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  1. Making a private category
  2. Help validate XHTML
  3. vBulletin 4.0 Upgrade System
  4. caching plugin?
  5. Change Link of Home CMS
  6. Different Skin for different screen res
  7. Need Wordpress User Registration To Add User to vBulletin
  8. Custom Profile Field - Auto increment
  9. Blocking adsense on specific forum
  10. HTML code causing extra line to be inserted in vB4, but not in vB3.
  11. 4.0.8 Style Havoc
  12. Set log locally instead of email
  13. vBulletin add Category
  14. Prepopulate message box on reply or new thread
  15. User Profile Field Custom Member List Page
  16. Add graphic to username via plugin
  17. Need help with header
  18. Adding header
  19. Standard Editor / WYSIWYG Editor
  20. Custom Product does not add editor button
  21. is_member_of_blog(): $bloginfo['permissions'] not defined.
  22. Social Networks in Profile Field
  23. Default post order in thread display for unauthenticated users
  24. Tracking new posts, threads
  25. array membergroupids database error.
  26. SteamProfile 2.0.4 Ajax
  27. vBlog .CSS Customization?
  28. how to access subscriptionlog table
  29. How do I tackle this? (Email Verification)
  30. attach problem need help please
  31. Help Please
  32. Broken Template after Merge PLEASE HELP
  33. trying to log in via a rails app - faking session
  34. Remove/Change trim length of showposts
  35. YUI and jQuery going forward
  36. I created an app Ruby on Rails -> Vbulletin
  37. change tag preview image?
  38. Bloglink dosen't work?
  39. New Google's mod_pagespeed For Apache !!!
  40. ERROR include PHP in template
  41. Quick Help: Update Conditional Code to 4.0
  42. Join tables based on UserID
  43. Watermark [ATTACH] & [IMG]
  44. Email weekly post summary
  45. Placing something inside a post after X words
  46. set_cookie(): How to set "expires"? (vbulletin-core.js)
  47. custom profile field in signature
  48. adsense in sidebar block
  49. Mention like twitter
  50. Problem trying to hook online users into search.
  51. vb4 Session Cookie
  52. forum index hacked-redirect
  53. vBulletin login info into Flash
  54. Databsed/searchable list of items
  55. Some code modifications I am trying to figure out
  56. include php in template URL REWRITE
  57. Can the search results be customized?
  58. updates straight to facebook?
  59. Problem with the array vbulletin->userinfo
  60. vB Cookie, how to call it?
  61. External Link Control for non-members/staff
  62. [Solved] Image from Profilefield
  63. Friendly SEO Links
  64. What's new? & Find all posts user not working
  65. List Most Viewed Threads on Forum Home
  66. Captcha when posting a new reply
  67. register.php rewrite
  68. My Forum Has Been Hacked-PLEASE HELP!
  69. Listing total posts # under first post
  70. Preventing duplicate content
  71. Posts and threads from last month
  72. Remove User Group of Statistics
  73. Need some very basic help
  74. Login from external app
  75. Display search results on custom page?
  76. Help Creating A File Upload Page Please
  77. Remove /content
  78. Help debugging custom header/footer
  79. Use vBulletin's BBCode outside the forum
  80. Does anyone know the new api for userid in vb4.0?
  81. CCMS to VB bridge? anyone know it?
  82. user status - user permissions
  83. var SESSIONURL = "";
  84. Using is_browser with version - in a plugin
  85. How to make profile field link in postbit?
  86. Port a Skin from vB 3.8.x to vB 4.0.8?
  87. I need to use the the $pagenumber var in postbit_legacy
  88. Help Please With NavBar
  89. Prefix and Post Icon in recent threads widget?
  90. Anyone working on code to import cms articles?
  91. Stop Banned Users from Registering
  92. How to implement canonical URLs?
  93. Code to update an existing vBCMS article
  94. error after upload the psionic_hide
  95. Need Help Restoring VBulletin Website | Urgent Help
  96. Create a forum API 4.x
  97. images from html body to attach and displayed on the article
  98. Conditional question
  99. Facebook-only user username override
  100. I want to write plugin for VBB4, how to ?
  101. Direction to Delete template in a Style
  102. show total visitors / members in header
  103. how to know first post of topic ?
  104. prune IP-Adresses
  105. Countdown timer block - Help needed, please
  106. if condition and custom profile field help
  107. Change to date display
  108. Problem With Custom Templates and PHP Inclusion
  109. Custom profile fields - HTML Support
  110. RSS Feed max item count
  111. new template on the forum
  112. jGrowl Integration with Vbulletin 4
  113. JavaScript Function in Template
  114. Show Profile Field only if written in it
  115. Profile field multilingual?
  116. div background image for posbit
  117. Easy to Read Print out for Permissions
  118. Registering variables and calling templates...where am I 8still* going wrong?
  119. How extensive a project is a shared user db mod for 4?
  120. Set setting during product install based with value from query
  121. Save field value to variable?
  122. Only One Forum, Make it the Default Homepage
  123. Strange symbol
  124. VBulletin's Subscription System
  125. Help Database error On online.php
  126. How to create a custom CMS page
  127. Facebook Like Box in vbulletin 4
  128. login to vbulletin using curl
  129. How to place a Widget in Forum Sections?
  130. How can I edit on run a template?
  131. Display search keyword in template
  132. How to add tables/fiels to DB
  133. How to hide part of the post
  134. [NEED HELP] edit catagorys
  135. Vbulletin Recent posts code?
  136. Crawler Help Please
  137. microMEMBERS Call Ranks into new file
  138. Registered date shown as UNIX timestamp format
  139. Linking homepage login form to vbulletin?
  140. Error help
  141. Help getting custom stylechoose code to work
  142. vBulletin developer neeeded!! (vBExperiance)
  143. How Can I post an article in vbCMS 4.0.8 by RSS ?
  144. Link to last post in thread
  145. Cheating Minimum Characters
  146. Help!
  147. Help making sig fit better
  148. Getting Online Status
  149. Switching Username for Title
  150. Upgrade 4.0.8 Google Search Cloud
  151. Javascript Problem
  152. Add new search query type.
  153. Database Error 4.08 ERROR 1064
  154. MySQL Query Issues
  155. Group of users to edit a thread
  156. vBulletin redirect after login
  157. Verification Email - Users Datamanager
  158. Newthreads Block in centre of the page
  159. some code issues
  160. vB 4.1.0 logs user out automatically
  161. Help with a simple piece of code?
  162. Simple If Statement
  163. Hide widgets for particular articles
  164. Adding Post to thread via API
  165. Links Widget Without Opening a New Window
  166. Facebook FBML in Albums
  167. Page title font color issue
  168. Page selection not displaying in user albums
  169. VB4 Session & Cookie Variables (PHP)
  170. One custom forum with custom thread reply
  171. SOLUTION - VBulletin 4 External, Manual Member Signup/Registration/Login + Cookies
  172. I need lastest updated thread to post fully on front page of CMS.
  173. help with programming pls
  174. ASP.net Portal and vB 4
  175. help with php code
  176. Parse Custom BBcode on External Pages
  177. function process_new_login
  178. Creating a StyleVar?
  179. Hiding code on a particular page..
  180. Afiliates/partner problem
  181. if condition in bbcode_code template
  182. how to change showthread link like in here
  183. Redirect SMF index.php?topic* to a single 404 page
  184. Show Recent Threads in a Custom CMS
  185. error Facebook "like" Button for 4.1.0
  186. eval('$home[$mods[\'modid\']][\'content\'
  187. vBulletin Options, Variables
  188. Integrating Quick reply
  189. How to establish database connection for custom Page
  190. How to Add Clean Url for Custom Pages
  191. [Help]Error Log
  192. vb:if post matches regexp. Possible? How to?
  193. vB4 - Trouble using variables from custom form in dynamic PHP page
  194. How to get absolute URL for user's profile picture
  195. error [path]\includes\class_core.php on line 2525
  196. Show moderators, but not super moderators
  197. Cache bbcode external handler?
  198. Disable all but forums and .htaccess redirects
  199. how to upgrade a Add-ons from 3.8 to 4.x
  200. switch from eval to vB_Template
  201. [HELP] vB 3.6.8 -> 4.x Custom Registration Integration
  202. Delete Tabs on Navbar
  203. Custom Drop Down Help
  204. What add-on is this forum using? I want it.
  205. How to disallow same IP being used at the same time?
  206. THIS SCRIPT for Article Page?
  207. Creating a Thread and post via plugin stopped working
  208. Mark all Social Groups read?
  209. Preventing RSS From Being Disabled When View Forum Set to No
  210. Error Log Help
  211. How to share sessions between vbulletin and asp.net?
  212. How would I convert mods?
  213. vb 4 API help please...
  214. Variable Access in ad_navbar_below Template (forumid)
  215. remove items from nav bar?
  216. Profile Fields assistance
  217. Latest Thread Code VB4
  218. Display SQL Results
  219. Check Permissions
  220. Blog in Postbit
  221. Dependent Select Boxes in profile?
  222. Where is Post Referrer Whitelist table in MySQL?
  223. Plugins and Performance
  224. urlencode variable
  225. Check Usergroup Permissions in Template
  226. Which hook for users online (online.php)?
  227. Some way to edit a query without a hook?
  228. Rank assistance
  229. Change stylevar with plugin
  230. Simple Spoiler Tag code
  231. Template Fetch in Foreach Loop -- vB4 (From vB3 Base)
  232. How to remove 'description' block of the forums at Home Page ?
  233. Edit breadcrumb on a custom vb4 page.
  234. is_member_of gives mixed results?
  235. Why won't this plugin work?
  236. Javascript/PHP Hybrid Include
  237. Forms -- securitytoken?
  238. Edit the stats in Whats Going On?
  239. What's this NEW POST add on called
  240. Get CMS Section via Plugin
  241. Signature Generator
  242. How to center the header image
  243. forumid inside of video bbcode template?
  244. warning when uploading avatar picture.. please help
  245. newthread -- template hooking before message area
  246. template name for reply to thread
  247. vbulletin info pulled from different database
  248. python programically delete products
  249. Can I do this within Vbulletin?
  250. World of Warcraft Application Form