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  1. New Chatbox
  2. VB4 Post Padding Question
  3. How to make Avatar = Profile pic ?
  4. Alphabetical list for articles
  5. Question about PM DataManager...
  6. Copyrighttext in footer question
  7. Registration Form
  8. Updating original template by product's template
  9. Templates into Addon
  10. Need to delete posts by a former member who was deleted
  11. my vBulletin Stopped sending emails..
  12. How to see users in a password-protected forum
  13. <optioncode>
  14. Download II using lightbox
  15. Calendar Event INSERT
  16. Day conditonal in PHP?
  17. How To Get This
  18. ctCensorWords
  19. Adding New Ad error: adding child to non-existent node!
  20. Commenting out existing blocks of code in templates
  21. Get hash on Postbit?
  22. Get search results via API (JSON/XML/etc.)
  23. Custom PHP page - language ?
  24. Custom BBCode Plugin kills CMS?
  25. Is there a upgraded version for 4.0 ( Reps)
  26. Problem - Table: vb_post have a problem
  27. Edit Pagetitle in SHOWTHREAD
  28. spiders pull the names of other threads from a thread page
  29. Problem writing a threadbit plugin
  30. Showing signature once per-thread page
  31. html special chars in templates?
  32. Reset Array Pointer in DB Class?
  33. External registration
  34. Bulk import of images to user accounts asset manager / attachment areas
  35. Writing a simple shop
  36. Fetching user id in showthread.php
  37. How do I get Users Awaiting Approval to work as expected?
  38. Jquery problem please to help,
  39. Plugin for who's online not tied to main cookie?
  40. MySQL Error 137 when adding htmlstate field to post table
  41. Building a ProfileBlock within a New Tab in Member Profile
  42. New posts in subscribed threads only?
  43. Get a dateline
  44. Help Required Urgent
  45. Is there something better than ORDER BY RAND in a query?
  46. How to pre-fill Private Message title
  47. Need to Implement Custom Pages That Execute PHP Code
  48. Click Colors Problem!
  49. Customize the default search
  50. how to make a full PHP and Mysql enabled page
  51. Parse bbcode
  52. Conditional Plugin for additional.css
  53. Change Background
  54. windget creation tutorial
  55. What is the correct way to read and render post info (for ajax)
  56. Can anyone help
  57. session vars in php direct execution widget
  58. "WGO" in sub forums
  59. passing variable data along
  60. Including a PHP file in a widget
  61. {vb:each} loop count...
  62. Remove ?goto=newpost from URL in RSS?
  63. Question about CMS Usage
  64. Duplicating the Blog system
  65. Rebuilding forum permissions automatically..
  66. Plugin Guides?
  67. Problem with template rendering
  68. PHP Code Inside Models Template
  69. How do you check for more than 1 letter for a variable?
  70. Any vb unit tests available?
  71. How to use External Data Provider
  72. Showing Multiple Selection Menu in Postbit
  73. obtaining 'context' infromation from within direct execution widget
  74. coding help please...
  75. Resizing Columns
  76. Two Questions Widgets and Articles'
  77. Getting a Points Plugin to Honor Moderation
  78. function fetch_attachment_path
  79. database error.. Pleas i really need help
  80. Links and downloads manager
  81. Getting forum options in bbcode_fetch_tags [Solved]
  82. vB Auth system
  83. How do I change the look of externally link JavaScript
  84. Insert new PHP page
  85. Hook to header or headinclude
  86. Get Rid Of &p=postid ?
  87. Hook Location for sendmail to user?
  88. [IMG] problem
  89. Link from image
  90. status.net integration
  91. PHP Widget???
  92. Templatecache vB 3.8 to vB 4.0
  93. Chage mod rewrite
  94. ajax.php
  95. Insert template within template
  96. RSS Feed Duplicate Post
  97. Adding user profile fields with a product
  98. Threads split apart
  99. PHP and own vBulletin Pages - how to code it with the use of templates???
  100. Different title image for one forum?
  101. Is there a way to promote an event as article?
  102. [CMS] How do I display 'x' articles from each category in a section?
  103. Publishing Options CMS
  104. Snitz forum database access to vbulletin
  105. Problem with plugin-variable in CMS
  106. Is their a Hook for Custom Search fields?
  107. New search tables question
  108. How do I get the section id in a php widget?
  109. $datecut question
  110. How to allow specific users to access the forums while those are disabled?
  111. Breadcrumbs on custom VB pages
  112. Hook search?
  113. Show numbers of online in navbar template
  114. Possible to pre-populate editor?
  115. Redeclare problem
  116. Calculating averages problem
  117. vB4 SQL API
  118. Is it possible to? (Custom Profile Field)
  119. Looking for information on bootstrapping vbulletin
  120. Created a vB Table, PHP Page and Template; Now What?
  121. HTML Code help
  122. Parse BBcode in CustomPage exactly like in Postbit
  123. What is the best way to fetch the 'x' latest articles in the CMS?
  124. Finding and Editing Code in VB4?
  125. including an html file .. tried everything you have here but still not showing it.
  126. Background question
  127. How to padding right?
  128. Query to find out what styles are being used
  129. Two Questions
  130. Nofollow Links
  131. External Blog information
  132. Backing Up
  133. Button to automatically insert text into bottom of post.
  134. Article preview help
  135. Replace BB Codes
  136. Bloody Iframe will not work!!!
  137. Photo slideshow widget?
  138. calling a $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] within a template
  139. {vb:raw editorid}_cmd_createlink POPUP ?
  140. Making blogs visible to non members/not signed in
  141. Mods?
  142. Mod to allow users to switch between auto and fixed width
  143. Make advanced editor default for quick replay?
  144. Running code on paid memberships
  145. How Difficult to make my own Mod ???
  146. Joined table update query
  147. vbulletin password encryption
  148. Redirect After Activation
  149. Clipbucket BBCode
  150. Adsense Revenue sharing
  151. Website Integration
  152. prfile_updatepassword_complete hook
  153. PHP question
  154. $forum['forumid'] in showthread
  155. Conditional Statements/ Profile Fields
  156. from SMF to vb / post IDs reset?
  157. New members Statistic not updating.Help urgent
  158. Templates within a template within a template
  159. [CMS] Recent Post like in vbdesigns.de CMS
  160. Change Posts per Page Per Style VB4
  161. Alpha Five .a5w page integration?
  162. How do I? Custom Search by Forum Number
  163. Insert news in the CMS manually
  164. limiting custom page to various groups
  165. Turn off forums daily with cron
  166. How to use Friendly URLs?
  167. CMS cache question
  168. Image directory as user option?
  169. [Solved] Custom search for all postings by current user
  170. Banner Blocking Navlinks
  171. Processing post content before it goes into DB
  172. Where to find information on making pluggins/products
  173. convert punbb to vbulletin
  174. Latest Articles on CMS Home
  175. Category Template
  176. Tweets
  177. Help with vBulletin Integration and Autologin
  178. Manually adding user to database; Can't login with user
  179. Ran an SQL query, killed the forum
  180. 404 Page
  181. Feeling lost with VB4... please help
  182. Change Place of Quick Language Chooser in vbulletin
  183. Using reputationlevel variable
  184. Sub Forum Icons help
  185. how to use sessions in custom template?
  186. footer on/off Icons
  187. How to create a reply/post via API
  188. No 404-Code? Only 500! Htaccess?
  189. Need help: 301-Redirect for old URLs
  190. How to export php code to vbulletin?
  191. Getting an error
  192. Sessionhash issue after upgrade to VB4
  193. New Thread Fields
  194. New display of articles in the CMS
  195. How to set the default style if not set with styleid?
  196. Sha1 To Md5 Issue
  197. Custom Login Process: process_new_login() not responding.
  198. Variables scope in CMS
  199. $vbulletin->userinfo
  200. Show infraction info to guests
  201. Possible to convert widget to forum block?
  202. How do I tell what is checked off in a multi-selection check box of a profile field?
  203. Logical flow of the CMS or forum
  204. Navbar customisation
  205. Add a new field to registration and display under username.
  206. Postbit_Legacy
  207. SQL: set "make available for subnav" to No
  208. Logic behind $vbulletin->userinfo for login purposes
  209. htacces-Rewrite doesn't work
  210. User 'location' in memberinfo
  211. Creating a custom content-type search facility
  212. removing specific data from membergroupids
  213. do_login_redirect alternative
  214. What is the time variable?
  215. How to create a article via API / auto-create of articles
  216. Custom post Odd Behavior
  217. Custom PHP Page in vBulletin. How to?
  218. VB Register integration with games.
  219. Image Uploader
  220. Queation about how to create an Add-on.
  221. I made a variable in a plugin. How do I use it in a template now?
  222. Database Error Message? Help!
  223. Profiles Messed up
  224. How do I write this if statement?
  225. remove paperclip on threaddisplay
  226. How can I get blog message from headinclude
  227. Plugin hook locations
  228. Sending a PM from a script
  229. toplinks align
  230. Need help: Excluding Forums from search when searching for 0 reply threads
  231. How To Reduce the Load in my forum?
  232. {vb:raw bbuserinfo.securitytoken}
  233. Would like custom thread content
  234. Why is it that "newthread_post_complete" doesn't generate if initiated automatically?
  235. DST settings for new user question
  236. How to create an action based off of a poll result
  237. A security token error while submitting form
  238. most active threads and latest threads
  239. [Solved]New php direct evaluation not displaying any content on section page
  240. POST queries?
  241. changing Admin Settings Manually
  242. PHP / Vbulletin Interaction
  243. Searching for MySQL-Query
  244. How to make relevent ads?
  245. VB If statement on forum link?
  246. completed
  247. Is it possible to make referrals for subscription system?
  248. Registering Variables Help
  249. Adding stylevar to plugibs
  250. completed