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  1. How to genuinely speed up vBulletin
  2. Play youtube playlist in CMS widget
  3. Having trouble updating using DataMan...
  4. How do you parse links in text?
  5. Move CMS Sections area below navbar
  6. How to make superadministrators easier
  7. find all threads in nav bar
  8. disable memberlist
  9. Output Username and Usergroup
  10. Facebook
  11. How do you check multifield unique keys in DataMan?
  12. Need help to make an countdown clock.
  13. website integration
  14. Let Moderators "save" users
  15. CMS Menu - What?!?
  16. DataMan post_save_once... is there post_delete_once?
  17. Cache Templates VIA Plugins Gone?
  18. What exactly is .htaccess
  19. Exception Handling in Mods - how do we do this?
  20. Any word on how to do Popup Controls yet?
  21. registered user
  22. I need help conditional
  23. my threads counter
  24. bots
  25. 4.0 networking? multiple forums into one?
  26. Condition for replycount on Forumdisplay (threadbit)
  27. External Script w/ vB Login + Usergroup
  28. CMS Banner issues in IE
  29. Customizing Home Button in Navbar
  30. How to set user to multiple secondary usergroups
  31. Vbadvanced Module for Recent Blog posts
  32. lost in VB4 templates. is there any help out there?
  33. Developing first add-on - VB4
  34. Protecting a subdirectory 3rd party app
  35. Customizing vbulletin forum
  36. Template hook
  37. Internal Server Error.....help.
  38. don't want to index groups, visitor messages, just posts and threads.
  39. Creating Blog forum block.
  40. Templating Help Needed
  41. Adding PHP to postbit??..
  42. SMS subscriptions problems with Vb 4
  43. extra admincp security
  44. Adding quick style chooser to a template
  45. How to get a template var from one template to also be usable in another CMS template
  46. Getting videos in highslide
  47. i need productid Fake Users for 4.0.2
  48. prevent external images
  49. Trying to ad a option to article creation, but page renders either blank or "original
  50. CMS Home If conditional
  51. Showing Plugin output HELP
  52. Upgrading from 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 question regarding reverted templates
  53. Search criteria
  54. IMDB Info Generator Plugin Question?
  55. Which is best - $vbulletin->db->query_read OR $db->query_read
  56. Buddy / Contact / Friend list Management
  57. Forum list widget for my homepage/CMS page...help!
  58. How do you use the new User Link constructs?
  59. Forum/Thread Counter Issue
  60. Most Viewed Posts Widget ?
  61. PHP usergroups array help
  62. Problems with Pagination on Custom Mods since 4.0.3
  63. PHP Direct Execution HELP !!!! pls
  64. Possible Cookie Issue
  65. How to show Users Awaiting Email Confirmation in Members overall on index?
  66. Get CMS section in plugin code
  67. Close vB menu on click
  68. Overwrite product status within a plugin?
  69. How to Disable the printable version
  70. Thread Description
  71. Custom Footer template
  72. showthread.php Keywords Generated Where?
  73. Has anyone seen this error before?
  74. Thread Prefix Management
  75. Looking for hook location after calender input - SOLVED
  76. Truncate string in template of VBB4
  77. Simple Help : Check this query
  78. How To Hide (cannot edit) Profile Fields From Specific Groups With Conditionals
  79. Editing user profile fields in postbit legacy
  80. Adding code into header thats outside the forum width
  81. facebook bridge inviter
  82. Is there an option to make the user a moderator of his threads ?
  83. Hook For Header PreRegister
  84. Creating a product xml file.
  85. Getting foruminfo and bbuserinfo into the header template?
  86. CSS Sprites implementation
  87. Prevent users from editing CMS posts
  88. Showing Text to Only Spiders
  89. which table stores calender events ? - - SOLVED
  90. username database error
  91. Parsing BBCodes on an external page
  92. Profile Field Link
  93. PHP in vB4 template
  94. Check logged in state in external script
  95. Call plugin in page template
  96. How do you construct phrases in PHP?
  97. Navbar Link at template_hook "after_pm"
  98. How to export and save custom styles?
  99. Event Time
  100. registration process
  101. Navbar Hooks for Home button
  102. How to create a user bridge? (Getting plain text password)
  103. Is there a CDATA/qq equivalent for PHP?
  104. ob_clean(); problems in custom template
  105. How do i convert /n to linebrake in post's ? - sorta fixed, but not as wanted
  106. Creating a Sidebar Block from a product?
  107. Aligning Something to the Right of Notices
  108. Trying to convert a plugin
  109. MySQL Query help
  110. Permissions and viewing articles in CMS?
  111. Default Bitfield Permissions?
  112. Problems with custom CSS files...
  113. backgroup content
  114. Google "Page Speed"
  115. Showing Image Attachments Inline in Quotes
  116. Looking for a script to show threads on external pages
  117. navbar
  118. Sortable table with Javascript in CMS page
  119. Recent Posts on CMS - Urgently needed
  120. Strip Line Breaks and html
  121. need help - adding text
  122. How do I rename 'Announcements'?
  123. Security Error
  124. Upgrade acting funny
  125. Why Can't I edit a Style in CSS? (vB4)
  126. Pulling information from non-vB db and create post
  127. Add New Button for [IMG][/IMG] Tags
  128. Remove the 'Post New Thread' button from certain forums
  129. Birthday Variable?
  130. Repositioning memberaction popup
  131. Questions about building a product to share.
  132. Please help me with a single template call.
  133. Different icon for each forum
  134. [Request] AE Detector [READ]
  135. Automatic Thread Creating with Dataman...
  136. "Reply" links active when users don't have reply privs
  137. BBcode for Video
  138. Check a raw value in template
  139. Thanks.
  140. Istall Question
  141. adding html content to background
  142. Thread URL for postbit
  143. Debugging: How to create a msgbox for output?
  144. PHP code addition help
  145. Navigation
  146. VSa - ChatBox widget?
  147. Choose language on registration
  148. Serious SEO bug in vB4
  149. centering the site
  150. Dynamic ad_* templates contents - how?
  151. How to use Display LINKEX in the footer ?
  152. Calendar event comments
  153. Calling Latest X Threads into Ticker
  154. Stuff from DB on External page.
  155. How to call this variable in VB4
  156. Mark threads as unread
  157. Disable [IMG] In [QUOTE] Tags
  158. Help needed to externd search functionality
  159. Issue with submitting form
  160. Is there a way to program a "poll" widget based on a "poll" thread?
  161. LF Help on XML : Parsing error on equal sign, obvious something wrong - SOLVED!
  162. Inlcuding PHP on vBulletin 4
  163. MySQL query to postbit
  164. CSRF vb4.0.3
  165. [SOLVED] How to get the Current URL Page Location
  166. Unanswered Posts Url
  167. Upgrade to Pub Suite broke a few things
  168. Calendar Events Widget Time Format
  169. Flood control usergroups/single member?
  170. Want to take 1 of the sidebars out
  171. How to create friendly url for my own addon ?
  172. Problem with iTrader v2.1.0
  173. Friends online widget
  174. Help converting a short template mod to VB4
  175. [SOLVED]Exclude Addon PHP Functions
  176. Using BBCode and Editor in own mod
  177. How to create a new block type
  178. auto add poll to new thread
  179. Auto close/open
  180. Search Fix without Sphinx
  181. Merge Social Groups :: Quick Hack / Query
  182. If this option disabled do this code, Help in this idea
  183. Editing Postbit will make Thread to a "new" one
  184. Profile fields on memberinfo sidebar
  185. External login problem using vBulletin database
  186. How to use "$this->profile->userinfo['userid']"
  187. mod_rewrite friendly URL's for social groups?
  188. Newthread Template change
  189. How do you create a custom settings group in the admin cp?
  190. Database work
  191. Please help - using custom variables in template
  192. How to custom
  193. How to allow only certain usergroups to view elements?
  194. How to manage a visitor redirect?
  195. Including a loop
  196. [SOLVED]Send PN
  197. no index.php, no home page?
  198. Registration of new members
  199. WYSIWYG Editor in own Mod
  200. Loop in PHP Direct Execution
  201. same forum in multiple categories
  202. BBCODE 2 params
  203. Log Logins
  204. List of Global Vars
  205. Add a new template below another one and interact with it by variables
  206. help with creating dynamic URL from form element
  207. Hooks and templates
  208. Modify Thread Meta Tags And Descriptions
  209. How Would I Make One Of These?
  210. CMS Widget on Home Page but NOT on Article Page?
  211. file_get_contents/fetch_attachment_path issue
  212. RSS - How to show only 1st post
  213. why does this <table> add an extra colum ? - SOLVED! ( missed a /TD. )
  214. How to use full BBcode-parsing in custom pages?
  215. Custom Php Page Style
  216. Create a directory with publishing suite?
  217. Problems with login
  218. PHP loading at the top of the page when using direct execution?
  219. Show new blog entries under 'whats new' page.
  220. Template Problem
  221. Widget issue
  222. Add a recommend article to postbit
  223. Create automati Widget on add-on installation
  224. ads besides posts - no longer working in v4
  225. How do I change the Banned IP message?
  226. How to make a duplicate navbar template
  227. Permanent forum-link in breadcrumb
  228. Collapsing box question
  229. Widget Help
  230. raw, unchanged HTML in post and articles
  231. Security token issue with custom form
  232. vb_number_format issue
  233. How does the Image Class Work?
  234. What happened to "toggle_collapse"?
  235. How to remove BBCode from string?
  236. Plugin str_replace into templates ?
  237. ACP Options in conditional
  238. Create a anchor
  239. Link to the forum your in while viewing thread
  240. Changes in Widget
  241. Change name author of article
  242. What is "open" column in thread table?
  243. Custom field display problems.
  244. usergroup changed hook?
  245. The "user" is creating a thread.
  246. Retard question
  247. 1st post Auto-Respond in specific forum when user starts a thread
  248. widget help :)
  249. LocalStorage
  250. My "remember me" box stopped working