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  1. Adding dropdown to the top menu
  2. Adding a block of html between forums
  3. Parse error: syntax error
  4. Hook for vb 3
  5. a mod in need
  6. Problem with variable register.
  7. Query required to set all users "COPPA User" to NO
  8. how do i code a new thread in a forumid.
  9. References for vBulletin 4.0 attachments
  10. CMS Hooks
  11. adding banner within posts?
  12. New to vB plugin programming and need some help
  13. Change primary usergroup via PHP
  14. Easy Forms for V4
  15. Private Forums and Feeds / "Latest Post"
  16. problem cms
  17. customize bbcode attach
  18. My Friends Activity - Question about the template/php
  19. ldap authentication admincp
  20. calendar in fronpage vbulletin
  21. SOLVED - Another security token thread - SOLVED
  22. Online Shop For vBulletin
  23. vb:stylevar in a css template
  24. form date in user profile
  25. +Solved+ Navbits for custom pages
  26. CMS Widget/Forum Block Same Code Different Problems
  27. 'Posts needing replies' widget
  28. seeking php help, foreach with destinct selection [ sorted ]
  29. database ERD for import
  30. Please help reseting threadid value
  31. Adding custom blocks above the sidebar
  32. Impossible to validate hackpage because of footer
  33. CMS Article Count
  34. Pulldown "Advanced Search"
  35. Problems with member profiles
  36. checking if number is equal or odd, but gives and error [fixed] function was in loop
  37. Avatar URL Variable?
  38. Where to get uncompressed JS files?
  39. Importing product in UTF-8.
  40. Search variants - 12/24 hours?
  41. blog latest entries in home page of website
  42. Using existing template hooks
  43. Adding Favorite java
  44. A problem when I attach a file to participate to 4.0.1 version
  45. If condition
  46. How to customize contact form?
  47. forum permision's
  48. CSS <ul> causing linebreak in ie7 only
  49. Dynamic Optioncode Setting
  50. CMS & Forum in Different Folders
  51. Programming An Online Shop For vBulletin
  52. how to create a recursive function in vbb
  53. Showing username from ID
  54. Basic vB4 page code
  55. Custom additional fields for albums and/or pictures
  56. Parse BBCode in Widgets
  57. inserting coppermine images above forums
  58. How to: Custom Widget Type
  59. newbie with lots of newbie questions!
  60. Notification on external page
  61. Problem!
  62. Include another default CSS template via plug-in
  63. using <%php as a value for input box, - Calendar select date [SOLVED]
  64. User ID in database
  65. error on CMS edit, adding and viewing ?
  66. HTTP Auth using $_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] and PHP_AUTH_PW...
  67. Adding Facebook Icon to Postbit
  68. Alternative to fetch_similar_threads
  69. Multiple feeds and feedburner
  70. when to use htmlspecialchars_uni
  71. Help with error : mktime() expects parameter X to be long [ SOLVED ]
  72. embedding a flash player in an article
  73. CMS Category and Article Database Table
  74. Spacing between paragraphs when pasting in an external news story
  75. Customising forum headers -
  76. BBcode with two or more options
  77. Database error
  78. ajax help pease
  79. Albums in Postbit How?
  80. Auto-Template edits with RegEx
  81. User Login, Getting email address
  82. Fast Register?
  83. Help: htaccess 301 redirect from an old vb3 forum to a new vb4 forum
  84. Customizing user profiles
  85. Mass changing video tag
  86. "Bookmark page"
  87. Post Mod Question
  88. Full Width Header, 800px Body
  89. Links Program for vB4
  90. Displaying Paid Subscription expiry date?
  91. Sexy Beach Girls Image Javascript
  92. Problem With RTL
  93. NEED HELP: vb4 Page
  94. Custom PHP in sidebar
  95. How to add a new button on navbar?
  96. Get values on form (Template modification)
  97. Make these work in vB4
  98. MySQL Error :Too many connections ...class_core.php on line 312
  99. Simple question for any coder - Linking directly to newthread.php from CMS
  100. vvb4 vbcms not showing images sectionpage
  101. 2 members complain log in problems
  102. several questions -quick reply option and more
  103. attachdata_postsave replacement
  104. Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing.
  105. Inserting data into userfield or the user table
  106. ability to use https?
  107. parent forum name in show thread page title
  108. Changing template first post via plugin
  109. What's the problem in this query ?
  110. How do you add navbar links
  111. Average vote of a thread
  112. Modifying existing code to work with vb4.
  113. I need help with attachment hooks in vbulletin 4 (editing torrents on server)
  114. calling a file
  115. How Do I Remove Welcome To The ?
  116. Show on External Page
  117. Error on admin cp homepage
  118. Has anyone succesfully managed to create a CMS content type?
  119. Foruminfo variables and conditionals in header template?
  120. Need help to fix problem after upgrading to 4.0.1
  121. How do I add php code to my forum?
  122. Database error after upgrade?
  123. Login error after manual user table import
  124. Turn Forum Off At X Time
  125. Problem with code
  126. How can I put a breakpoint inside a plugin?
  127. Product feed
  128. Include template in footer hook
  129. Is forumid available in navbar_link?
  130. how to install add-ons
  131. How to resize Thumbnail Album Pictures
  132. Call to a member function query_read() on a non-object in
  133. How to run Build Similar Threas as a Scheduled Task
  134. how can i force new users to select or upload an avatar?
  135. Show widget only to unregistered users
  136. vBulletin MediaWiki integration css problem
  137. where is hte query of "insert post"
  138. reproduce the login/logout system on an external page
  139. Poll Widget
  140. vbcms_content_list move
  141. [hide] text except to specific group[/hide]
  142. logged in on an external domain
  143. Recent Forum Posts Widget Avatar
  144. How to check if a user is logged in
  145. How do i create a "text area" input in vbulletin options using costum eval ? SOLVED!
  146. redirect based on custom field
  147. trying to use If condition using vboptions directly in template. OMFG SOLVED!!!
  148. $template_hook variable is an empty array?
  149. Is it possible to edit templates as files?
  150. trying to link from a thread/post to local file - SOLVED AGAIN!
  151. Custom Page - Selected tab
  152. INclude Header and footer
  153. Check if row exists in database
  154. Changing Text Color
  155. Phrasing var?
  156. Using lightbox in a custom page
  157. Question: making alternating row background color in threadbit?
  158. second navbar: viewing per usergroup
  159. gzipping CSS and JS
  160. Working with Custom Profile Fields
  161. Maths Question
  162. help retriveing VB options into forum blocks vbulletin->options[''] - SOLVED
  163. please help me
  164. How to generate the Log Out Hash in VB4
  165. Trying to understand array's and rendering
  166. need help : preregister| UPDATE - Need help displaying Template - SOLVED
  167. Checking difference between edit and new post (postdata_postsave)
  168. Additional Entry Fields for Blog/CMS Article Commentators
  169. Vbulletin database error but i can still access database via phpMyAdmin, wat's wrong?
  170. Find and replace query
  171. specific word replacement
  172. Turning a feature on/off with radio button
  173. Where is the file for "/image.php?u=0" located?
  174. formatting buttons not lined up
  175. Is this possible in Vbulletin regarding subscriptions?
  176. Edit external.php: Add forum link to feed signature?
  177. A new look for my footer - Please help
  178. cs mode for vb 4
  179. Content Type Id
  180. Non of the Mods works on my site 4.0.1
  181. Fatal Error, Please help..
  182. HTML-How to repeat image?
  183. Remove banned users from currently active?
  184. Weird Notice on Forum:|
  185. Is there a Widget for Social Groups
  186. Guide or Documentaion on Creating Packaged Mod?
  187. How to include a template in other template?
  188. Integrating my Store?
  189. How do I Add forum url variable within BB Code?
  190. Add-On like Cyb for Version 4.0.1?
  191. templatecache and str_replace
  192. Quick Reply Hook?
  193. Coding help (preg_match, preg_replace)
  194. changing & adding to the navigation tabs
  195. Stored Procedure
  196. Datastore in CMS
  197. Any way to make Calendar feature more exclusive???
  198. force thread read
  199. One member's usergroup dependant on another member's... ?
  200. make a product or plugin for delete specific things on skins
  201. Add Table
  202. I'm looking for companies in Sweden
  203. Added Navigation
  204. How to make simple banner rotation?
  205. if statement in custom bbcode?
  206. Usergroups that are used
  207. New Banner Locations
  208. Remove time to wait after login
  209. How to hook a plugin in template?
  210. Possible to have same thread in two forums?
  211. login timeout problem...
  212. How to call varibles from custom.php in plugin?
  213. All Albums on one page.
  214. Any ideas on how to force the Admin and Mod area to use ssl?
  215. Conditional Statement for Private Messaging Page
  216. How to Seperate
  217. You have been banned for the following reason
  218. how to add new var to exist template
  219. {vb:stylevar body_color} in PHP
  220. making an announcement mod
  221. IF conditions with custom profile fields?
  222. Error when using curly brackets in if statement
  223. can another language be added?
  224. question about parse_templates
  225. is there a Facebook Connect for VB 4.0.2?
  226. Condition statement for CMS home, Forum home and Blog
  227. How do I remove 'Home' text from CMS frontpage
  228. Post icons in search results?
  229. override default bburl value
  230. Invite Sysyem
  231. Please help: making alternating row background color in threadbit?
  232. Cron
  233. Replacing default template with custom using plugin?
  234. Major post issue...
  235. DataManager
  236. Any way to have enable Vbulletin notification when a friend uploads new album?
  237. How Do I: Change Thread Owner
  238. User Can Choose Background Image
  239. How Do I: BBCode_Code
  240. bbcode img attribute
  241. NEED HELP with a spacing issue - minor!
  242. User profile details variable!!
  243. Using VBulletin login on other site
  244. Limit RSS Feed
  245. [card] and [deck] tags in vB4 Suite for MTG Forums
  246. IE6 VBulletin PNG Forum images fix
  247. Forumblock : executing a query on db ? $this->registry->query ? - SOLVED
  248. Need your help in correcting this small code
  249. CCS.PHP getting slammed....
  250. Can I change Mysql database?.