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  1. Special Query (WHERE)
  2. Dynamic Menu Style Not teh Same As Original
  3. send a single variable to a vbulletin default template
  4. Place Notifications on the Footer instead the header
  5. preg_match help
  6. external links target=_blank, internal links target=_top?
  7. Link to share in facebook
  8. RSS Widget with thumbnail/description
  9. Is there any way to make it required that someone chooses a "Post Icon"?
  10. vBulletin 4 template hooks usage example
  11. include in product xml?
  12. blog to forum
  13. Adding Additonal Usergroup
  14. How to upgrade Floating Top Bar script [register]
  15. Filter articles alphabetically
  16. PHP Help with widgets
  17. Adding PHP Snippet to Footer
  18. User group rights of the individual calendar in widgets
  19. How to apply a layout to sendmessage.php
  20. Auto register from other website page
  21. Retrieving data from external database and show on forum
  22. Help, file upload extension control not working - SOLVED array was incorrect
  23. Sidebar ads
  24. the first incoming links admincp
  25. a nice idea for mod
  26. Mute
  27. can't embed video
  28. Help with Forum Name in SHOWTHREAD ( {vb:raw threadinfo.forumname} ) ? )
  29. Please help
  30. Help with PHP code for banners
  31. Help with displaying an image in a forum block based onusergroup membership
  32. Paid Subscription Email Notification
  33. 2 questions: forum jump, and whitespace above quote
  34. custom var is double
  35. PHP inside PostBit
  36. How to allow large uploads? bypass host settings
  37. VB4.0+ Reputation as Numbers??
  38. How do I handle form input from a widget?
  39. Need a real simple custom page, can you help?
  40. Create a navtab for blog category
  41. Massive BB Code replacement by MySQL query
  42. Facebook style 'like'
  43. Custom Article pages with Custom fields in create a article
  44. while loop not working
  45. How do I set-up a "right column forum block"?
  46. CMS user real name
  47. Unable to access tag.tagid variable in search_resultlist template
  48. Forcing the execution of functions_video.php
  49. SQL Error - Need Help
  50. List of Stylevar Data Types
  51. Remove the SALT check from the password hash
  52. How to manually add post
  53. Plugin question
  54. is there condition for new posts in forum?
  55. How to find out if there is a post in a thread unread?
  56. Question before Registration
  57. development work needed
  58. Please help, how do I remove this?
  59. infraction moderation mod for vb4
  60. User Profile Field Multipul Checkbox
  61. can't update Style - template.php not found
  62. Help upgrading to v4.0.2
  63. Instructions for creating a mod
  64. How to print results
  65. Write javascript function from plugins
  66. Highlight individual threads
  67. Coding help (fetch userids)
  68. please someone help me unload swf file
  69. Albums are supposed to have pagination right?
  70. very first time in home page forums links ended with session id
  71. Need to check for a column in a table
  72. Vbulletin Database Documentation
  73. Any Cron Job tutorials?
  74. Image Path corrupted after loading VBAdvanced Links
  75. please help ( template rendering )
  76. i really need help installing vb i'm having major problems
  77. Any way to add pages to Forum Home?
  78. Is it possible to move "Forum Message Buttons" to Visitor message area?
  79. Displaying Over and Over Again
  80. Remote connect to vbulletin
  81. Guidelines for Converting VB3 Modifications to VB4?
  82. RSS Feed for Blogs
  83. Free Flash mp3 Player as CMS widget?
  84. Social Bookmarks not showing?
  85. List of VB Variables?
  86. User Login
  87. Setting a custom global variable
  88. How do I: Insert Data into Profile Fields
  89. xls file into Arcade
  90. Find all posts (by user)
  91. custom section titles for article sections in CMS
  92. Embed Flash Player in CMS
  93. Opt-Out
  94. Connector for v4
  95. Pop-up Menus
  96. How to find 1st post in a thread
  97. class_core error!
  98. CMS problems
  99. Photopost Classifieds in a Widget
  100. htaccess redirect question
  101. Ads in specific forums only
  102. delete me
  103. How do I set dimension limits on my Album pictures?
  104. like {vb:raw example} it is not work
  105. how to program this kind of forum display?
  106. Help listing blogs from a category
  107. Please Help Meeeeeee!!!!
  108. Tabs? HELLLLP!!
  109. Exclude forums from Similar Threads in vB 4.0?
  110. attachment info in parse_template hook
  111. Bug? Maybe?
  112. Help: Adding Custom User Profiles in Memberinfo template {vb:raw userinfo.field2} ?
  113. www cookie issues
  114. How to embed an outside website into CMS
  115. Custom user fields not showing in custom template
  116. Optimize my query "Most participating users of this forum". Why is it not caching?
  117. A little help needed to integrate vbulletin in my mod
  118. Store Password as plain text
  119. HowTo Add Poll to Thread using DataManager?
  120. Show last posts in the forum homepage
  121. How to display entries from MySQL into sidebar in vb 4?
  122. How to create a buy,sell,trade modification like digitalpoint's?
  123. Header question/help
  124. Same password stored in DB shown in different ciphertext?
  125. ProfileFields
  126. nav selected button stance
  127. Probelm in Moderation tool
  128. api for tabs?
  129. Detecting Bounced Email
  130. Currently Active Members/Users: Shows Current Activity Location...
  131. in Lastpostly jquery there is error
  132. Template idiot guide, template array addition
  133. vb4 alternative to fetch_template()
  134. error in upgrade 3.8.4 from 4.0.2
  135. Class Core ERROR, Help?..
  136. How do I get a users activation ID?
  137. Image Hosting for VB 4.0?
  138. Allow Editing Postings From User "wiki" to Everyone
  139. Forums Custom PHP Block Display External Database Data Error
  140. How to isolate something to just one forum
  141. How do you enable the avatars in the CMS widgets?
  142. Javascript in widget
  143. Change "Rate this article"
  144. Add Options to New/edit threads and posts
  145. Add templates and phrases for the product?
  146. append template
  147. removing whats new link?
  148. CODE to QUOTE
  149. Anyone have Photopost?
  150. Importing albums from folders
  151. Is it possible to put the "Friends Post" CMS widget into the Forum Sidebar?
  152. How to integrate my website with my forum
  153. How can I condition which thread belongs to which forum?
  154. How do I add a call to a PHP script from a template?
  155. Calculating local time
  156. How much different forums are your visitors posting in?
  157. Conditional banners
  158. where to set this flag var $show['coppa']
  159. How Has He Added These to main menu nav bar
  160. How to modify a template
  161. How does is_member_of() work?
  162. Display HTML page in widget
  163. How can I add the user's avatar to the header
  164. Need a little help with a plug-in pls :)
  165. Check if userid is member of usergroup
  166. Are there some way to do (about polls)
  167. click link to load new content into widget window
  168. PHP Upload Issue
  169. CMS Layout Screenshot
  170. VB4 Plugin grab latest article with tag
  171. Need help with copyright
  172. two problems in my system
  173. database erreor
  174. Having problems in upgrading vbulletin from 3.8.3 toVB 4
  175. How can I (display to all members- user fields content from Specific UserGroups) ?
  176. Query: Display most participating users from actual forum
  177. Using the VB4 DB for Auth
  178. Query: Display attachments within actual forum and link to their posts
  179. Query: Amazon Links with your affiliate ID
  180. in posting permissions IMG code should be disable
  181. New Tab Question
  182. User Selectable Postbit
  183. Sitewide Permissions...
  184. [Forum] rss + External.php
  185. advertising into all email
  186. Integrating vBulletin4 user system
  187. Search.php vb4 xss
  188. how to use custom field at the member area
  189. HTML code to display widgets on non-vBulletin platform
  190. Do action if guest and referrer is not my domain?
  191. Paypal... Shop??
  192. How to populate the register.php username using a post form?
  193. Auto edit templates?
  194. automatic PM when a member pays for a subscription?
  195. Adding Content Types
  196. template variable array
  197. VB4 Tournament hack!!
  198. Retrieve the total amount of users from a non-vb page?
  199. Social Bookmark Icon Display in ACP
  200. Gallery2 (menalto) integration
  201. HTML Code help
  202. need change code to vb4
  203. Need Advice: Freelancer wants access to admin and ftp files...?
  204. Design and Programming Team :) Merging the two.
  205. Coupon Copy bbcode?
  206. After inserting PHP Plugin CMS Pages are not working
  207. CMS Column Width and Widget Sidebars
  208. Sidebar question
  209. Security token problem with embedded page
  210. Getting the $showuser value inside a widget
  211. Problem using construct_usercp_nav and phrases
  212. Alternative to Captcha
  213. want to edit email subject of Membership activation mail as it is getting spamed in
  214. SEO Problems.....
  215. How to include a phrase into a plugin?
  216. Bit of Assistance ( adding variable to search )
  217. VB4 Blog by text
  218. stylevar[imgdir_misc] in CMS widget
  219. Need help colors not working in posting , reply
  220. hooks to online location
  221. PHP - Forum Blocks
  222. Creating a 'News'-Page
  223. Force certain usergroup to agree to terms before continuing?
  224. Need to modify selection criteria on prune users forum
  225. Can someone review this script to see if it will break my DB in 4.0?
  226. Forum Blocks - Help
  227. How to program nested template callups?
  228. php template error
  229. DIV instead of TABLE is still a bit new to me...
  230. Opening a new tab with jscript,jquery,html
  231. How can I skip the 'Front Page' and have it go directly to the forums?
  232. A bit confused about new hooks calls
  233. How to change the link of Home in navbar
  234. How to add a new location to the ad selector?
  235. Legacy Postbit Question
  236. Put own variables
  237. Username Code
  238. Problem with memberlist link
  239. Different Logo for different Forums? (Solution for 3.8 does not work any more)
  240. How to add a new Payment API
  241. How to change the default font in posts/threads/cms/blogs?
  242. Modifying recent posts widget
  243. EMERGENCY!!! Need help disabling mod. My forum is crippled!
  244. Adding submenu links, depending on php result
  245. New Posts
  246. Adding jquery and ajax problems..
  247. Custom fields user's settings
  248. Getting The BBCode for the Table to Show in Main Editor ?
  249. Credit Card payments on registration page
  250. CMS Problem