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  1. How to produce this table?
  2. having database error
  3. Reading $_POST in PHP / vB
  4. How to IF Statement
  5. How to modify or override BBCode?
  6. Query for Get Posts in the Last X Hours or X Days?
  7. Limiting Guest Viewing To article or blog preview only
  8. Changing Default Drop-Down Tab Behaviour
  9. Tag and Untag threads module
  10. Add watermark to image
  11. How to get a Cookie value in Template?
  12. vBulletin api?
  13. Admin/Mod control panels as subdomains
  14. Pop Up windows from tabs bar...
  15. post things in signature
  16. Custom Profile Field - Add to 'Edit Email & Password' (modifypassword template)
  17. Widget cache question
  18. clean_gpc in a php direct eval, how?
  19. Grab Custom Fields Externally?
  20. this code does not show!
  21. how i create SUB-FORUM option
  22. Need to clearify how to preRegister to template
  23. Home tab gone, how to restore?
  24. RSS feeds into CMS
  25. Database 4.x smaller than 3.x?
  26. friendlyurl in headerinclude
  27. Where are the "Seo addons" for vbulletin 4.x?
  28. some problem with last page button. help me..?
  29. Wondering how to do this.
  30. Showing the Menu bar under the Nav Bar while searching?
  31. Reply to all - PM
  32. Complete client side validation for registration page
  33. Refer to default vbulletin variables in plugin code
  34. Can you give Sticky it's own Thread Icon?
  35. Pre Populated Search Results hack for vb 4.x
  36. vbulletin home php opening new link
  37. Currently Active Users
  38. help with custom template - favorite forums
  39. lightbox attachments erratic with firefox, why no highslide option? or is there?
  40. Help creating Group Widget
  41. Plugin wicked my site?
  42. Hook Locations? Specifically fetch_musername
  43. When is attachdata_postsave hook called?
  44. How to integrate php scripts
  45. Make custom profile field clickable
  46. Impex - extending beyond username, email, password for text import (CSV)
  47. Allow users to switch between postbit and postbit_legacy in vB4
  48. Making a sub-forum Anonymous for 4.0
  49. Active Posts Widget
  50. Having trouble with a Facebook widget...
  51. How-to create identical CMS and Forum HTML widgets?
  52. I need help adding custom php code to vb style?
  53. How to call function for hide reputation popup
  54. Plugins and vB Settings
  55. Writing to a file
  56. I need help to add into user profile
  57. Script integration question
  58. Upload Form problem
  59. Adding information to the display of user names (pulling from DB)
  60. How to edit {vb:raw bla.foo} ?
  61. Conditional forum block?
  62. How to query custom table
  63. Daily message banner to move across top of board
  64. Complex Ratings Options?
  65. How do I learn and store the current forum id#
  66. Custom Bridge vBulletin to X-Cart 4.40
  67. Request paid work
  68. New pages with new tabs
  69. How can I add the RSS button on ForumHome?
  70. Show thread prefix in Recent Threads widget
  71. custome template how to?
  72. Member Album Link In postbit
  73. Convert Email Address to Image
  74. PHP Code help
  75. cgi mail
  76. New posts only going back to last visit
  77. Annual supporting member
  78. Help: Parse error in functions_newpost.php
  79. Convert Agora to vBulletin4
  80. Programing Resource?
  81. Plugin Help Pretty-Please
  82. Importing Users into vBulletin
  83. Installing VbExperience
  84. Reposition Bookmarks Box
  85. Using SmoothGallery
  86. Best practice for template filling ?
  87. How to check if logged in (different domain, same server)
  88. Help inserting random image in header
  89. Plugin Design Question
  90. way to auto delete or moderate a post with x number of spam reports
  91. Links open in same page
  92. Links open in same page
  93. Mixing postbit and postbit legacy
  94. theadid not being pulled in $attachmentinfo
  95. registration and password reset over ssl?
  96. Moderators can edit users
  97. TouchBB script
  98. Creating a new external.php
  99. SQL Like Statement Help
  100. Auto Delete a Post on a given date
  101. Forum Block help
  102. vb 4 ajax profile editor hack help
  103. Finding the right hook for adding text to the header template in CMS
  104. Adding Facebook Icon To Postbit While Getting URL From Facebook Connect
  105. Forum Stats Info
  106. help me about this message : Database error
  107. Need help moving header logo to center
  108. Please vb4 alternative template code
  109. To change all IP numbers of a single user
  110. Making a second page
  111. No digits Showing?
  112. STANDARD_REDIRECT not working correctly
  113. no viewing permission
  114. please help with conditionals
  115. NavTab Drop-Down Menus with Sub-Menu Navbar Replacements - Combining two Mods - HELP!
  116. "What's going on box" in sidebar on every page?
  117. Javascript does not want to run
  118. How to stop this from happening in my forum?
  119. Vbulletin 4 Ads Hide Specific Forums
  120. Date Converting mysql
  121. What does this error mean?
  122. A couple questions about vB4 - UTF-8 and SHA1
  123. Calling other templates
  124. How do you customize search results?
  125. Single Signon, how?
  126. Template Email
  127. paypal vbulletin
  128. How to change the way one of my forums works?
  129. Extracting Data
  130. Using a 3.8 addon in 4.0
  131. Plugin development: Guide on how to add custom AdminCP Menus?
  132. Usergroup conditional for adsense display?
  133. Code documentation?
  134. using SQL to insert data into the vb4 cms
  135. Template question
  136. Call PHP file help
  137. Manually Moving Images/Attachments in VB 4.0.6
  138. Single Login for vBulletin and seperate database
  139. Help please!
  140. hello, i got a small problem!
  141. PHP direct eval problem after 4.07 update
  142. How to integrate Facebook like & Twitter Buttons DigitalPoint Forums Style?
  143. Datastore inside plugin code
  144. Anyone know of a php image upload script I could use with VB?
  145. Database Issue
  146. How to add a Adsense Wiget
  147. How to add post from my archive to cms area. How its sql queries?
  148. Inserting an ad in the search results
  149. NEWB Quest: How to add a new Field to Table
  150. JS & popupmenu
  151. Problem with RSS2: multiple rss in the same page
  152. How to add CMS to $vboptions
  153. move config.php into other dir
  154. Adding Custom profile Field to Template.
  155. Keep getting to many connections database errors
  156. Need Code Help please - Securitytoken Error
  157. % showing up as 50%
  158. Hiding Profiles
  159. How to see all values for {vb:raw vboptions.xxx}
  160. Direct users to register.php via HTTPS
  161. Possible to have hidden in album type ?
  162. Hook for successful email verification?
  163. How to Change the HELP Link in the Header into a Drop-Down Menu for Non-Users???
  164. Variable scope issue
  165. How do I change the Username font size in Postbit on vB4.0.6
  166. external.php footer syntax help
  167. code help
  168. Align two Adsense blocks above footer
  169. how would i do this ..
  170. login and register from external php page
  171. how do I go to last post in subscribe link?
  172. doc_background linkable?
  173. Adding a script to a custom created page
  174. Style variable to show someone's style in the postbit?
  175. Code De-Bug / cahnge for VB4
  176. member profile page friends list
  177. How can the avatar in postbit be centered vertically?
  178. Intense logging script
  179. Search by User Profile Field - Contact Number
  180. How do I get the notification count?
  181. Cookie problem in vbulletin
  182. Okay, I Give Up. Using variables/template logic in my CMS Grid breaks grid output.
  183. So desperate: writing a plugin for bbcode_parse_start
  184. Problem with php-direct "hello world" reading arguments
  185. Adding Outside Friends
  186. Need some help (registration page)
  187. error im trying to upgrade from vb3.8.0 to vb4.0.7 and this is what error say i need
  188. Migrate data from Fireboard to vB: How to keep user's password
  189. Repuatation Description?
  190. Open new window for redirect
  191. Adding location field on the registration form?
  192. Help changing size of smiliebox
  193. Error when submitting a new thread
  194. Registering an account through database
  195. No mods work since upgrade to 4.0
  196. Create user with md5 password
  197. mobile pictures
  198. help with image.php?u=1 show the image - Solved..
  199. vBulletin Database Error!
  200. Myspace Background
  201. database location
  202. what's going on
  203. Setting session/logging in to vbulletin outside of vbulletin
  204. Thumbnails not creating or working
  205. TCADMIN Number of Players Online
  206. where in database to see if user have costum avatar? - SOLVED
  207. Error on vBulletin Bridge and Wordpress WP eCommerce
  208. Delete Contacts in "Friends and Contacts" vB4
  209. vbulletin.org's blinking private message notification for vb4?
  210. Invalid SQL? What does this mean?
  211. Need a 5-Star User Rating System
  212. Alexa.com Data differs from server Stats?
  213. Whats Going on in Admin CP
  214. how to implement a custom website
  215. How to hide the icons when displaying threads
  216. Coder required for some projects
  217. sql help?
  218. Newbie SQL + template question please.
  219. Update who's online OUTSIDE forum.
  220. Tried to upgrade. Now I get these errors. :o(
  221. Get post link in forum from cms
  222. Vbulletin 4.0.7 Plugins, hacks issues
  223. can get username from member.php?u=1 ??
  224. Article Preview Question
  225. Fetch-System (like IMDB)
  226. One Click language change - How to ?
  227. Redirecting to custom page after accessing private threads
  228. Deleting widget
  229. Getting first post in thread
  230. VB4 Conditional for ForumHome Only
  231. 3.8 to version 4 conversion check
  232. Automatic Thread-Subscription
  233. Run Complete php script in a empty vBulletin Page?
  234. moving users group with SQL ?
  235. Exclude certain forum ID's from the main RSS and What's New and Todays Posts sections
  236. Increase similar threads vb4
  237. VB conditional
  238. swf file vbulliin page
  239. vB4 Advertising on non-vB page
  240. Changing Database Strings (Migration)
  241. set lastactivity on a big board
  242. stylesheet helps
  243. Possible Child Members?
  244. Database/MySQL Error 1054
  245. including global.php from different directory?
  246. error with {vb:raw foruminfo.forumid}
  247. Registration hook location help and custom error message
  248. str_replace not able to in articles page ? (wip)
  249. vb:date changed in 4.0.8
  250. Creating subdomains for forum & blog?