123. Image Settings: Medium By Default
  124. Editing Registration Page
  125. Editing Navbar links
  126. yuipath is not defined
  127. Forum Phrase?
  128. I want to learn vb coding
  129. Mobile device style assignment
  130. Footer: Members Visited Forum Within 24h
  131. Rank auto update
  132. Show number of years of registration to registered user in notice
  133. 4.2.4 conditional statements
  134. Misc Database Error
  135. Prune by thread start date
  136. Total words typed by members till date
  137. Extract threads only
  138. PHP Date() returning default value
  139. BB Code PHP Error
  140. How to properly implement a package, especially search support?
  141. Posts, replys & Views "counts" without comma?
  142. Auto-select usergroup depending on registration option?
  143. Populating custom userfields on registration
  144. Each From with Select Option
  145. Best way to duplicate threads in 2 different forums
  146. smtp peer setting
  147. [HOW TO - vB4] Create your own vBulletin page
  148. How to transform the names of visible user groups into links
  149. What is going on?
  150. Current date in templates?
  151. How to update post content
  152. [video=youtube;] --> [VIDEO=YOUTUBE;]
  153. imgbb.com
  154. [Req] Steam Group Plugin
  155. The expiration was not determined
  156. Adding the latest threads block as a separate page.
  157. problem uploading templates 4.2.5
  158. How to Count number of replies from a thread id?
  159. Issues with installing the forum
  160. Photobucket no longer supporting 3rd party hosting
  161. Posting problem
  162. Opening a Mod to Moderators
  163. CSS Unknown Location issue.
  164. Javascript Clean Up..
  165. HTML Markup Per User / Adding Unique Icon(s) Next To Username
  166. embed.ly for vBulletin?
  167. [RESOLVED] Conditions being ignored when viewed by guest
  168. Getting xml rss feed in vb4 for bots?
  169. includes/class_dm_pm.php(599) : eval()'d code
  170. Vb4 Custom external php login script - need help
  171. Vb4 user option bitfields, how to extract
  172. Useful SQL Queries
  173. Google maps
  174. Local server
  175. Making the built in vbulletin calendar seo friendly
  176. SQL error?
  177. vB tag to ignore line breaks
  178. restore bbcode default? help with code syntax, break line error
  179. Active Users cannot login
  180. Help with post sanitation causing 500 error
  181. help needed with php7 issues on own mods
  182. How to run a backup of my forum on PC?
  183. Member just connected
  184. Pop up to request sign up for newsletter
  185. How to change chareset
  186. How to add a small php script globally
  187. Custom profile field in custom template
  188. Remove certain email addresses
  189. Can i delete tmp folder from cpanel
  190. Forum loads slow
  191. Wargaming.Net ID (OpenID)
  192. vb 4.2.5 plugin not supported
  193. Urjent Help bcz site down 4 hours ago
  194. Sticky visible "Can View Others' Threads"
  195. Databse Error receive daily
  196. Unable to Edit Template, White Screen on Save
  197. Fatal Error after 4.2.5 upgrade
  198. The best vB WordPress bridge?
  199. API sending data
  200. Loading a sidebar widget on its own page
  201. Quick Reply Add Attachment link
  202. vbulletin and paypal ipn
  203. vBulletin 4.2.5 Nightmare: MySQLi destroyed Sidebar Custom Code.
  204. Moving attachments from db to fs problem
  205. Sphinx (paid installation)
  206. ok - what did I do wrong
  207. Help mysql query to change post/thread owner
  208. Having Trouble to Code Product/Plugin for vb4
  209. paragraph text should be wrapped in <p>
  210. Hacker Gave himself Admin privs
  211. Moderation Notification Request
  212. Reply to post and New Thread emails
  213. Prevent users from using multiple spaces in a row in username
  214. Custom Coders
  215. Smilies Issue..
  216. auto subscribe thread starter mod
  217. Apache Error Log...
  218. Using BOP5 Staff Online. Need help with a slight edit.
  219. illegal string offset 'value' in .../includes/adminfunctions_language.php on line 656
  220. SQL query to assign threads a prefix
  221. Orphan NavBar Tab
  222. editting showthread file
  223. Converting from vBSEO or DBSEO to vB4.x Friendly URLs
  224. memory_limit (1G) exceeded in installation of plugin
  225. I need to use nodeid, but it doesn't work in template
  226. Forum Description on Showthread pages?
  227. CMS Article Edit page breaks on Safari
  228. List of $Show variables
  229. Print total # visited last 24 hrs
  230. Extra Field when posting New Thread
  231. App for VB?
  232. Escape non-moderated thread URLs from sitemap
  233. Allow image uploads in Groups?
  234. Internet Explorer Issue
  235. Create Android or iOS app for my hosting forum?
  236. Disallow All Moderators From Deleting Events
  237. different color background on posts
  238. Widget to write the same in the articles
  239. Total Stats PHP 5.6 Issue.
  240. PHP Include Not Working in Plugin
  241. How to manually add post to a thread
  242. Hello I am getting error while upgrading
  243. VB 4 Project
  244. Creating a thread in our forum from outside vBulletin
  245. HOw to remove google ad cods
  246. optimize code for php 7
  247. Conditional if has not reached specific number of posts
  248. Problem trying to install vbulletin
  249. Text Replace Based on Geo
  250. How to make it where Admins can change other admins